Best Lower Back Exercises - What Are They?

Best Lower Back Exercises - What Are They?
Are you experiencing a lot of back pains recently? Do you often feel the strain of having to stay in one position for a continuous period of time? Has the pain lingered for so long that it seems as though there is no cure for it? Let's look at what may be the best lower back exercises that could relieve your pain and discomfort.

This is one of the areas of the body that has been regarded with very little concern. Almost every workout that people know tends to focus more on the arms and the chest, and even on the legs, as most people think that those are the only parts they need sculpted to appear more attractive. Needless to say, only the people who really know what they are doing take time to work on their lower back.

Back exercises come from different origins. Rather than pointing out a single workout that is bound to give you the exercise you need, look at it in a bigger scope. Activity is the best way to keep your back healthy, so its obvious that the lower back workouts you will see further into this article are more on activities than just some nit-picked routine from the bunch.


Have you noticed why some swimmers have very nice bodies, yet most of them will tell you that they haven't even been to the gym yet? That's because a swimmers body may have already done all the workouts that are needed just by, well, swimming around the pool all day. But unlike the muscles of bodybuilders, swimmers have much firmer builds. Often, you will find their build-up to be quite soft and subtle. This is good, because this is what you want to look for with lower back exercises. With the back experiencing most of the tension, it is important that the lower back exercises being done can relieve it of any kind of tension. And the only way to do this is to give it support. In this case, the water will be the support of the back as well as the rest of the body.


One of the most common ways to alleviate any back pain is through aerobic exercises. With all the movement that is incorporated with aerobics, the best lower back exercises can be done through these workouts. The tension in the lower back has to be released, and the only way to do this is if you can find very loosely lower back exercises from aerobics. And luckily for you, almost every aerobic exercise promotes the body to loosen up. Just keep in mind that there are some routines that tend to overdo the task, so take note of that.

Strength Training

These lower back exercises are more on what happens next after you have loosened up the back. With a bit of strength training, you can prevent the possibility of experiencing such things again and again. But you have to be wary of the exercises you perform. For one, never do too much exercise that might strain your back.

Most of the exercises that you will perform must be focused on giving core training for the stomach and the back. Light deadlifts will do just fine, along with some reverse hyperextensions. These workouts will strengthen your back and your core, thus helping prevent back pain in the future. Pilates is an excellent form of exercise that helps with lower back and core strengthening.

Walking and Running

Nothing works better on any part of the body than a good run around the park. In this case, you can get a lot of workout done on your back just by doing some cardio exercises. Its a great way to relieve the tension on the back, as well as get a good burn.

Many of us do not take good care of our backs resulting in pain and problems. Much of this can be avoided with regular and appropriate exercise. As with any exercise, if in doubt consult your doctor first before you embark on an exercise program.

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