Hormonal Acne Treatment - How to Cure Your Acne Fast

Acne is truly a predicament among teenagers. One factor that causes acne among adolescents is due to the male hormones. However, this cause has its hormonal treatments too. What do you call the hormones that affect the acne?

How to Cure Your Acne Fast

Actually, acne (acne vulgaris) hit to both men and women when they go the adolescence stage, hit the monthly period, women become pregnant an even upon menopausal stage. Upon the adolescent stage, their glands produce sex endocrines which also protect throughout all the body tissues. These hormone is commonly known as androgen. Since this sex endocrine is regularly found among guys, guys are are most number of affected groups of this skin problem.

One of the effect of the androgen is that it induce the great sebaceous glands (oil glands) which are associated with the skin's hair follicles (pores). The sweat gland actually continue to be lively although its secretion can no longer reach the skin surface. But as the very small gland bulges, it stretches the surrounding tissues and produce a white dot, which forms the white head. In some cases, the afflicted secretion undergoes some chemical reaction changes which makes it look dark in colour. Thus, a blackheads develop at the site of the hair follicle. As a sweat human gland and its hair follicle stretch even more, they ruptures that cause local infection. Then it produces a papule then to a pustule or known as pimple.

What are the different treatments to consider to acne caused by hormone? It is advisable to learn the self-treatment of yourself. This treatment depends upon on how to take care of yourself. One of the step is to wash your face and upper trunk of your body with warm water using mild, non-irritating soap three times a day. Steam your face for 15 minutes after washing once per day. Abstain for cosmetics. If a pustule or pimple occurs, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PRICK the pimples with your fingers. With these, avoid touching your face with your fingers dirty. Drink plenty of fruit juices and fresh water. Get enough sleep at least 7 to 8 hours a day. Eat less starchy foods, sweets, chocolates and nuts. To make your skin looks healthy, observed a wholesome, proper and balanced diet. That is to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Another hormonal acne treatment is the topical treatment. It refers to use the lotions, gels and creams according to the skin type and condition of the acne, from mild to moderate to severe. On the other way, apply the oral treatment with the help and advice of the skin experts. They might prescribed what are the best treatment to help to induce the production of oil from the tiny sebaceous gland. One of the advisable hormonal oral acne treatment is the intake of anti-androgen. Proper intake of this medicine will just reduce the sebum production not totally eliminates. Sebum production is also has important function to the body, its activity should not be stop.

Another hormonal treatment is applying the hormonal therapy. This treatment is about the process of reversing the excessive production of male sex hormones. In addition it may control the androgen.

The condition of the body relies on the proper taking care of the individual's health and that includes how you take care of your skin. The hormonal acne treatment should be given with importance to make your skin look healthy, younger, flawless and acne-free.

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