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How to Treat Acne with Tremendous Results - 21 Day Sugar Detox

In this article, I will reveal the secrets to eliminate acne with the amazing 21 day sugar detox system. Recent studies found that people who had higher intake of sugar and a high glycemic diet (rice, bread and pasta) had more acne breakouts. Cutting down on sugar and consume a low glycemic diet can result in significant acne improvements.

How to Treat Acne Effectively With the Amazing Sugar Detox

In addition to fewer acne breakouts, the other benefits of sugar reduction include weight loss, fewer hair loss, drastic reduction of acne causing hormones in your body and the prevention of type II diabetes. By learning how to treat acne with sugar detox, you will benefit more than just clear healthy skin. You will have a healthy body to match.

Two Main Contributors to Acne

Hormones and inflammation are two main contributors to acne. Hormones are responsible for overproduction of sebum and skin cell growth, which can lead to clogged pores. Inflammation causes an eruption inside the blocked pores and creates a breeding ground for acne bacteria. This condition will eventually lead to acne breakouts.

The Links Between Sugar and Acne

1. Sugar and Hormones

Sugar spikes up your acne causing hormones such as androgens, insulin and insulin growth factor (IGF-1). Androgens are responsible for overactive sebum production and skin cell growth. Both insulin and IGF-1 are triggered by high blood sugar levels. Research Studies show that both insulin and IGF-1 are related to:
  • Increase the severity of acne lesion
  • Overly active sebum production
  • Increase pore size
A shocking fact about sugar is this. Sugar converts into sebum. Anytime you consume food with a high concentration of sugar, you are increasing sebum production and aggravate more breakouts.

2. Sugar and Inflammation

Inflammation is the second main contributor to acne. Many research studies have shown that acne is directly correlated to high level of inflammation. Skin is vulnerable to inflammation when it is depleted of antioxidants. Diet full of saturated fats, omega-6, and processed vegetable oils can also trigger inflammation.

Sugar promotes inflammation. It was illustrated in the study from Am erican Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The study showed that drinking 1 to 2 cans of soda per day can increase inflammation levels from 87% to 105%.

If you want to learn how to treat acne effectively, you should avoid sugar and take anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats (fish oil). This will improve your acne condition tremendously.

The Myth Between Diet and Acne

Diet does not cause acne. High glycemic index (GI) foods are the main culprit of acne breakouts. High GI foods are foods that can elevate blood sugar levels quickly. Sugar and refined carbohydrates (white bread, pasta, rice, ice cream, soda, etc) are considered as high glycemic index foods. On the other hand, whole grains and vegetables are labeled as low glycemic foods.

A diet rich in low glycemic index foods can lower blood sugar levels, acne causing hormones, insulin and inflammation. Learning how to treat acne with a low glycemic diet can result in 80% reduction in acne breakouts and a more vibrant healthy looking skin.

Below is a list of basic low and high GI foods:

Low GI Foods
  • Oat Bran
  • Wholegrain
  • Whole Wheat
  • Broccoli
  • Lettuce
  • Mushrooms
  • Apples
  • Grapes
  • Peanuts
  • Walnuts
  • Corn Chips
  • Brown Rice
  • Yam
  • Lentils
  • Chick Peas
  • Soy Milk
  • Yoghurt
High GI Foods
  • Sugar
  • Cornflakes
  • Cheerios
  • White bread
  • Bagel
  • Parsnips
  • Watermelon
  • Dates
  • Donuts
  • Maple syrup
  • French fries
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Ice cream
  • Pretzels
  • Scones
  • Soda
  • Junk Foods
What is 21 Day Sugar Detox?

If you want to learn 1) how to treat acne naturally, 2) how to treat severe acne, 3) how to cure break outs, or even 4) how to treat acne rosacea, then this program will help you greatly. 21 Day Sugar Detox is a powerful diet solution that help stop sugar craving, lower acne causing hormones, reduce insulin spikes and stop acne inflammation or swelling.

Besides the benefit of acne reduction, other health improvements include:
  • Reduction in hair loss
  • Significant weight loss
  • Reduced energy spikes and dips throughout the day
  • Reduced fatigue, lethargy, depression and anxiety
  • Reduced brain fog and cloudy thinking
  • Reduced intense hunger craving
  • Clearer skin
  • Reduction in pore size
  • Prevent the onset of diabetes
How Does 21 Day Sugar Detox Work?

21 Day Sugar Detox targets the foods you eat. By replacing certain high glycemic index foods with low glycemic index foods, you will free yourself from sugar craving forever.

Basic 21 Day Sugar Detox Program

Instructions for the next 21 days
  1. Remove all sugar and high GI foods from your diet
  2. Eliminate foods from the "foods to avoid" list below
  3. Consume foods on the "good foods" list below
Symptoms you will encounter during the 21 days

At first, your craving for sugar will become more pronounced. It is perfectly normal. It usually takes 3 to 4 days to get over the craving, and you will get use to it. This is probably the toughest part of the program, but it is definitely worth it. You will experience common positive and negative symptoms when your body starting to adjust. They are:

Positive Symptoms
  • Your energy will go up tremendously
  • Notable improvement in your skin appearance (less dull)
  • Your pimples become less inflamed
  • You will see a small drop in your weight
  • Better Sleep
  • Elevated mood/less depression
Negative Symptoms
  • Lethargic/low energy
  • Irritable
  • Sporadic sleep
  • More emotionally sensitive
Foods to Eat and Avoid for Your 21 Day Sugar Detox
Food to Avoid:
  • Agave Nectar
  • Alcohol
  • All Fried Foods
  • All Fruit not on Good Foods List
  • All Grains not on Good Foods list
  • Artificial Sweeteners
  • White Bread
  • Buckwheat
  • Candy
  • Cereal
  • Cheese
  • Cream Sauces
  • Sugar
  • Sucrose
  • Sugar
Good Foods
    Sugar detox green smoothie
  • All Sea Vegetables
  • All Vegetables, except potatoes
  • Avocado
  • Nuts
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Organic Chicken
  • Goji Berries
  • Grape Seed Oil
  • Maca
  • Fish
  • Beans
  • Coconut Oil
  • Brown Rice
  • Green Life Smoothie
  • Carrots
  • Incan Berries (Golden Berries)
  • Organic Turkey
  • Bee Pollen
Your body will be going through a major cleansing phase during these 21 days. You will be able to function at a peak level after the detox. Glowing healthy skin with a drastic reduction in acne is a guarantee if you follow this program.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jen_Becht

How to Treat Acne Effectively With the Amazing Sugar Detox

How to Detox the Body
If you want to know how to detox the body, then it can be difficult to wade through the vast information that is out there on the subject. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of different resources, all dedicated to the subject that pull you in different directions and leave you confused as to what the best way to detox is.

