The Best Weight Loss Tip - Eat Real Food

We are living in a world where obesity rises on a yearly basis as does the rates of diabetes, cancers and so many other diseases. Almost on a daily basis scientists release studies trying to identify what is causing the pandemic when in reality the answer is amazingly simple. The problem is that we have now had a generation of lies about what makes us fat. The answer to weight loss and health for that matter is amazingly simple and it all begins with eating real food. This is my number one weight loss tip for anyone wanting to take control of their health and lose a few pounds of fat. It is the foundation of everything to do with health.

So what is it about eating real food that makes us healthy?

To answer this we need to look at what has changed over the last few years. 100 years ago we were eating real food and obesity was next to none existent. Slowly during the 20th century our food became increasingly processed and as this happened the obesity crisis began to unfold. At the same time the number of people being struck down with things like heart attacks and cancers increased. In fact there is a long list of diseases linked with obesity.

The problem is that processed food is generally high in sugar and low in essential nutrients. This causes not only weight gain but a lack of nutrients within the body which allows disease to take hold. This has happened increasingly over the 20th century and in particular in the later couple of decades when the world went low fat. At this point fat was removed and sugar in increasingly large quantities was added.

In short sugar raises your blood sugar level forcing the body to release insulin to counter it. If it didn't you would die. Insulin however promotes fat storage so as long as you are eating foods that are high in sugar your fat levels will increase.

Clean unprocessed foods however like the kind our ancestors ate are designed by nature perfectly to provide us with the right nutrients for our bodies to survive and even thrive. Many of today's conditions were not heard of hundreds of years ago. We ate off the land and we were active. Cancer for example is a modern day disease that billions has been invested in to treat. Eating real food could well be the key to keeping your cancer risk low.

So when people are looking to lose weight and get healthy the foundation of everything you do needs to be eating a clean and unprocessed diet with as many mixed vegetables and fruits as possible. Eating fat, protein and plenty of fruit and vegetables will give your body the building blocks to do what it needs to do. Don't worry about what that is just give it what it needs and let your body do the rest.

If you are looking to lose weight then eating right is 80% of the challenge. Eating clean day in day out will give you what you need to get healthy and to retake your life. So if you are looking for tips on how to lose weight be it fast or slow it all starts with eating real food.

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