Running For Weight Loss - How Quick Should I Lose Weight?

Running For Weight Loss - How Quick Should I Lose Weight
And how quick should my running improve when using running for weight loss?

These are two questions that most people would like the answers to when using running for weight loss. They come hand in hand because if you can improve your running ability then you'll also improve your ability to burn calories and lose weight.
However, there aren't any common rules or set timescales where it can be said that everyone will lose 30 pounds over 3 months, or that you'll lose 8 pounds in the next month, or that you'll go from being able to run 3 miles in 45 minutes to running 3 miles in 30 minutes within two months.
Everybody has a different body, a different mind, and lives in a different environment, as well as being at different points in their running for weight loss plan.
Therefore, there are a range of factors that can affect the speed of your running and weight loss progress which are explained below.
1.   Your starting weight
The more weight you need to lose the quicker it will drop off and the quicker your running improvement will be.

For example, someone who's 140 pounds (10 stone) overweight is likely to lose 14 pounds (1 stone) very quickly whereas it will take longer for someone who only needs to lose 14 pounds to lose this weight.
The first person may be trying to halve their bodyweight whereas the second person may be aiming to lose only 10% of their bodyweight.
2.   Your fitness level and amount of running experience
The better you become at running and the higher your fitness level the further you can run, the faster you can run, and the higher quality running methods you're able to use.
This increases your ability to burn calories and lose weight quicker than someone of a lower running ability.
3.   Consistency of running
Being able to stick to your running plan, while at the same time listening to your body and remaining injury free, are key parts to improving your fitness and using running for weight loss.
Consistent running over many weeks and months is far better for weight loss than repeating a cycle of having a few really good weeks of running followed by a week of rest or injury.
4.   Your motivation
This relates to how often you're willing to run, how closely you follow your running for weight loss plan, and how hard you're willing to push yourself. Tick the right boxes and your running and weight loss will improve quicker.
There's an old saying that "You get out what you put in". If you aren't motivated or don't have the desire to put the time and effort in to lose weight and improve your life, then how can you expect anything other than average or poor results.
5.   Social support
You're more likely to be consistent and motivated with your running for weight loss plan if you have support from people like your partner, friends, and work colleagues. Try to get these people involved with your ambitions and let them help you towards your goals.
Studies have shown that you're more likely to be successful at losing weight when you have social support because it helps you stick to your goals.
Although the questions of "How quick should I lose weight" and "How quick should my running improve when using running for weight loss?" are important, you should also think about the long term.
There's no point in losing lots of weight quickly only to regain it just as quickly. The aim should be to lose weight consistently while staying within a safe limit of weight loss.
This allows you to maintain more muscle while losing weight from fat which makes it easier to keep the weight off over the long term.
Therefore, try to be patient with your running for weight loss plan, and remember the massive health benefits of running and the positive changes you're making to your life along the way.
James Porter is a qualified UK Athletics Coach and has been an active runner since 1997. He specialises in helping people use running to lose weight and make a real difference to their life in the process. To discover exactly how you can use running to lose weight, visit:
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