What's the Quickest Way to Lose Weight? 10 Tips to Lose Weight Fast

You're reading this because you want to know what the quickest way to lose weight is. Well it may shock you to know that there is no one best way to lose weight. What you can do, is take daily and consistent action towards reaching your weight loss goals. Of course, if your regular diet includes high fat, low energy, sugar filled food, than switching to fruits and vegetables will have you losing weight right from the start. Within a week or two you'll start feeling better and you will drop that excess fat.

10 Tips to Lose Weight Fast

Dropping weight too fast though will just lead you back to your old ways, and the pounds are sure to come back. Stop stressing about that special occasion months ahead of time, getting into a bathing suit for summer, or any other reason that pushes you to unhealthy dieting fads. Here are 10 strategies you can start today, that won't have you starving or depriving yourself just to lose weight.

10 Tips to Lose Weight Fast

1. Eat breakfast

With the busy lives we all lead, breakfast just seems to never fit in. Stopping for a coffee and bagel does though, but that's not a great breakfast choice. Give yourself the time in the morning to eat, even a small breakfast, high in protein, fiber and including fruit. It could be 2 egg whites or 1 whole egg with 1 egg white, whole wheat toast and an apple for the road.

2. Eat 5-6 times a day

You may be thinking that's too much, but 5-6 smaller meals a day will increase your metabolism and keep you from feeling hungry, throughout the day. Healthy snacks between breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in those meals.

3. Don't drink your calories

Unless its sugar free or calorie free soda, stay away. If you're normally drinking 1-2 soda's per day, you're drinking hundreds of empty calories every week. Just cutting soda from your diet is one of the easiest ways to lose weight. Orange juice and other types of juices may seem healthy, but they are loaded with sugar and calories you just don't need. Stick with water, no calorie or low calorie drinks.

4. Start drinking more water

You should be drinking 8 glasses of water a day, equal to 6-8 standard water bottles. This is a task at first, especially if you never drink water, but it's crucial to your success. Water consumption helps to increase your metabolism, keeps your stomach satisfied, flushes your system and controls water weight.

5. Track your food intake with a food journal

If you are just starting a new diet plan, than you have to track the calories you're taking in. However you break it down, it comes down to calories and extra calories equal unwanted weight. Many resources online or applications for your smart phone will show you how many calories to consume everyday. Keeping track of your calories will also keep your food choices in check.

6. Don't set unrealistic weight loss goals

If your goal is to shed 10 pounds your first week and you don't, you're setting yourself up for failure. When you don't hit that unrealistic goal, it leads to being discouraged, bad feelings and ultimately, more bad eating decisions. Many health professionals claim that losing 2 pounds a week is the very healthy. Not that this is your goal, but think about being 104 pounds lighter this time next year. The knowledge, health advantages and long lasting results you would gain, far outweigh rushing the process.

7. Start with quick 15 minute workouts

Many don't like exercising, but we all know we should. Don't buy another gym membership, go for 2 weeks than quit. Start at home with quick interval training sessions. If you search online for interval training workouts, you will find numerous pictures, explanations and videos. The best part is that it all can be done without weights.

8. Treat yourself once a week

Now this doesn't mean to eat a whole pizza, then ice cream, go to the movies and eat every snack available. You could eat 2 slices of pizza, 1 serving of fat free ice cream and salt/butter free popcorn. While you do this though, be sure to track your calories and don't exceed your day's allotment.

9. Stay off the couch

Reality TV has taken over. How full is your television recorder with shows to watch? Forget about them for now and get out. Sitting on the couch for hours after work leads to boredom and boredom leads to snacking. Play a game with the family, go for a walk, or do anything that keeps you active.

10. Rest, Rest, Rest

Probably the most overlooked weight loss tip. The body requires rest if you wish to lose weight; shoot for at least 7 hours per night. Research shows that depriving the body of proper rest elevates hunger hormones, and decreases the hormones used to make you feel full. Rest is especially needed if you begin to workout regularly. Worked out and exhausted muscles will not rebuild themselves as quickly without proper rest.


The easiest way to lose weight is simply doing several small things all at once. Commit to making better nutritional choices, exercise more frequently and soon you'll notice those bodily changes. True success comes after you commit to a lifestyle change and stop searching for the next lose weight fast fix. Start applying these 10 simple steps, build your food, exercise and health knowledge slowly, then apply one new strategy at a time and success is sure to come.

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