A Personal Review of the "Eat Stop Eat" Diet

I was extremely doubtful about fasting, I was anxious about being hungry, lacking energy, and simply not making it through the day. The Eat Stop Eat plan revolves round the idea of intermittent fasting, or fasting for short periods, and then eating again. The basic idea is that the human body is designed for feast or famine. When our ancestors hunted for food, they either caught something or they did not.

Eat Stop Eat Diet

When they did bag a mammoth, then everybody stuffed themselves - without refrigeration or preservation, food would go bad extremely swiftly.

On the days that nothing was caught, they did not eat. Your body is made to follow this schedule, even in the modern time.

The difficulty is that today, we feast each day, and seldom fast. Eat Stop Eat places you back on the trail your body is designed for. Fasting for a day is rather easy ( the toughest thing for me was skipping my morning latte ), and the banquet days more than make up for what you have missed. To me, it is worthwhile to fast if I'm able to eat just about whatever I desire on the other days!

Calorie counting, weighing food, giving up bread, eating no carbohydrates, eating only carbohydrates, the list of plans is never-ending. None of these options address the way your body is designed to be fed, and how selecting a more natural schedule can help you in losing weight and gain energy. So, back to my disbelief about fasting : I believed a single day could not be too hard, and was worth a try. Some things were simpler than I was expecting, and some were shockingly difficult. I did feel great at the end, and felt as if I had a new start.

Twenty-four hour fast notes.

I started my fast in the evening. I can't sleep when I'm hungry, so I needed to do my sleeping at the beginning. On a good night, I am getting 7-8 hours so I believed that may be virtually a 3rd of the fast done before I even woke up! With this under consideration, I had a regular dinner (pizza, if it counts ) and officially started my fast at 6pm. The night was pretty simple - I customarily do not eat after dinner anyhow, so it was no problem to do my usual thing, and call it a fast! Bedtime rolled around at 11pm. At 7:00 am, the alarm went off as always, and I got the children off to school (also my usual schedule ) thirteen hours of twenty-four done, with no problem in the slightest. I generally have breakfast, and then run errands or work, depending on the day. On this fasting day, I skipped breakfast, and headed out the door. I hit the 1st snag around 10am, at Target.

Why? Thanks to the Starbucks right within the door. I always have a cup of coffee and am a latte addict. I pushed on past, did my shopping, and got out of there, practically running past the Starbucks on my way out the door! Lunch is generally something at home - either leftovers or a sandwich. I skipped this too and officially stared to feel hungry around 12 pm. The afternoon was the toughest part, but keeping busy truly helped. I was not starving, just used to eating due to habit. I did get a mild headache, but I think that was from the absence of caffeine, not the fast itself. Understanding that 6pm was only a few hours away actually helped.

By 3, it was time to pick up the children, and the entire fasting thing got lost in the shuffle of getting 3 young children home from school, doing homework, and getting everybody settled in. The remainder of the time flew by - this is the most frantic part of any day, and this fasting day was no exception. 5:30pm, and time to make dinner! I determined to embrace my inner cavern girl, impressed by the Eat Stop Eat caveman analogy, and made steak and salad. Dinner was awesome, I think things taste better when you're actually hungry, and not eating due to habit, or because it's time to. Twenty-four hours and I made it!

After the fast : some notes, and my thoughts on fasting.

I was stunned how long it took to really feel hungry. It was much tougher to pass up cues that it was time to eat, like knowing what time it was, or driving past a junk food place at dinner time.

Passing up the coffee gave me a headache during the day. I would have liked a coffee more than I would have liked a snack.

This makes me think I have to back off on the caffeine a bit generally. I was expecting to feel tired or sick, and felt pretty normal, if anything, I did not get hit with a mid afternoon sugar crash from eating something sweet before dinner. I'd recommend Eat Stop Eat to anybody wanting to give a freshly discovered way of eating a try. This pattern of eating isn't for everyone, if you take medicine that needs food, or if you're a diabetic, it clearly will not suit your way of life. For otherwise healthy folks with some pounds to lose, though, it's a great match.

Eat Stop Eat Diet

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