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3 Diets To Lose 22 Pounds

Losing weight is a constant desire of many, so diets are a way to achieve it, here are 3 effective options that combined with exercise, will...

Katie Grace 26 Feb, 2021

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Vegan Diet Deficiencies - Nutrients You Are Missing if You are Vegan

A significant proportion of the population considers a vegan diet to be a healthy option since it primarily comprises fruits, vegetables, le...

Katie Wellness 3 Apr, 2023

Does Bread Make You Fat? Wholemeal Bread Recipe

Have you been told that eating bread make you fat? Have you been forbidden to lose weight? If you answered yes to either question, this ar...

Joy 3 Apr, 2023

Healthy and balanced diet to lose weight in 15 days

Diets are not always so easy, but if you are looking to lose pounds in just a few days, today in WELLNESSKATIE we share with you a healthy a...

Katie Wellness 6 Mar, 2023

How Many Eggs Can I Eat?

Eggs are considered a healthy, nutritious, and versatile food source that is also economical. If you want to learn more about what's beh...

Katie Wellness 7 Feb, 2023

Fructose Intolerance: Types, Symptoms, and Diet

What is fructose intolerance ? What diet should I follow for the fructose intolerance diet? Today we tell you everything you need to know ab...

Katie Wellness 7 Feb, 2023

Infallible Anti-Aging Tips To Look 20 Years Old

Not everything revolves around buying creams and relying solely on their application to maintain a youthful appearance. There are numerous o...

Katie Grace 13 Nov, 2021

5 Calcium-Rich Foods That Improve Your Bones

Not only dairy products help you to provide calcium to your body, there are other foods that provide the same or a greater amount, know them...

Katie Grace 4 Oct, 2021