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Whether you have hyperpigmentation in the form of acne scars, melasma or age spots, you'd like to even your skin tone or you'd like to lighten it by a few shades, having a consistent skin lightening regimen is essential if you want to see results. This article will help you to find the products that you need to build your own skin whitening regimen. Flawless skin, here we come!

Skin Lightening Treatment - 5 Simple Steps to Building a Skin Lightening Regimen

Daily wash
Consider replacing your usual soap with a skin whitening soap. Soaps that contain kojic acid and glutathione not only help to clean the skin but the natural ingredients contain skin lightening and exfoliating properties that will help to speed up your results when used with a lightening cream.

Soap can dry out some people's skin so if you usually a face wash, look for ingredients such as salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid that helps to remove dead skin. Removing dead skin will allow the healthy skin underneath to glow and allows any topical products you use to be absorbed better.

Remove dead skin with an exfoliating scrub at least twice a week. Topical creams won't do what they are supposed to do if they just sit on top of dead skin.

Ideally, you would use a skin lightening moisturizer after washing/cleansing your skin. Meladerm and Makari both have great moisturizers as part of their product lines. Some skin lightening creams, especially those containing hydroquinone can dry out your skin but if you choose a moisturizing skin lightening product, it can replace your usual moisturizer without leaving you feeling dry.

Main Skin Lightening Product
Whether you go with creams, gels or pills is completely down to personal preference. Whatever product you choose, ensure they only contain safe ingredients and be sure to use them as directed. I have highlighted the dangers of hydroquinone in previous posts and you should try to avoid hydroquinone based products especially if you have African American skin.

Sun Screen
It is a common misconception that black people do not need to use sunscreen. When using whitening products, it is even more important to use sunscreen as these ingredients make your skin more sensitive to the sun. I recommend using a sun screen with at least SPF 25 on your face and body. This will not only protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays but will also ensure that your skin whitening regimen produces the results you want.

Optional Steps
Other optional additions to your topical lightening products are regular chemical peels. If you have severe hyperpigmentation, chemical peels can accelerate the rate at which the dead skin is removed to reveal the fresh skin beneath and aid lightening in the process. Discuss whether chemical peels are right for you with your dermatologist.

By following these steps to build a skin lightening regimen, you will ensure that you see consistent results and you will be well on your way to flawless skin.

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Skin Lightening Treatment - 5 Simple Steps to Building a Skin Lightening Regimen

Having kids is not an easy job. Daily tasks can sometimes seem so overwhelming. Having five kids of my own, I can completely relate with the day to day frustrations. Fortunately, I do not have any teenagers, yet. With five kids, meal time can be quite chaotic. But how much harder is it, when you must have gluten free recipes for kids as well?

Gluten Free Recipes For Kids

Let's face it. American kids live off of pizza, hamburgers, macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, and the list of junk goes on and on. All of this garbage food is making obesity in children a norm. Not only that, but it is all full of gluten. With children that are on a gluten-free diet, it makes it very challenging to cook for them. Despite these challenges, there are actually a lot of options out there that are great gluten-free recipes for kids.

Let's begin with fruit as a snack. Fruit is naturally sweet and vitamin packed, unlike all of the foods listed above. What about a smoothie? Smoothies are extremely tasty, with the natural fruit sugar, and are very filling. Making that smoothie dairy-free, gluten-free, and all natural ensures that all food allergies are addressed and health is taken into consideration. Smoothies are very easy to make and will leave kids asking for more. When I make smoothies, it seems there is never enough to go around.

What ingredients make a great smoothie? The ingredients all depend on your kids' personal preference. We love to combine peaches, strawberries, blackberries, and freshly squeezed orange juice. Some days, I am too lazy to juice oranges and will just exchange coconut milk for the juice. Other days, I do not want to add blackberries. And just recently, I decided to use coconut milk, a very small portion of a banana, and strawberries together. You can't go wrong with smoothies. All you need is some fruit, a blender, and an ability to experiment!

For lunch, a chicken nugget recipe does not need to be thrown out the window. Just use common sense and make them all natural. They are easy to make and taste great. All you need is cubed chicken, eggs, a gluten-free flour blend, paprika, and pepper. Dip the chicken in the eggs and the flour. Place them on a pan and sprinkle paprika and pepper. They take a very short time to bake. Once they are done, the kids are scrambling to the table to get as many as possible.

For dinner, spaghetti is one of the many gluten-free recipes for kids. When making spaghetti, simply buy gluten-free pasta. I have a favorite brand that I use all of the time, which has a good flavor and texture. Then, I make my own homemade spaghetti sauce. All I use is tomato puree, oregano, basil, salt, and pepper. Throw that in with some hamburger, and dinner is served.

I have a harder time making dessert. I have some gluten-free dessert recipes that are good, but I struggle with getting the texture of the dessert just right (it can be a little dry). I have figured out how to make a good gluten-free, dairy-free, banana cream pie filling and pie crust. The texture is good and the flavor leaves you craving more. What kid wouldn't go for a great dessert recipe? All of the ingredients that are needed are coconut milk, eggs, evaporated cane juice crystals, a gluten-free flour blend, vanilla, and a natural buttery spread. It is easy to make this pie filling.

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So, don't give up on finding great gluten-free recipes for kids. It is actually easier than it seems at first. It is a blessing to give up gluten. Just think no more greasy pizza, nitrate filled hot dogs with buns, cheeseburgers, chicken nuggets, and macaroni and cheese. Throw out the preservatives and cook all natural foods that your kids will come back to over and over again. When they are parents, they will be thankful that you took the time to take care of them and fed them all natural gluten-free foods.

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Gluten Free Recipes For Kids