How I Lost 17 Unwanted Pounds

Hello Weight Loss prospects. This is how I lost 17 unwanted pounds.

How I Lost 17 Unwanted Pounds

I began to look at myself a year ago and wondered if I was gaining weight so I decided to get on the scale and check my weight. So I did. To my surprise I was shockingly 210 lbs. Maybe it was from all of the potato chips, cookies and ice cream I devoured as I relaxed on the couch. I had no idea how I lost the momentum to say no to snacks. We all know what that's like right? Well if you don't pay attention to how much of it you eat it will catch up to you faster than you think. It progressively grows and before you know it you are in deep trouble with your weight. Then comes other health issues. So I'm going to tell you how I lost 17 unwanted pounds.

I can remember it was Christmas time and all I could think about was getting my hands on some scrumptious holiday cookies. Everybody knows someone that makes holiday cookies and we all want some. I would get some from a co-worker, a neighbor, and a family member. That's because everyone knows I Love cookies. But respectfully passed on them. I lost interest in them and then I thought to myself "Maybe I should skip them indefinitely" and eat something that's better for my body. So I did.

For the first time, I felt something inside me that was positive about eating healthier foods. Although I wanted to taste just 1 cookie, I passed on the idea. Instead I went to the refrigerator and pulled out some celery and munched on those to cure the need for a cookie. Oh how bland and boring they were, but I said to myself "This Is Gotta Be The Way" or forget the whole idea. I didn't eat a huge amount of them, just enough to keep me from feeling hungry at that time.

So I decided to put them in my lunch everyday for 3 months. Now you might be wondering what else am I'm eating for lunch right? Well I had a plan in place for that also. I decided to have soup for lunch 3 of the 5 days out of the week. So far that's about 2 oz of celery and a can of soup. Then I decided that I am going to need a piece of fruit too, so I added that into my lunch. Now I know you are wondering "what do I eat for breakfast" but I already had that in the bag. I have a bowl of oatmeal because it cuts down on your cholesterol, with a cup of juice and my daily vitamins. So breakfast was a no brainer. I just needed to focus on the rest of the day.

Now that I have the 3 items in my lunch I thought that I might be too hungry to wait for lunch so I added a hard boiled egg and some yogurt and a handful of nutritious nuts to eat on my break which was exactly 3 hours after I ate breakfast. So I started to eat only those items for 3 months for the first part of my day. The other 2 days I didn't have soup, I incorporated a chicken sandwich for added protein or a leftover from dinner. Remember that it's all about portion control!

After I had consumed about 900 calories for the first part of my day I need to have a good dinner so that I could consume my needed amount of calories for the day which was 2300. At this point I had another 1400 calories to go for the day. I thought it would be a no brainer. Yea, right! not too easy considering I wanted to eat a healthy dinner too. So I decided that dinner would be a salad with chicken, beef or salmon. Well I decided that I would have all of them 3 days a week, separately of course. So I did. By now you must think I'm crazy to do something like this out of the ordinary.

The other 4 dinners of the week consisted of something I knew would be healthy so I just improvised as the days came. After trying this method for a month It got me nowhere. So I thought to myself it's time to get in shape while I try to lose the 10 lbs I originally planned on losing. I decided to do a cardio workout for 3 days a week. So I did. I stuck with it because I was determined to loose the unwanted 17 pounds.

Days have gone by and I've gotten zero results after sticking to my plan and incorporating my exercise routine until one morning I weighed myself and discovered that I had taken off 2 pounds. Oh how excited I was to know that! With those results I felt the urge to keep at it. So I continued to eat my selected items for breakfast, morning snack, and lunch with a good healthy dinner. Then I discovered that I didn't consume the correct amount of calories for my daily consumption. I was 400 calories under. I stuck with it and continued with my plan. I ate at the correct times and exercised when I got out of work by doing a cardio workout for 50 minutes. I really broke a sweat as I had to peel of my clothes to shower. When I was done with my workout I had burned 847 -890 calories. WOW! That was nearly everything I had consumed for breakfast, morning snack, and lunch. So I kept at it.

3 months later I had lost 12 pounds! I continue to use this tactic, and lost an additional 5 pounds for a total of 17 pounds lost. 5 months later I have maintained the 17 unwanted pounds by eating healthier and continuing to exercise 3 times a week. I used an assortment of cardio DVDs throughout my routine and I feel great! I lost a slight back pain and I have more energy than the sun! I believe if you need to loose the extra pounds, YOU should try it too. Keep in mind that I had a goal and I made that goal with dedication. I was in no rush, I wanted success. Highly recommended!!!

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Hello Weight Loss prospects. This is how I lost 17 unwanted pounds.

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