The other problem, is that a lot of these guides and programs get you to purchase something expensive or just simply cost too much to maintain from day to day. Fortunately, there are some great ways to detox that don't cost too much money and are really simple to do. We all want an easy life and don't want to be working harder than we have to, so I have compiled the following top 5 tips to detox your body quickly, cheaply and safely:

The Top 5 Tips for How to Detox the Body
1.) Green Leaf Vegetables

This is a little gem of a detox tip that is not only great for your overall health but also costs very little. Green leaf vegetables include those such as Spinach, lettuce, cabbage, sprouts and even broccoli. These are all highly rich in nutrients and goodness which boosts your overall health and gives you more energy and drive. Also, they are rich in antioxidants and detox agents that really help to kick-start your body's own detox engine. Also, spinach and broccoli are great colon cleansers.

2.) Water

It might seem obvious, but so many people don't drink enough water. Water is essential for the body to be able to transport toxins out of your system, without it this process would slow down significantly. Also, drinking enough water will keep you hydrated and you will feel much brighter and more awake and it even affects your mood too, so you will probably find you are much happier - especially as you now know how to detox the body so easily!

3.) Exercise

Another thing you can do that doesn't need to cost anything at all - just going out for a simple run each day will get your heart pumping and will strengthen your bodys internal processes, including detoxification. The other advantage is that it will also cause you to perspire which will help to remove toxins through the pores in your skin and really help speed things up.

4.) Herbal Tea

A lot of people like drinking herbal teas anyway, but the herbs present in them are fantastic detox agents for your body and will really help to cleanse your body from the inside. They are fairly low cost too and simple to make, and you can naturally detox every time you make a cup of tea. This further proves just how to detox the body is so easy to do.

5.) Skin Scrubs

There are great to do and can be done easily whilst in the shower or bath. Exfoliating the skin via body scrubs are a great way to unclog pores and allow the body to detox by removing toxins through the pores in your skin. This will also really help to speed up your detox process.

Want More Free Tips and Advice on how You can Quickly and Easily Detox your Body? I have a site that is dedicated to providing the latest and most effective natural ways to detox your system, for FREE! Click HERE to visit the Body Detox Tips Website.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Steven_James

How to Detox the Body - Top 5 Tips Reveal How to Detox the Body

All of us want to lose belly fat and have a flat stomach, but the amount of exercise and dieting required to have firm six pack abs is beyond what most of us can reasonably achieve. As we age, past 30, our body metabolism slows and it is much harder to lose belly fat. Those of us who have sedentary jobs which do not involve vigorous physical activity experience laxity of our abdominal muscles which normally hold our stomach contents tight to create a flat stomach. As we gain weight and our muscles get lax, we develop a protruding abdomen or pot belly.

Lose Belly Fat and Get a Flat Stomach With Laser Liposuction

Women who have had babies find it very difficult to lose belly fat and have a flat stomach. I have see hundreds of very fit, health conscious and physically active women in my office who have done everything right and just cannot lose belly fat caused by pregnancy. The tummy tuck or mini abdominoplsty has helped many people have a flat stomach, but many do not want surgery and the scars associated with surgery.

New laser liposuction technology enables me to offer patients who want to lose belly fat and have a flat stomach an effective, minimally invasive procedure which in many cases is as effective as a tummy tuck.

What Causes Belly Fat and Fat Stomach

There are several components that cause a fat stomach, pot belly, or loose tummy. Laser liposuction can remove belly fat from under the skin and achieve skin tightening of loose tummy skin. However laser liposuction cannot tighten your stomach muscles or abdominal muscles. To tighten the stomach muscles you will need to do stomach exercises or abdominal work outs.

Laser liposuction also cannot remove fat inside your abdomen-intra-abdominal fat, called mesenteric fat- which is wrapped around your intestine. If you are very overweight or obese, only significant dieting will help you lose belly fat that is inside your abdomen.

The several causes of belly fat or a fat tummy or pot belly are:

- Intra-abdominal Fat-Fat serves a very important survival function. Fat stores energy to provide nutrition during periods when we do not have adequate food intake. Thus fat is a survival mechanism during periods of starvation. Fat is stored inside the abdomen in a structure called the mesentery. The mesentery is wrapped around our intestines and supports the intestines. Huge amounts of fat can be present in the mesentery when we are overweight or obese. When there is excess intra-abdominal fat in the mesentery, the fat actually pushes out and stretches the muscles of our abdominal wall and creates a fat belly. Only dieting or caloric restriction can cause the intra-abdominal fat to be used for energy production and disappear.

- Abdominal Wall Laxity-The abdominal muscles (abdominal wall), called the abs, hold our intestines and abdominal contents in the abdomen. These muscles can become stretched and loose after extensive weight gain, pregnancy, and inactivity. When the abdominal muscles, or abdominal wall loses tone, becomes stretched or lax, the contents of the inside of the abdomen push the abdominal wall forward and create a fat tummy or pot belly. Tightening of the abdominal wall, that is restoring the tone of the abdominal or tummy muscles can only be achieved with ab exercises and conditioning of the tummy muscles or with abdominoplsty or tummy tuck surgery.

- Subcutaneous Fat beneath the Belly Skin- The fat directly beneath the skin on the belly also stores fat. This fat is called the subcutaneous (beneath the skin) fat and is normally about 1/2 inch thick in most people. When we gain weight and have excess fat, this subcutaneous fat layer becomes thicker, sometimes up to 4 or 5 inches thick. Laser liposuction is a very effective technique to remove subcutaneous fat. The heat from the laser melts the fat into a thin liquid which is easily removed by suction through very small tubes called cannulas.

- Loose Belly Skin-Multiple pregnancies and repeated weight gain stretch the abdominal skin and create loose belly or tummy skin. The major breakthrough in laser liposuction is the ability of the laser to tighten stomach skin. Previous liposuction techniques removed fat but left loose belly or tummy skin after fat removal. With laser liposuction, the heat from the laser tightens the skin during the laser fat dissolving process.

Laser Liposuction to Lose Belly Fat and Flatten the Stomach

Lose Belly Fat and Get a Flat Stomach With Laser Liposuction

Because the laser liposuction fiber dissolves fat into a thin liquid, removal of fat is much easier. This allows the surgeon to use very tiny tubes or cannulas to suction the fat out of the tummy skin. As a result very tiny holes, usually placed inside the belly button, are all that is required. This means very tiny, almost invisible scars. In addition, in my experience, following laser liposuction the skin is left smooth without the lumps, bumps and contour deformities often seen with traditional liposuction.

Skin tightening following this new technique has been truly remarkable in my experience. In patients who are fit and not overweight, I have been able to do laser body sculpting to actually reveal the outline of the abdominal muscles after healing. In the words of one of my patients "I got my six pack back."

My patients seem to recover more quickly after this new procedure. Many say they fell fine the day after the procedure. However, I ask my patients not to return to vigorous or strenuous activity or work outs for at least two weeks.

If you are not obese or very over weight and want to improve the contour of your abdomen, then these new techniques may be what you are looking for.

See pictures of results of laser liposuction of the tummy. Learn more [http://drseckel.com/boston-laser-liposuction/laser-liposuction-the-new-slim-lipo-selective-laser-induced-melting-of-fat/] about laser liposuction.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Brooke_R._Seckel,_M.D.,_FACS

Lose Belly Fat and Get a Flat Stomach With Laser Liposuction

home remedies for headache
The medical term for headache is Cephalalgia. It is one of the most common problems and is characterized by pain in head or in the neck area. The problem of headache generally occurs due to internal problems of body. The main causes of headache are allergies from alcohol, liver, chocolate, milk and all other milk products. It can also be due to small disorders such as diarrhea or sneezing a lot.

