Thursday, September 5, 2019

7 Mediterranean diet dishes that help you lose weight
Mediterranean food is one of the best food models in the world. It also includes delicious preparations that are easy to make at home. Do you want to learn how to make dishes from the Mediterranean diet to support your weight loss diet?

This diet is based on including foods of all kinds, excluding those with a high fat content. Therefore, its adoption helps reduce blood cholesterol, which allows us to prevent cardiovascular disease.

The main benefit of this diet is the excellent contribution of healthy fats from olive oil and other foods rich in fatty acids such as Omega 3 and 6. In addition, it also ensures the contribution of other essential nutrients. Find out more.

Mediterranean diet dishes that help you lose weight

What are the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet?

The Mediterranean diet is a dietary model with dietary patterns from Mediterranean countries such as Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Greece and Malta. It is enriched with the main food groups that must be present for your diet to be varied, balanced and healthy.

The aim of any diet is to adequately dose the nutrients; in the case of the Mediterranean, no one can beat it. In addition, the food pyramid was created in order to order all its products in order to understand how to take them. This is what it tells us:

  • Olive oil is fundamental in Mediterranean gastronomy.
  • It uses seasonal food, not frozen food.
  • The hydrates are supplied by means of cereals such as rice, pasta and bread, a fundamental product.
  • Five pieces of fruit and vegetables a day are essential. Fresh fruit as a dessert we can not forget.
  • Dairy products are essential: skimmed milk, soft cheeses and natural yogurt.
  • Four eggs on average a week are a vital nutrient supply for our health, as well as blue and white fish and white meat.
  • Avoid excess animal fats, red meat, sweets.
  • Natural mineral water is necessary to live. Two liters of water per day is the average per person. This amount varies depending on age, weight and other parameters.
  • Avoid additives such as salt or sugar.
  • Complement your diet with exercise every day.

Does Mediterranean Diet help you lose weight?

Unlike other eating habits, the Mediterranean diet is the kind of food we need to live well. It is not aggressive, it has no nutritional deficiencies. You will not lose weight quickly, but if you maintain the right amounts of food and do sport daily, not only will you lose weight but you will also benefit your heart.

This diet does not consist of losing 5 kilos in 3 days, as happens with the pineapple or artichoke diet, but what we want is to maintain our body mass index at the recommended average, and enjoy delicious and varied meals. It is something that requires an education, which our body will appreciate.

Mediterranean Diet dishes that help you lose weight

Here are 5 typical dishes of Mediterranean cuisine that thanks to their ingredients could help you lose weight. They are simple to prepare, as well as nutritious. Encourage yourself to prepare them not only to lose weight but also to get out of the routine and improve your health.

1. Bonito marinated in curry

To escape the monotony of our diet, it is interesting to bet on new or uncommon flavors in the Mediterranean diet. Bonito marinated with curry spices and seasoned with sesame or other seeds can be a dish that is out of the ordinary and conserves the lightness we are looking for.

2. Seafood brochettes

Mediterranean diet - Seafood brochettes

The Mediterranean diet proposes a series of protein-based dinners (without vegetables or other carbohydrate foods) to lose weight during the first weeks of the diet. A skewer of fish and seafood, seasoned with spices, lemon or garlic and parsley can be a good option to escape boredom.

3. Chicken stuffed with asparagus, spinach and beaten cheese

Chicken stuffed with vegetables and beaten cheese is a healthy and delicious way to escape the typical grilled steak. To cook it, all you have to do is grill the chicken and roll it over the vegetables and cheese. Five minutes in the oven and you will have a tasty and healthy meal.

4. Salmon en papillote (in paper)

Mediterranean diet dishes - Salmon en papillote

Salmon is usually one of the most recurrent foods in any diet. It has multiple benefits, is very rich in fatty acids and its taste is exquisite. A delicious and light meal, but with all the benefits, en papillote salmon, served on a base of zucchini, green asparagus and leeks and a touch of white wine.

5. Bruschetta

Typical Italian dish consisting of toasted bread with olive oil, accompanied by various ingredients such as tomato, basil, garlic, eggplant, artichokes and cheese. It is often served as an appetizer.

6. Fresh Green Bean Salad

Another of the problems we usually encounter in a weight loss diet is the lack of ideas for cooking vegetables in a tasty way. This salad is ideal for taking to work or eating out. Natural tuna, turkey breast and cooked egg whites will provide the protein we need.

7. Horiatiki Greek salad

Horiatiki Greek salad

Salad with tomato, cucumber, onion, olives, feta cheese and seasoned with extra virgin olive oil.

These dishes of the Mediterranean diet meet all the requirements: they are varied, balanced and include all food groups. Don't forget to try them!

Saturday, January 12, 2019

The Greek Diet - The Key To a Healthier Life
The traditional Greek diet, formed by history and climatic conditions, meets the main criteria of an optimal diet: it has properties that promote health and is compatible with a sustainable environment.

Greek Diet - The Key To a Healthier Life

In simple terms, the traditional Greek regime is based on:

  • High consumption of olive oil, which in Greece, more than in any other country, is extra virgin;
  • High consumption of unrefined vegetables, legumes, fruits and cereals;
  • Preference for fish over meat;
  • Emphasis on feta cheese and yogurt, instead of other dairy products;
  • Moderate consumption of wine, especially during meals.

Prototype of the traditional Mediterranean diet

The properties that promote the health of this diet have been documented among many populations, and at different times in history. In the late 1960s, the original work of Ansell Keys (a renowned scientist who studied the impact of diet on health) on the Greek population gave weight to the idea that the traditional Greek diet represents a distinguished prototype of the traditional Mediterranean diet.

The traditional Greek diet has been found to increase longevity and protect against serious diseases, such as coronary heart disease and many types of cancer.

Recent studies have also recognized the Greek diet for its health-promoting attributes. In addition, scientists have shown that there are two factors that play an important role in a healthy diet:

  • Combination of dietary intakes
  • High quality food components.

High quality

Greece can rightly be proud of the high quality and supreme taste of many of its food products, including olive oil, dairy products, vegetables and fruits. But they are not only the products that form the most important components of this famous diet. Many traditional Greek recipes and sweets have an impressive array of beneficial properties. The unexpected nutritional properties of many Greek dishes are just now recognized.