Detoxification & Permanent Weight Loss Made Easy: 7 Tips for Staying on Task

Exercise in the morning
Most important of all in maintaining a detox regimen is to keep a schedule. We are trying to form healthier habits and break away from old comforts. At first, this can seem like a radical overhaul, but it is essential to give it at least a week.

Time management problems make us feel rushed and stressed, irritable and eventually "hangry." Here are seven tips to help you stick to your goals:

1. Exercise in the morning when you have more energy. It's even better if you can get outside and enjoy good weather!

2. Stretch, meditate, pray, or do breathwork at night when it can calm you down to sleep easier.

3. Plan your meals and anticipate obstacles in advance. If you are meeting a friend that may tempt you astray, think of responses and countersuggestions in advance. Invite them over to try some of your home-cooked food! When are you usually craving snacks? Try to have healthier alternatives prepared beforehand so the throngs of hunger are relieved before you can rationalize yourself away from your intended goal.

4. Try a television fast. Sometimes at the end of the day we may find ourselves wanting to lay down on the sofa and watch television. When this becomes habitual it can lower productivity and take us away from quality time with family. Instead of relying on TV "escapism," we might try turning on the radio and reading, writing, or talking with family. Less light at night also allows us to sleep easier and more restfully. Getting adequate rest is essential to restoring energy reserves.

5. Try scheduling specific times to return calls, emails, and respond to other social media. With few exceptions, let all calls go to voicemail and return them when it fits into your schedule better. If you stick to it, you may be pleasantly surprised at how much time this frees up.

6. Try multitasking when you do mundane tasks. Got headphones or bluetooth for your phone? Try calling mom, friends, or work contacts while on the treadmill, cooking, or doing dishes. Try audiobooks and newscasts while you commute.

7. Honor your schedule as you would your boss. The more we make exceptions for others, the more we sacrifice our true desires-time for ourselves and loved ones.

Keeping a schedule can be difficult at first, especially when it entails getting up earlier to workout, but after a few days, it molds us into stronger, more efficient people. After a few weeks, the new

regimen becomes habit. Good Luck!

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