5 Calcium-Rich Foods That Improve Your Bones

Not only dairy products help you to provide calcium to your body, there are other foods that provide the same or a greater amount, know them.

Food for healthy bones

Our body needs certain minerals for optimal functioning, including calcium which is essential to keep bones strong and carry out some functions that are essential, this mineral adheres to the bones and teeth for structure and rigidity.

It is believed that dairy products such as milk and yogurt help to provide the necessary calcium for our body and it is not a lie, since they assimilate between 70 and 80 percent of their contribution, although it is true that cheeses may also contain calcium, these will depend on their degree of healing.

But there are also other foods that are rich in calcium and that will help you take care of your bones, here we give you a list of those that you can consume and that also provide you with other properties that will make you feel better and healthier, making your health of higher quality.

1. Kale

Only 100 grams of kale contain more than twice as much calcium as a cup of milk and although the calcium provided by vegetables is not absorbed in the same way as with a dairy product, experts recommend consuming 200 grams of this vegetable to obtain the necessary amount.

2. Almonds

In 100 grams of almonds we find 252 grams of calcium, this is not the only nut that can provide us with this mineral, you can also consume hazelnuts, dried figs and pistachios.

3. Chickpeas

One of the legumes that offers 140 grams of calcium per 100 of chickpeas, it is also a good source of vegetable protein, promotes intestinal transit, is rich in fiber and low in fat.

4. Soybeans

Another legume that, unlike chickpeas, provides 200 grams per 100, other properties are that it reduces the risk of suffering chronic diseases and contains a good proportion of satiating fiber.

5. Fish and seafood

Among the seafood products that benefit you with calcium are oysters, prawns and mussels; it is worth mentioning that they all provide amounts of Omega 3 and some vitamins such as A, B, D and E. A balanced diet is of the utmost importance to maintain good health.

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