Other causes for headache might be eyestrain, hangover, sugar level in the blood low, deficiency of nutrients in the body, tension and intoxicated body system.

Some homemade remedies for headache are described below in detail.

1. Make lemon juice from two to three slices of lemon and mix it with a cup of tea. Apply the lemon plaster thus made on the forehead with the help of the paste out of the lemon crust. You can also put fresh lemon rinds on the forehead.

2. Remove the inner portion of an apple. After skinning it add a little amount of salt and eat it every morning without drinking or eating anything else prior to that for one week.

3. Vinegar rubbed on henna flowers when applied on forehead is very effective. It will relieve the headache caused due to the intense heat of the sun.

4. Mix cinnamon with water and make a paste of the same. Apply the paste on the forehead and the temple. This will relieve headache due to overexposure to cold air.

5. In one liter of water place a handful of rosemary and boil it. Place a towel on your head and inhale the steam coming out of the boiled mixture by trapping it with the help of the towel.

Some more home remedies for headache:

  • Make a paste of water and cinnamon by mixing 1 tablespoon of water with 1 tablespoon of cinnamon. Apply the paste on your forehead, lie down, and rest for 20-30 minutes. Then wash the paste off with warm cloth.
  • Take a cloth and dip it in warm water, squeeze and apply on your forehead. Close your eyes and rest for a while.
  • Stir 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of cold water and drink.
  • Drink thick natural grapes juice daily to treat your headaches.
  • Drink a lot of water every day; make sure you are not dehydrated.
  • Apply a few drops of rosemary oil on your chest, lie down and breathe deep for a few minutes.
  • Drink a cup of warm coffee when you have headaches. Take small sips and try to relax.
  • Lie down in a dark room, put a towel on your forehead and put an ice pack on the towel. Lie down like this for about 20-30 minutes, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and try to relax.
  • Slice a potato, take the slices and apply on your forehead and rest for 20 minutes.
  • Peel 1 cucumber, take the peels tie them to the forehead with a cloth. Rest with the cucumbers peels on your head for 15-20 minutes and your headache will be gone in no time.

During headache you should take proper care of your diet. Failing to do so would result in the increase of headache. The best and the simplest ways to avoid headache are proper nutrition, physical exercise regularly and positive mental exercises.

Initially you need to undergo a short fasting during which you should take juice made of only citrus fruit diluted with water. Take it everyday at a time span of two hours from morning eight to evening eight. Later on eat only those foods that are digested easily. Eat fresh and dried fruits for breakfast and eat cereals, potatoes, wheat bread and rice for dinner. You must drink a lot of fresh water every day. You can also add a teaspoon of honey in water for better results.

The author is a content writer at EZmed4U, the Home Remedies Website. For more information about Headaches and Migraines visit the home remedies for Headache information page.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=David_Klein

Any Home Remedies For Terrible Headache?

Natural Herbal Breast Enlargement Pills
Why most women want to have Natural Large Breast?

If you are dissatisfied with your breasts size or think that your breasts are smaller than your desired cup size, then probably you are considering breast enlargement of some sort. While breast augmentation continues to be the top choice in all cosmetic surgery options for many women, some are skipping surgery entirely and reaching for a pill instead, without realizing that there is little-to-no evidence about the safety of breast enlargement pills.

Despite, the doubt of the efficacy and success of the pills designed to boost their bust line, they still try them as their first choice before considering any invasive methods of breast surgery, which often may not go as smoothly as planned.

Further, this also explains the plethora of breast enlargement pills thronging the market at all times. You will be surprised at the number of websites that market them especially when you randomly search on the internet, when you watch television, or when you read any woman's magazines. The immense popularity this pill enjoys is owing to its successful ads, focusing on woman's insecurities about their breasts, which psychologically makes most women think is without any side-effects, very convenient to put into their handbags, and pop them in their mouth on schedule. Unfortunately, most of the advertisers selling natural breast enlargement pills do not list any potential risks.

However, a few things you need to know about the problems and cons of natural pills products-
  • Breast pills were originally made from herbs. Just because a product is called 'natural' and it is always safe to use. Because the chemicals or the elements which contain within the herbs can differ in strength and effects.
  • Further, different manufacturers may have different ways of producing the pills and you need to be careful as the results may differ from person to person. Differences in body chemistry can lead to a 5-8 week delay until you experience any effects or results for the body to adapt and start creating new breast tissue.
  • Increasing the level of one hormone will indeed reduce the concentrations of the other hormones, and that could cause lasting problems with the body.
  • We can't deny sometimes many times breast enlargement pills do work and also you will not get any evidence that they're safe and lack of evidence for efficacy and long-term safety concerns.
  • Most breast enlargement pill manufacturers tend to use a lot of gimmicks or ploy to get more of their products sold by suggesting the use of breast enlargement creams, lotions or sprays to be used in conjunction with their pills. They assert and claim that doing so will increase your breast size by one to two inches in just 90 days. This means, the pills are not effective by themselves; but require a whole product range to work.
  • Women may become addicted to the pill. In fact, manufacturers always indicate that the pill must never be stopped abruptly; it must be continued even after the breasts have reached the desirable size, if at all they do so. This means, the pills will continue playing with the hormones throughout the life of the woman. Seriously speaking, this is a huge price to pay just to add a few inches on your bust and just another manufacturer ploy.
  • Breast pills can interact with prescription medication and make them less effective, or lead to adverse side effects, allergies and poor drug absorption and lead to estrogen imbalances. Breast pills stimulate the adipose, which is achieved by triggering over production of estrogen - the female hormone responsible for the growth of breasts.
Breast Enlargement Products

Breast size is a major concern for many women. The world often judges a woman by her breast size. Society's idea of beauty has tended towards the larger breast sizes and as a result, many women now want to increase their breast size.

However, not every woman wants to undergo the surgeon's knife. Fortunately, there are a whole range of effective breast enhancement products out there that are quite effective.

One of the most popular ways to increase breast size is through breast enhancement exercises. These are safe, easy, and free. The main problem people find with breast exercises is that it's hard to stick to a consistent routine. Many people will start doing breast enhancement exercise techniques, then just stop after a while.

New Breast Enlargement Treatments

There is a lot of money in the breast enlargement sector. Billions are spent a year and companies are constantly trying to find new therapies and products to increase the size of a woman's breast. Some of these treatments, therapies, and products are complete crap, but so do actually work.

I recommend you look around online and check out new breast enhancement treatments. There are a lot of companies that offer such new, non-surgical methods of enlarging breasts. It's well worth your time to check out the websites of such companies to see what's offered.

The more informed you are, the better buying decision you can make.

Herbal Breast Enlargement Pills

Breast enlargement pills are very popular these days because they actually work. Now, with herbal breast enlargement pills, the effects can vary from person to person. But these pills have been proven to work. Sometimes, the results may be too subtle for some women to gauge the effectiveness and significant size increases.

