Essential Nutrients And Vitamins For Hair

For hair to be healthy and maintain its volume, shine and softness it needs to be nourished regularly with essential vitamins. Undernourishment will result in hair fall, split ends, dry, brittle and limp hair. Though there are many vitamin enriched tonics available over the counters each proclaiming to improve texture and growth, it is best to rely on natural methods to improve and maintain the quality of hair.

Essential Nutrients And Vitamins For Hair

Hair Care Essentials

Hair is made up of approximately 95% proteins, so a high protein diet will benefit it by providing the right concentration of protein for healthy hair. A diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, proteins and a lot of water can go a long way in preventing hair damage. Fruits and vegetables provide hair with the vitamins and nutrients it requires to stay healthy and water keeps it hydrated and prevents it from becoming dry and brittle.

Head massage is also essential in maintaining the quality of hair. A gentle scalp massage using olive oil or pure coconut oil improves blood circulation and stimulates growth. The hair will remain healthy if these simple tips are followed.

Beneficial Vitamins and Nutrients

As mentioned above a healthy diet reflects in healthy hair. Here is a list of vitamins for hair growth and the nutrients that nourish it.


- Biotin - This belongs to the B complex family of vitamins. Biotin is found in eggs, nuts, liver and carrots and is essential for lustrous locks.

- Vitamin C - Citrus fruits are a rich source of this wonderful vitamin. Vitamin C keeps the scalp healthy and fights problems such as dandruff and promotes good hair growth.

- B complex - Most vegetables, cereals and meats contain some amount of B complex which is required for the overall health of the hair.


- Zinc - The mineral encourages blood circulation which is vital for good hair. The natural sources of Zinc are cocoa, red meat and bran.

- Iron - Iron improves the haemoglobin count in the blood. Low haemoglobin count can result in hair fall. Foods rich in iron are green leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale, and red meat especially organ meat like liver.

Amino Acids

- Phenylalanine - The amino acid is found largely in dairy products and nuts. It reacts with enzymes naturally present in the body and helps prevent premature greying by producing more melanin.


- Hair is made up primarily of protein. Eating high protein foods will promote healthy hair. Foods that are high in protein include red meat, eggs, lentils, poultry and fish.

How Vitamins and Nutrients Help

While changing the diet to meet the needs for good hair is important it is also crucial to understand how vitamins for hair and nutrients actually work.

- They work at nourishing the hair and are powerful in stimulating hair follicles to grow healthy hair.

- They quicken the pace at which hair re-grows.

- They effectively control hair fall and other hair problems.

- They can be especially beneficial to anyone suffering from hair loss.

A balanced diet can provide the right nutrients to the body which are required for good hair growth.

Essential Nutrients And Vitamins For Hair

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