Lose Weight Successfully: 10 strategies to help you lose weight


Many people who want to lose weight tell me that they simply eat less in the hope that it works that way. The disillusionment usually follows after a few weeks: if at all, then it only works for a short time. You'll be back on those starving kilos faster than you want! If your goal is "losing weight successfully" try my 10 following strategies as an alternative:

Lose Weight Successfully: 10 strategies to help you lose weight

1) Stick to "real" natural food

If you eat "real", natural food, you will find that you simply get full faster and stay full longer. My tip: Eat vegetables, fruits, wholemeal products, nuts, seeds, and fresh meat, eggs and fish if you like. Avoid artificially produced, preserved and refined foods whenever you can.

Now you're probably thinking to yourself, "I already knew that, that's nothing new." But do you?

Are you sure you don't eat ready-made? And do you even know why finished products undermine our plan to eat less? Finished products usually contain artificial additives or flavours, flavour enhancers and sugars such as maltodextrin or glucose syrup. All these ingredients mean that we get more hunger, are less full for long and also develop a craving for unhealthy food. One reason for this is that they cause high insulin levels in the body and insulin is known as a "fattening hormone". Another reason for this is that finished products are not complete, natural foods and that the body recognizes that it lacks nutrients when it receives these foods. And the hunger you feel is actually your body's cry for the missing nutrients.

2) Eat breakfast



Time is often tight in the morning. Do you prefer to sleep 30 minutes longer and leave the house without breakfast? Just observe whether you don't get hungry at 9 or 10 o'clock and then compensate with little things like a croissant or a fruit yogurt. Or if you get so hungry that you eat a huge portion including dessert at lunch.

And what should I eat in the morning?

To answer this would probably require a whole article of one's own! But so much is betrayed: as low in sugar as possible, high in protein and also satiating, for example a chia muesli with apple. Or get inspired by more breakfast ideas here on the blog.

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3) Take advantage of the crowding-out effect

Our human brain functions in such a way that we usually desire all the more what we cannot have. If I forbid myself something, then I would like to have it more than ever! Therefore, instead of thinking "I have to eat less of...", I recommend you to eat more of the right foods. Keep the focus on all the great foods you "may" eat instead of concentrating on what you have to "do without".

The right foods in this case are mainly vegetables and also fruits that contain a lot of water and little carbohydrates. Because we can eat a lot of vegetables in terms of volume and still do not consume many calories. Try to arrange your plate so that half of your plate is filled with vegetables and salad. "Dense" foods with a low water content, such as bread, rice or noodles, should only be a side dish and take up a small portion of the plate.

Rule of thumb: 1 serving spoonful of side dishes is enough. The more of the "good" food I eat, the less room remains for the "unfavorable" food. That's what I call the crowding-out effect.

4) Drink enough water

Sometimes we confuse the signal for hunger with the signal for thirst. So my tip if you feel hungry: first drink a glass of still water and wait a few minutes to find out if you are still hungry. Another advantage: through a sufficient fluid intake you will think clearer and get an improved concentration. And if you're well supplied with water, your organs work optimally. This increases your metabolism, allowing you to burn more fat. I have had customers who have only started to lose weight since they started drinking enough water! Water really is a "killer criterion" for losing weight. And by water, I mean still water, by the way. No taste.

The trick with drinking: it is better to drink a few sips regularly throughout the day instead of pouring half a litre into yourself at once. And if you are one of those people who don't like water (yes, there is!), then experiment with different types of water: performance water, low-mineral water, mineral-rich water, etc... Until you find one that will work.

If losing weight is your goal, then try drinking 30ml of water per kilogram of body weight once.

Lose Weight Successfully

5) Avoid sugar and other sweets as best you can!

I know. This strategy is extremely unpopular and not always easy to implement. But it is actually THE strategy par excellence if you want to lose weight. Sugar increases your insulin level and insulin prevents fat breakdown and promotes fat storage. So sweets are not primarily about the amount of calories, but about their effect on the body!

Sugar also increases inflammatory processes in the body, suppresses the feeling of satiety, robs micronutrients and much more.

My guess is: Eat a low-sugar breakfast in the morning. Don't drink sweet drinks (including artificially sweetened or "zero" drinks), fruit juices and make your own desserts, then you have it under control with the amount of sugar they use. And keep your hands off artificial sweeteners, because they increase the feeling of hunger and there are more and more critical voices that artificial sweeteners make us fat.

The main problem with letting go of sugar is that it is an addictive substance. And that's why you often have to deal with it like an addiction: complete withdrawal. Do you want to know if you're a sugar junkie? Then download our free sugar quiz:

6) Eat enough good fat

This may seem a little strange. But our body needs fat to break down fat! Fat is often wrongly demonized because it has more calories than protein and carbohydrates. But good fatty acids are vital to your heart. Good fats from e.g. fish, nuts, olive oil, coconut oil, eggs and avocados increase your energy and supply your brain. This increases your ability to think and asks your body to use the stored fat as fuel for your metabolism.

Fat also signals to your brain that enough food is being taken in, which makes you feel fuller more quickly.

Lose Weight Successfully

7) Take 3-5 deep breaths before you eat

Eating often has a calming effect on us. Sometimes we even just eat something to calm down after a stressful situation. Get used to breathing in deeply 3-5 times before eating so that you can calm yourself mentally and physically. This strategy tricks our subconscious into thinking you're relaxed.

When you then start your meal, the food is no longer used to calm you down, so you can eat slower, chew well and feel when you are full.

8) Eat only 3 times a day

If you follow strategy 1-7 you will notice that the saturation effect of your meals works very well. We don't have to eat all the time to have enough energy during the day! At no time has man eaten as much in between as now, and at no time has man moved as little as now.

If you want to lose weight, do without snacks! The positive side effect of this is that your digestion also benefits if it does not have to work continuously or is even overly strained by constant food replenishment!

9) Sleep yourself slimmer

Studies have shown that people who sleep longer burn more fat. One of the reasons for this is that short sleepers produce more of the appetite-stimulating hormone ghrelin, which contributes to weight gain. This alone is reason enough to understand the importance of sleep.

My tip: Allow yourself at least 7 hours of sleep per night for 14 days. Turn off your computer, mobile phone or tablet one hour before bed rest and do not use your mobile phone as an alarm clock! Your bedroom should be free of cell phones and other electronic devices.

10) Stay tuned

Not the beginning is the hardest, but often the staying on. Sometimes I hear disappointed and sometimes even reproachful statements that with the right diet you can lose weight, but that you also gain weight again quickly if you no longer follow it. If you gain weight before losing weight and eat the same food again after losing weight as before, you will gain weight again! That's just logical.

That means you can only lose weight and then keep it if you stay on it. Of course, this does not mean that you can never again eat a piece of chocolate, a dessert, a glass of wine or a pizza. But it just means that you have to learn new habits, which you will then keep to in the long run.

Lose weight successfully: Try it out and get into action

So there were 10 strategies to help you lose weight successfully. But perhaps my most important tip: don't believe what someone else tells you about nutrition. But try it out for yourself, become an explorer of your own body. For as the Roman philosopher Lucretius said:

What is one man's food is another man's bitter poison.

Of course, there are generally valid principles for losing weight. But since we react differently to food, have our own genetic conditions and are also in our unique circumstances, it is important that you find your personal approach that works for you. The responsibility for your health and your body always lies with yourself.

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