If you are looking for the easiest way, short of breast implant surgery, to increase the size your breasts, than Superbust breast enlargements pills are probably your best. For the best effectiveness, however, you should not combine these natural breast enlargement pills with another breast enhancement product or therapy.
Let's check the features-
  • Boost your confidence
  • Improve your self esteem
  • Give you a fuller life!
  • Regain the attention you deserve
  • Help you fill out swimsuits and bras
  • Put you in control of your body
  • Make you the envy of all eyes!
What It Contains In A Herb Capsule? 

Natural breast enlargement pills could increase breast size because it contains herbs that have known estrogen-like effects on the body. Breast pills are designed to trigger the effects of puberty where the breasts naturally grow in size, increasing the rate of fat cells and connective tissue in the chest and boosting the breast size and shape. The ingredients of these pills are always natural substances that are known to stimulate the growth of the mammary tissue as follows:

Dong Quai
Wild Yam
Blessed Thistle

Using natural or herbal plants to enlarge breasts have been known to be around since centuries and have been practiced by women such as in ancient Indian and Greek traditions.

Today's natural herbal products improvises herbs into breast enlargement pills so as to maintain their popularity since so many centuries with guarantee.

Though breast enlargement, surgeries are very popular, but we all know now that not everyone wants to have silicon implanted into the breasts because of huge health problems and problems related with this.

There are many health reasons why breast implants are a very bad decision to make. Thus, one can accomplish the same thing by using breast enlargement products.

Not all of the products work, but Superbust will surely do increase the size of the breast - and you can rely on this products without any question related to breast enlargement issue.

Must-Know Info Before any breast enlargement surgery or other treatments applied-

Effect on Mammograms

All women should undergo regular mammography exams after age 40 (earlier if you have risk factors or a family history). Both saline and silicone implants can obscure the tissue in which a tumor may be present, making detection more difficult, although implants that have been positioned under the muscle are less likely to interfere. When you book your mammogram, tell the doctor's office that you have implants and that you want a technician who has been specially trained in the technique. Breast implants can rupture with improper mammogram handling.

Effect on Breast Self Exams (BSE)

All women should perform regular monthly breast self-examinations (BSE) to detect any unusual changes in the breast tissue. For those who have undergone augmentation, self exams take on an added importance, because they can help to reveal any possible complications from the implants. The best time to examine the breasts is two or three days after your period ends, when the breasts are least likely to be tender or swollen.

Effect on the Ability to Breastfeed

Most women are able to breastfeed successfully after breast augmentation. According to La Leche League, even those women who still have silicone breast implants can nurse with no apparent harmful effect to themselves or their children.

How Long Implants Last

Implants don't last forever. All implants can leak. The risk of leakage is about one percent per year, and it accumulates annually (so 10 years after the procedure expect to have a 10 percent risk of leakage; 20 years later you'll have a 20 percent risk). Most likely you will need to replace the implants 10 years down the road, which means you'll need to undergo another surgery. Discuss implant product warranty with your doctor so you are clear about what is and isn't covered. In addition, there is also about an eight percent chance of implants hardening (a.k.a. capsular contracture), although there are no health risks associated with this.

Taking a Self Exam
  1. To examine your breasts, first stand in front of a mirror and look for anything unusual, such as changes in the shape or appearance of your breasts or nipples.
  2. Lie down on your back, which flattens and spreads out the tissue and allows for deeper palpation.
  3. With your right arm raised above your head, use the flat surface of your fingertips of your left hand to feel your right breast. Move your fingers in one of three ways: in a circular motion in a clockwise fashion; in strips (like mowing the lawn); or in a radiant pattern. Feel around the breast to check for any unusual lump, swelling, or mass under the skin of your right breast. You should also feel for any swelling of glands or lumps in your armpit.
  4. Follow the same procedure for the left breast (using the right hand to examine the left breast, with the left hand raised above the head).
  5. Pay particular attention to changes in the firmness, size, or shape of your breasts. Be attentive to pain, tenderness, or color changes in the breast area, or any discharge or unusual sensation around the nipple. Any of these changes should be reported promptly to a physician.
Ask Your Doctor
  1. Am I a good candidate? The main consideration is, 'Are you healthy enough to have an elective operation?'. Age is usually not a limiting factor, as long as your general health is good. If you are obese, smoke, are over the age of 70, or suffer from a systemic illness such as high blood-pressure, diabetes, heart disease, or emphysema, however, you may be at increased risk for complications under anesthesia.
  2. How much does it cost? Costs vary widely depending on where you live, but average about $5,000-$6,000. Remember that you have to add together four costs: the surgical fee, the cost of the implants, the operating room fee, and an anesthesia fee,
  3. How many augmentations do you perform each month? In addition to making sure your doctor is board-certified in plastic surgery, he or she should have an expertise in the specific procedure you're seeking. Ask to see a book of "before and after" pictures of other patients.
  4. Where will the surgery take place? If you are having the procedure done in the doctor's office (not in a hospital) be sure the operating room is accredited by a national organization.
  5. What are the risks? Patients need to know three things. One, all implants can leak, although that risk is as little as one percent per year. Two, all implants can harden or become firm, which should not affect your health, but will make an aesthetic difference. And three, once you are 40 and begin to require mammograms, you need to go to a radiologist who specializes in mammography for women with implants."
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Abu_Murad

Natural Herbal Breast Enlargement Pills

Your triglyceride levels are high. You have read the about the health risks of high levels and are worried. You need to lower your triglycerides fast. Maybe you have an upcoming health physical or maybe your doctor has told you that if you do not fix your triglycerides immediately, you are going on medication. Maybe you are just scared of the risks. Whatever the reason, here are the steps to lower your levels as fast as possible.

Heart Health - Lowering Triglyceride Levels Quickly

To understand the steps, you need to know a little about triglycerides and how they are formed. Most fats in your body are actually stored as triglycerides. Triglycerides are also the type of fats that are found in most foods. When excess energy is stored in your body as fat (triglycerides), unfortunately some is left in the bloodstream. Triglycerides are also the type of fats that are found in most foods.

Although none of these steps are dangerous, some of them are a quick fix only. It would be difficult to do them every day for long periods of time. For a long term solution to your high triglycerides, you are going to have to make more permanent lifestyle changes. You can not keep doing the same things and expect a different result.

First, your body stores fat as triglycerides. This means that if you eat more than your body needs, then the extra calories is converted to triglycerides and stored as fat in your body.

Second, when the triglycerides are stored as fat in your body, some amount is left in the bloodstream raising your triglyceride levels.

Third, triglycerides are the same types of fats that are found in most foods. You will either have to reduce your fat consumption or work hard to avoid these type fats.

Here's the Recommendations for Lowering Your Triglycerides Fast

You need to be in calorie deficit to quickly lower your triglyceride levels. Remember, any extra calories are converted to triglycerides and stored as fat. Figure out how many calories you need per day and plan on a 500 calorie per day deficit. The extra benefit will be that you will lose approximately 1 pound of fat per week.

