The Facts Behind Vegan Weight Loss - Why Are So Many People Losing Weight On The Vegan Diet?

There is an increasing number of people going on the vegan diet for weight loss purposes. With so many people thriving on this lifestyle, they are setting an example for others and inspiring them to likewise discover this amazing lifestyle for themselves. It is undisputed that tens of thousands of persons who have adopted veganism have experienced weight loss. Why is this the case? Lets' look at 3 factors below:

The Facts Behind Vegan Weight Loss - Why Are So Many People Losing Weight On The Vegan Diet?

The calories are low 

Vegan foods, or plant-based foods are naturally low in fat and calories, whereas meat at dairy products are notoriously high in fat and calorie content. Therefore, with the complete elimination of all meat and dairy products from ones diet - weight loss ensues. It is inevitable you could conclude.

One study examined the calorie content of 5 chosen non-vegan foods and 5 vegan foods. On average, the meat and dairy foods contained 315 calories per 100g, whilst the plant-based foods contained 170 calories per 100g. This substantial calorie difference can be attributed to plant-based foods generally being low in fat content. If you were to examine the fat content of plant-based foods, you will likewise conclude that the vegan diet is undoubtedly low-fat.


Studies indicate that fatty foods, creamy foods and oily foods have an addictive nature. This explains why many persons on a standard diet overeat until they feel sick. They will often have three servings of roast lamb, a large milkshake, or an extra helping of the macaroni cheese. On the other hand, food on the vegan diet has a more balanced taste and therefore, you will not be so ravenous when you are consuming your meals. With the elimination of fatty meats and oily dairy products, you can be confident that your voracious, uncontrolled eating behaviors will be a thing of the past! Yes, many people have been able to lose weight on the vegan diet because of the complete elimination of all addictive fatty and oily animal-based foods!

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The 'I feel healthier' Positive effect 

When a person adopts veganism, they often marvel at how great they feel. Time and time again, persons on the vegan diet report having more energy, clearer skin, a happier disposition and a zest for life. This positive affect of vegan foods often makes a person want to stay on this diet. They simply do not want to go back to feeling terrible again! Therefore, with the extra motivation to remain on the vegan diet for a longer period of time, they are allowing their body to get healthy again and to shed all excess body fat. Indeed, weight loss on the vegan diet is inevitable!

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