Lose Pounds Quickly Mission - 4 Things You MUST Keep in Mind

The chances are, this isn't going to be your first time trying to lose weight. For many, the grueling steps to losing weight is an uphill battle that can last a (life)time, and after a few failed attempts, a good majority will soon become discouraged in their desperate lose weight quickly mission.

Lose Pounds Quickly Mission - 4 Things You MUST Keep in Mind

What can make matters even worse, is the specter of past failures that ominously loom overhead. "I'll never lose weight" spectres have a nasty habit of killing any weight loss inspiration gained. Welcome to the sad truth of trying to lose weight ...

However, if you really do want to succeed then there's a powerful tip i am going to give you on your way. I'm going to give it to you right now, this very second, to help you accomplish your lose pounds quickly mission or any other mission for that matter.

Are you ready for it? **drum rolls**

The secret to accomplishing your mission to lose pounds quickly is ..... willpower.

The typical "Groaning By The Masses" when the willpower word (aka The "W Word") is even mentioned, is proof enough just how underestimated the "Potency Of Willpower" trully is.

Don't blush if you just groaned right now, when you read the "W" word. It'll be our little secret ;-)

Fact: A lot of us are actually scared to succeed.

Yes, you read right Scared.

We're scared of what others may think ..

We're scared of thinking differently ...

We're scared of doing something that our inner voices "know with 100% certainty" won't succeed even in a trillion years.

But ... Do you really want to know what the really sick (i'm talking crazy sick here) part of all this fear is?

***WARNING: The Realization Below Is Not For The Faint At Heart ***

We are so scared of success, that we are willing to sabotage ourselves (and anyone else if necessary) NOT to get it.

Not only very counterproductive but also very very creepy.

Well, you need to get that "inner you" by the ba***, right now and banish it for good -- Get a hand from next door Phd. Dr. Voodoo if you have to. Exorcist anyone?

Do that right now. Your "Real You" will thank you for it.

You'll have something what others before and after you, will never have possessed before taking their 1st steps to losing weight -- A hardened unwavering mindset and clear agenda. Doesn't that thought alone, just not want to make you roar? Roar for me ... OK that's good. So how can you gain weight loss inspiration and "Will Yourself To Succeed"?

Glad you asked, tiger.

Your 4 Steps To Willing Yourself To Succeed Are ...

Step 1: Define Goals And Targets

Knowing what you want to achieve is one of the most important aspects of anything you want to achieve and losing the pounds quickly is no exception. So before even taking the steps to losing weight, you should set up your goals and targets from Day Number One. Keep a small notebook by your side -- Let him be your best friend.

Note: Defining goals and targets will keep you motivated when you reach weight loss inspiration hurdles that WILL bear their ugly heads at one point or another. So be warned.

Step 2: Visualize Your Results

Visualize the "New Slimmer You". How well do you think you'll look, if you succeed to lose the pounds quickly? Setting up a mental image of what you want to look like, and imagining how good you'll feel once you achieve that goal can work wonders! Every time you feel your determination decreasing, block out all the fear and the negativity, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Remember one thing and one thing only ... That image of the "New You" and you'll find it a lot easier to pull through those days where you feel down.

Step 3: Keep Track Of Your Accomplishments And Wear Them Proud

Even if you haven't achieved your final goal, don't beat yourself about it. View every single achievement to lose the pounds, as a step towards your final target. Be proud of what you accomplish! After all, you worked DAMN hard for it so don't let anyone take that away from you.

Note: Remember our little notebook friend from step 1? Note down your accomplishments.

Step 4: Start Small And Work Effectively

You've probably heard the saying: "Rome wasn't built in a day" ... True, but it WAS built. Right? Persevere and work your way up to your target in manageable steps and it will build your confidence. Don't over-reach, or you'll risk failing and losing your motivation altogether. Be realistic in taking the steps to losing weight!


Each of the four steps outlined above act as 'mental spurs' which can be used to create and maintain the levels of motivation and dedication that you'll need if you want to have success losing weight. Being motivated and having the mindset to succeed is the most important first step (but often neglected or underestimated) that you can take. Armed with the four mental spurs above, you've been given a powerful tool to help you face all the hurdles that you'll come across. Let these mental spurs, be your ally, to make your lose pounds quickly mission an effective reality.

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