You also need to spread your calories throughout the day. You can't skip breakfast and then binge at lunch. You need to consume the calories when your body needs them. Recommended is 3 smaller meals per day and 3 small snacks per day within your calorie guidelines. Multiple small meals will also help eliminate the hunger pangs.

You Should Be On An Exercise Program

Medical studies have shown that even one 30 minute exercise session has a lasting effect of lowering your triglyceride levels. If you want to lower your triglyceride levels fast, then plan on a minimum of 30 minutes of aerobic exercise for 3 to 4 days per week. This could be 30 minutes on a treadmill, tennis, weightlifting, Zumba or anything that gets your heart rate up.

You Should Increase Your Consumption of Fruit and Vegetables

First, they are low in calories and high in fiber and will help you with your hunger pangs while you stay in a calorie deficit. Second, there are medical studies that show that most vegetables actually lower triglyceride levels when added to your diet.

You Need Omega-3 Fatty Acids

There are many medical studies that show the positive benefits of taking fish oil. This one supplement will lower your triglyceride levels all by itself. When you choose your fish oil, make sure it is cold-pressed so that the active ingredients are not destroyed and that it is checked for contaminants. Cold water fish can be high in mercury and other contaminants. Good fish oil is not cheap. Make sure you do your research. Another way to get omega-3's in your diet is to increase the amount of salmon, tuna and sardines you eat.

You Must Eliminate All Alcoholic Drinks

If you want fast results, you have no choice but to eliminate drinking. Alcohol and triglycerides typically don't mix well. When you get to a position where you are maintaining your levels, most people can go back to drinking moderately. This means 1 drink per day for women and 1 to 2 per day for men. There are actually a couple of drinks that have the potential for lowering triglycerides. However for fast results, you need to skip the drinks for this short period you are trying to quickly lower your levels.

Cut Out the Pork and Beef

Switch to chicken and turkey in lieu of pork and beef. The fat in pork and beef is pure triglycerides. And if you like chicken and turkey skin, skip it for this short time period. I like a good steak as well as the next person, but this step is important for quick results.

Eliminate the Sugar

Cut out the sugar. Whether it is in your cereal in the morning, your coffee, the 8 regular sodas you drink every day, cookies, cakes, ice cream, dessert or anything else loaded with sugar. You must cut out the sugar to quickly lower your triglycerides. Sugar adds no nutrition, makes it difficult to stay in calorie deficit, spikes your insulin and is easily converted to triglycerides.

Cut Out Fast Food

It is too hard to eat healthy at a fast food restaurant. There is too much saturated fat in everything. Just skip the fried foods, burgers, tacos, chicken sandwiches and other problem foods for this short window of time you are trying to quickly lower your triglyceride levels.

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This is how you lower your triglycerides fast. Not all of these steps are feasible for the long term, but anyone can do this for a couple of weeks. I guarantee you that if you follow these suggestions for two to three weeks, you will see a noticeable drop in triglyceride levels.

After struggling to lower his own triglyceride levels, Tim came upon medical studies that proved when certain foods are added to your diet, they lower triglyceride levels themselves.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Tim_Brently

Heart Health - Lowering Triglyceride Levels Quickly

What Are Most Common Types of Cosmetic Surgery - Are They Right For Me?
Cosmetic surgery is a very wide field with many independent areas of concentration. Let's take a look at some of the most common procedures and what is commonly involved with the decision to choose to get them done.

Cosmetic dentistry is a service which is in demand these days with more and more people turning to this form of cosmetic surgery than ever before. Despite whether you can afford it or not a dentist can make it affordable for you with various payment options that are available nowadays. Having a beautiful white smile is no longer just for the Hollywood crowd it is available to the average person who can decide and choose whether to have veneers or crowns in order to achieve the smile that they have always longed for.

When deciding on liposuction choose a reputable surgeon before deciding who is the cheapest, you could end up in hot water with not receiving the results that you expected, choosing a bargain deal may not be a bargain if surgeries have to be re-done. Always choose a board certified surgeon and don't settle for anyone else in these matters. Having a creative first consult with your surgeon will be able to settle any anxieties that you may have, both you and your surgeon will be able to discuss in detail how the procedure will take place and what the desired outcomes should be. Because it is a competitive market you really need to explore your options and choose well the least invasive treatment is probably the best and don't go overboard - remember liposuction is required for sculpting the body not for losing weight.

Hair removal is big business in the beauty industry and although we have had and continue to have electrolysis, laser hair removal is becoming just as popular with the same outcomes. Like any other form of cosmetic issues you need to check out your clinic, find out what type of lasers are being used and whether your skin and hair type will be receptive to the various options available as not all are suited. Be ready to put in a little preparation time before going for treatments and don't be too hasty for the results to appear it can take up to at least 6-8 sessions for the hair follicle to be completely destroyed which eventually stops the hair growth.

When choosing to have breast surgery to enhance your looks be aware of the importance of this surgery and protect yourself with well informed information. Don't just choose a surgeon off the internet without any prior studying of what he can do. Decide on what you want to see in your breasts and how you want your breasts to be seen. Be able to ask as many questions as you can and look into all of the options available to you.

Tummy tucks whether full traditional or mini tucks, are on the increase as part of the cosmetic enhancement world and they include men as well as women on the receiving end. As long as you have hired a board certified surgeon you could be on the way to a flatter abdomen one that may have escaped you for years even with various diets and exercises. As long as you remember that tummy tucks are not for losing weight they are generally for sculpting and enhancing stubborn areas just like liposuction and once invested in should give the desired effect that has been so hard to achieve. Choose a good surgeon with plenty of experience and ask lots of questions. Be confident in your request, after all you will be paying a large amount of money for the experience and so should not be entered into lightly.

For many suffering from skin conditions that just will not respond to treatments a dermatologist can offer a service that he or she is well versed in they are specialists and when treating a prevailing skin issue investing in this service should be a sound one. Usually people don't think of dermatologists as specialists who require a selective process, most people feel once you have found one then he/she is as good as the next one - not so. Dermatologists are specialists and they can diagnose and treat skin diseases only within the areas that they have studied. Dermatologists should be board certified and experienced in their field. As we get older the skin changes as part of the aging process and something as small as a mole changing color or growing could be a sign that all is not well. If you happen to visit your doctor most of the time he should refer you to a specialist who deals with skin issues and for your sake it is a good idea to go check out your skin issue with a dermatologist.

While these procedures are not all encompassing of the world of cosmetic surgery, it is important to keep in mind that they are only the most common that nearly all certified surgeons will offer. If you have something specific in mind, do remember to shop around and keep a look out for surgeons with experience in your area. these factors will keep your body (and purse) safe from unethical surgeons. Keep all this in mind when considering the various types of plastic surgery.

And consult an authority website such as LA Cosmetic Surgery for more information.
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Paul_Beckworth

What Are Most Common Types of Cosmetic Surgery - Are They Right For Me?

Recent Trends in Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in Denmark
Plastic and cosmetic surgery in Denmark, or "plastik og kosmetisk kirurgi", as it is termed in local parlance, is gaining increasing popularity in the country. It is, but one, of the myriad manifestations of the health and fitness drive. The economic boom witnessed by the country, in the past few years, has also made the affordability factor less of a consideration. Indulgence in cosmetic beautification has gripped the young and elderly, both men and women, and touched towns, cities and the countryside, all alike.

Already about 320,000 Danes have been under the knife, in other words, 8 % of the total adult population of Denmark - and the numbers are projected to rise even further. Latest research indicates a 20 % to 30 % projected increase in the coming years of the number of Danes looking for cosmetic surgery. Interestingly, every fifth female over the age of 17 is actively considering getting cosmetic surgery done, whereas every tenth female has already had cosmetic surgery done. Eighty percent of all Danes find the notion of cosmetic surgery fully acceptable. At present, about 30,000 cosmetic surgeries, per annum, are performed nationwide.

What is even more fascinating is that men account for a significant proportion of all cosmetic surgeries performed in Denmark. Every third Dane who has undergone or is contemplating cosmetic surgery is a male.

Five percent of the adult Danish male population, about 100,000 has been under the knife, and 15% to 25% of the patients at plastic and cosmetic surgery clinics are indeed male, many of whom are the metrosexual varieties.

The types of plastic and cosmetic surgeries in Denmark that generate the greatest patient interest are related to the breast treatments, eyelids, nose, liposuction, laser hair removal, abdomen and stomach, and last but not least, face-lifts.

The surge in interest in cosmetic surgeries is putting pressure on the Danish public healthcare system in a number of ways: (i) the brightest of plastic and cosmetic surgeons are defecting into private practice, thus reducing the talent pool within the public domain; and (ii) the costs of certain plastic and cosmetic surgeries performed in private hospitals are still being paid for by the public system - such as eyelid surgery, breast reduction and obesity surgery, where patients can easily claim that surgery is necessary to the healthy functioning of the body, and not due to any cosmetic concerns. According to Danish law, all cosmetic surgeries are to be financed privately by individuals, however, this grey zone of interpreting what is cosmetic versus what is essential to the healthy functioning of the body, has begun to tax the Danish public budget.

Given the recent increase in the interest in cosmetic surgery, this problem is bound to worsen. In all likelihood, the Danish public healthcare system will have to put its foot down and refuse paying for such grey zone surgeries. If this happens, clearly, the demand for cosmetic surgeries at private hospitals will further rise, and hence, as will the waiting periods. To illustrate, one of the most famous private hospitals in Copenhagen, Hamlet Privathospital, has increased its revenues from cosmetic surgery three-fold in the past six years.

However, the waiting period, in certain cases at private hospitals, can be as long as two-and-a-half months, from initial consultation to actual treatment.

Traditionally, cosmetic surgery has never been fully covered, if at all, by medical insurance, whether in Denmark or in most parts of the world. And, therefore, as is common knowledge, it can be an expensive undertaking. The cost of plastic and cosmetic surgery in Denmark is expensive. To quote a few examples of private hospital prices:

  1. Eyelid Surgery: ranges from DKK 7,000 to DKK 13,000 (USD 1,100 to USD 2,100)
  2. Breast reconstruction: the surgery can cost from anywhere upwards of DKK 65,000 (USD 10,800);
  3. Liposuction of the stomach: DKK 21,500 (USD 3,500);
  4. Laser Hair Removal: DKK 12,000 (USD 2000)
  5. Hair Transplant: ranges from DKK 40,000 to DKK 350,000 (USD 6,600 to USD 58,000)

High cost of plastic and cosmetic surgery and significant waiting periods, has led to a notable growth in medical travel to other countries where the cost of the same treatment is lower and, therefore, more affordable for Danes. Popular treatment destinations include Turkey, Poland and Hungary. An increasing number of Danes have also now begun traveling to Asia, where they can draw the benefits of both excellent surgical treatment at the most competitive rates, combined with the option of making the trip a leisure and holiday journey. Now, given the waiting lists for cosmetic surgery even at private hospitals in Denmark, it is only natural for Danes to continue traveling abroad for treatment.

India may well be the next destination for medical tourists from Denmark. Cost of medical treatment in India for foreigners is one of the cheapest in the world, if not the most competitive. In Asia, it surpasses the cost advantages of even Thailand and Singapore. Quality of treatment is world-class, second to none, and at par, if not superior, in cases, to treatment available in the United States and the United Kingdom. In 2002, the number of foreign patients who traveled to India for treatment was 150,000. In 2005, the same figure was close to 500,000. Travel to India for medical treatment is gaining momentum - India is a fast-growing centre for tourism offering the wonders of resplendent cultural richness with the magic of India's natural beauty. Patients are now also able to combine travel to India for medical treatment with a uniquely fulfilling holiday.

For more information on medical tourism to India, please consult the information below.
Important Details:

Poonam Mathur - Denmark Consultant: mathur@forerunnershealthcare.com
Medical Tourism to India: http://www.forerunnershealthcare.com
International Patient Experiences: http://www.forerunnershealthcare.com/international.php
Contact Number: Mobile: +45 2986 2501; +45 39 67 03 97
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Recent Trends in Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in Denmark

10 Tips For Beautiful Nails
Beauty is all about the details, from head to toe. If you want to maintain a fresh and clean look, then you have to make sure that your nails are always in tip-top shape. Who wants thin, brittle and dirty looking nails anyway? No one. Thankfully, keeping your nails strong and beautiful isn't at all a tough job.

Hydrate Your Cuticles

The key to beautiful nails is making sure your cuticles are always properly hydrated. Cuticle creams, oils, salves, conditioners and sticks can all make effective moisturizing tools. Just make sure that the products you use are specifically intended for cuticles. Not only it is vital to moisturize your cuticles on a regular basis, but it's also vital to refrain from trimming them back excessively or pushing them too hard. Doing these things can wreak major havoc on your cuticles and also make your nail beds significantly more susceptible to infection -- yikes. If you spot pus coming out of your cuticles, for example, that's a sign that they're infected.

Take Advantage of Rubber Gloves

If you want to keep your nails fresh and healthy, take advantage of rubber gloves when you do the dishes or use any kinds of cleaning formulas in general. Cleaning products can be extremely aggressive on the cuticles and nails alike. They can actually often lead to unsightly discoloration, brittleness and dryness -- the last things you want. Gloves, fortunately, can protect your nails against those potential frustrations.

Consider Taking Biotin

Biotin is a nutritional supplement that is often believed to be effective for making brittle and frail nails significantly tougher. If you're simply fed up with dealing with thin nails that rip apart easily, discuss the idea of taking biotin supplements with your doctor.

Always Keep Your Teeth Away From Your Fingers

If you want your nails to be the envy of everyone you know, keep your teeth far, far away from your fingers at all times. Not only does chomping on your cuticles and nails make your fingers look sloppy, but it can also potentially trigger infection -- no, thank you.

Trim Your Nails Frequently

Tidy and neat nails are "en vogue" now. Gone are the days when long and glamorous nails were the only chic option out there. If you make a point to trim your nails frequently, then you can keep your nails in A+ condition at all times. Trimming is also beneficial for decreasing your chances of experiencing unsightly nail breakage or snagging. Once you're done trimming your nails, finish the job with a file that will keep your tips looking smooth and on point. If you often develop ridges on your nails, buff the tops of them in a soft and gentle manner.

Change Your Footwear Up

Nail health isn't only important for the nails on your hands. It's also important to trim and look after your toenails. If you tend to wear the same shoes over and over again, allow them a break every other day or so. This will give your shoes some much-needed air. Remember, the accumulation of moisture and sweat can lead to icky fungal infections.

Defend Your Nails

If you want to do all that you can to keep your nails tough and in superior condition, defend them by putting a nail hardener on them. Nail hardening products can often do wonders for keeping undesirable nail brittleness at bay. If you're sick and tired of your nails constantly cracking, nail hardeners might be able to save the day for you.

Invest in Routine Manicures

If you're passionate about having beautiful and well-hydrated cuticles and nails, treat yourself to routine manicures at a nail salon. Manicures are beneficial not only for keeping the nails gorgeous, but they're also beneficial for cuticle maintenance and filing purposes. Manicures can also be very relaxing experiences. If you want to calm your mind and beautify your nails simultaneously, manicures are the way to go.

Maintain Dry Nails

Wet nails are the enemy of strong nail health. If your nails are always wet, they become susceptible to bacteria growth. If you don't want to have cringe-inducing bacteria multiplying below your nails, then make sure they're dry and clean as often as possible. If your nails are exposed to too much water, they could become more vulnerable to splitting, as well. This is another reason why gloves are so important. If you do the dishes a lot, invest in a nice pair of cotton-lined rubber gloves.

Keep At It

If you're diligent about maintaining strong nail health, you'll start to see great results. Don't forget -- beautiful nails are all about ample moisture and regular maintenance. If you neglect your nails, it'll show.

Read more at Dorcie's Fashion and Beauty Blog
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10 Tips For Beautiful Nails

Butt Implants - Liposuction - Thread Lifts - Ideal Solutions or Surgeries to Avoid?
Plastic surgery--like any other surgery has inherent risks, no matter what type of surgery that you are having. Just as in necessary surgery, elective surgery comes with some important risks that you should know about.

The difference is that with an elective surgery, you have the option to say no. I think it's just wise to exercise that option and look for alternatives to risky and costly butt implants.

Thanks, in part to the media--television and movies--society today has been literally bewitched into the notion that plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery is a cure-all for the process of aging. In fact, the anti-aging sentiment that is rampant in the world has become nothing less than ridiculous, as those who are over a given age are treated less respectfully and rewarded with fewer appearances in movies and television, regardless of their fitness for the project.

Aesthetically, older bodies or bodies which are less than perfect are not touted as worthwhile, leading us to dangerous situations and surgeries that are designed to somehow make us more worthwhile or more perfect.

Cosmetic surgery is a perfect example of being led by media and society into feelings of inadequacy which impel us toward dangerous surgeries. Many women in studies admit to actually having fantasies about cosmetic surgery in order to perfect a "flawed" component of their body, such as their breasts, their face, or the buttocks.

In fact, so greatly are plastic surgeries such as liposuction or butt implants touted, the media today has gone so far as to pull celebrity photos and use them to facilitate further spending on plastic surgeries which may be dangerous and even deadly.

One very recent ad for plastic surgery and liposuction uses the very lovely and slender Duchess of Cambridge-Kate Middleton- as the hook which will compel women to get that liposuction. The ad urges those reading it to "Get a waist like Kate." The advertising is one way that plastic surgeons are making the surgeries which have risks seem easy and fast ways to get the flawless looks of Kate Middleton or others.

Physicians themselves are decrying these ridiculous tactics and commenting on the risks involved in listening to advertising such as this for things like butt implants.

Dr. Terry Dubrow, a plastic surgeon in Newport Beach, calls the ad "a classic example of over-promising and under-delivering that leads to dissatisfied cosmetic surgery patients."

Famed physician Dr Oz offers his own cautions against certain procedures which are cosmetic in nature. Dr Oz asked his listeners which of the following plastic surgeries should be avoided at all costs and his response was butt implants. To reiterate that he related a story about a person that he had met in the hospital. Her daughter had received a Butt Implant, and the material they injected went into her vein and up into her lung.

She was in the ICU with an embolism and was not expected to live. That story is haunting enough that people are beginning to notice.

Another very tragic incident which highlights the dangers inherent in plastic surgery is the death of very famed author Olivia Goldsmith who died from the complications of her anesthetic before her plastic surgery even began.

In actuality there are other ways in which to arrive at firmer skin and many of them are much safer and easier to use; not to mention far more cost effective than hazardous surgical procedures. One newer method which seems to be offering some promise is a cream that offers women who are considering butt implants the means to use a non-invasive cream instead of having the more invasive butt transplants done.

The creams offer collagen and elastin, which quite literally are a facelift--or buttlift as it were--in a jar. They can firm up the tissue and the skin, offering you a better looking backside, if that's the goal that you're aiming at, and allowing you to get some admittedly lower impact changes, but to avoid all of the risks that are involved in injecting chemical substances into your buttocks.

Most of these creams are not going to offer you a very dramatic result without some accompanying exercise which in and of itself is designed to do the changes to the buttocks. Using the creams will offer you firmer skin and a more taut buttocks area, but using the creams in combination with the exercises will allow the underlying muscle to also become far more firm and will naturally lift the buttocks and assist you in getting that firmer buttocks area that you're looking for.

If you're willing to forego the more dangerous surgery and actually put some effort into getting the firmer, more taut body that you want, you can quite likely use the creams in combination with the exercise regimen and achieve a better look and feel for your butt as well as avoid the butt implants. Along the way, the physical activity will enhance other areas of your body as well as your overall physical fitness. The answer is that using creams for your buttocks may not always enhance it to the level that you want it enhanced. The exercise will assist you greatly in getting the look to your bottom that you want, but there is no magic pill that will give you that perfectly sculpted buttocks that you may be looking for.

That panacea is not found in plastic surgery any more than it may be found inside the cream or the herbal pills that you will find on the market. The key is to become involved more in your own fitness and to realize that there are no magical anti aging processes, up to and including cosmetic surgery, and even exercise. You'll stay fitter, more trim and avoid risky surgeries by the use of creams and exercises, but you will, in the end, still grow older.

There's a lot to be said for aging gracefully and there's a great deal to be said for aging at all. In fact, the alternative to aging is an early death, which is what you just may net if you opt in for some of the more risky and unnecessary surgical procedures.

Add a little exercise and some more safe cream methods to your daily health and beauty regimen and see if they don't offer the benefits that you're looking for. The results may be better--and certainly easier to heal from, than the butt implants surgery that you've been considering.

Click here to visit Shaniqua's recent article on getting a bigger buttocks. And if you're serious about making your butt larger and without surgery, you may click here for some great info you'll need.
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Butt Implants - Liposuction - Thread Lifts - Ideal Solutions or Surgeries to Avoid?

Imagine that your body is a dirty engine and imagine that you feed this toxic body with food. If you are trying to lose weight and eat a more healthy diet, it would therefore be sensible for you to detox your body first. As with any cleansing, once your body is detox you will feel energized and rejuvenated, physically and mentally.

Free Detox Program You Can Do Yourself
Toxins can impair metabolism and hamper weight loss by affecting your digestion and slowing down bowel function. Your natural metabolism may not work optimally due to an imbalanced body system caused by the harmful substances that enter your body through the air, the foods that you eat and the chemicals and preservatives in the foods. In additions, toxins contribute to a wide range of ailments like immune problems, mental problems and cancer.

You can begin your self-detox program by dedicating one week of control and discipline. Enlist family cooperation so that they understand what you are trying to achieve. When eating out, simply a vegetable salad plate, vegetable soup, or a fruit cup. Skip the sauces, starchy vegetables,grains, fats and protein.

Here are effective ways to 7 days of detoxing your body:

* Drink at least 8 glasses of herbal teas, or mineral water every day, this will help to make you feel full and flush out impurities.

* Eat as many vegetables as you like but limit fruits to 3 servings per day.

* Use spices and herbs that enhance detoxification and allow yourself small amount of salt, pepper, vinegar, mustard and low-sodium soy sauce.

* Avoid fats totally - no oils, butter or margarine.

* Eat cleansing foods like banana, lemon juice, green beans, vegetable soup, mixed green salad with mushroom, asparagus, fresh cucumber, papaya, grapefruit, apple, celery, red and yellow pepper.

* You can continue to take multi-vitamins but do not start taking supplements during this detox period because your body is not accustomed to them.

* Plenty of sleep and rest helps with detoxification process. You might feel more tired than usual in the few first days but will soon be energized by the end of the week.

* During this time, do not do strenuous physical activities, go for a walk or swim instead, or do yoga or meditation.

* Drink juice of half a lemon in a warm cup of water each morning, this helps your gallbladder work more efficiently.

To help you overcome hunger pangs during this detox period, eat more vegetables, or drink more fat-free vegetable broth. You can add a very small amount of lean protein for lunch or dinner, like fresh tuna or salmon, lean chicken without the skin, tofu or soya milk.

Take this opportunity also to de-clutter your home or clean a closet, it takes your mind off food. You may also use a fibre supplement to enhance the detox process and is especially recommended if you have problems with bowel movement within the first three days.

So there you have it, the self-detox program which is free and easy to do, all it takes is a determination to eliminate your body of toxins before you begin a long term weight loss program.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Shafir_Ahmad

Free Detox Program You Can Do Yourself

Why Do More People Opt For Aqua Detox Program
As time elapses there are many new inventions & developments in the field of medicine and so there are many new and effective ways which are easier than previous programs to improve the health of public. Due to many diseases present in the area, it forced people to adopt many health programs, holistic activities, people started exercises and following strict dietary routine. After all as the saying goes prevention is better than cure. No doubt this is true! Who wants to be on drugs when one can remain healthy simply by abstaining from irregular dietary habits etc?

Detoxification with Aqua Detox:

One of modern ways of body detoxification is Aqua Detox; a remedy that is formulated to detoxify the body and regain its natural balance. Since we are constantly exposed to many harmful & dangerous toxins present in the environment that can gather in our body, a regular and steady detoxification process should be maintained to enhance our overall body fitness and activity. This increases the importance of knowing Aqua Detox

Aqua Detox, an Excellent Experience:

Many people have experienced this particular detoxification process and they claim that it was a wonderful & comforting experience for them. The persons feet are put in warm water for about half an hour. After that a solid metal ring, called 'array' is also put which releases current. A bio energetic field is created due to the movement of the electrons. The procedure is safe from all harms and people of any age can easily experience and get the benefits from Aqua Detox.

A Triggering Fact about Aqua Detox:

One very important question arises to mind that during Aqua Detox why is there so much focus on feet, but not on any other part of the body? It would be really exciting and new thing for you that foot contains almost two thousand minute openings, situated at the bottom. With the use of Aqua Detox machines, +ve and -ve ions will travel through the human body and sets the vibration which then triggers the body and the body then releases the harmful toxins through the minute openings of the feet. Isn't this a wonderful method? this way with out even touching other body parts whole body is dealt with!

The Aqua Detox system are said to produce remarkable results like great improvement in the person's metabolism. Aqua Detox also helps in regulating the blood circulatory system, reduces chances of migraines & headaches, less inflammation and decrease in the menstrual pain and above all for those who are very conscious about their skin it lessens the pimples and perhaps this is the biggest advantage of Aqua Detox programs for teenagers as it covers their main tension.

Continue your medications with Aqua Detox:

Many people are quiet doubtful about different forms of various medicines. Nevertheless, most of these treatments are harmless and are not even heavy on your pocket. With Aqua Detox you don't have to give up any of your previous medicines. As instead of hindering in the results of other medicines it can also assist them to produce the desired results.

Inevitably in this environment, climate, lifestyle, dirt & pollution everywhere in our atmosphere, every one of us needs to follow the Aqua Detox program. This will be the key to our better health and especially in this era with a fast mechanic system of the world, a person should obviously be healthy and full of life to compete with his/her other fellow mates who are also running a race against time along with him.

You can also find more info on Detox Program and Rapid Detox. Detoxdiethelp.com is a comprehensive resource to know how to get best health diets.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Judy_Wellsworth

Why Do More People Opt For Aqua Detox Program?

drug treatment center
Drug treatment program is a relatively new field. It only started sometime within the last 50 years. It must be understood that many of the areas of studies in drug treatment are yet to be perfected. However, there are institutions that are gaining much progress at fast rates.

But the reason for this rise is basically attributed to the dramatic rise of the addicted sections of the society. Add to this the presence of the funding institutions that may provide for the payments incurred during treatment. Most of these are private health insurance companies, which made the inclusion for such causes in most of their health insurance plans.

Prior to the development of the drug treatment centers, drug patients are only treated through psychotherapy. But there were already established drug treatment centers even before the existence of a science that would provide sound clinical technologies. This technology is devised precisely to handle drug addiction on a progressive, gradual way. These early attempts had created the bad reputation drug treatment centers held for quite a time.

Drug treatment centers such are these are generally basing their procedures on the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. This method was rather successful for alcoholics but didn't exactly produce desirable results for drug addicted individuals. This affair went on for some twenty years and seemed not to matter at all since such drug treatment centers are roosting clients and money.

Simply put, drug treatment centers are institutions that offer safe places for drug addicted individuals to recover from a seemingly despairing state of existence. Once a person is faced with the dilemma of drug addiction, the best option for him is to seek treatment from a credible drug treatment center. In some parts of the world, drug treatment centers and drug rehabilitation centers have adverse conditions. Luckily in the United States, we are equipped with centers that are using advance technologies and equipments in treating and eventually curing the patients.

Most drug treatment centers in the country have scientifically based chemical dependency programs that don't only focus on the "disease" itself but also the personal responsibility of each patient to address all aspects of the condition. These aspects may include psychological, physical, physiological, family, social and spiritual factors.

Treatments often cover
  • Education both for the patient and the family since drug addiction is considered as a family disease. Research points out that most marital conflicts and devastation root from drug addiction and other forms of addiction by a partner. Chemical dependence also leads to divorce along with abuse of loved ones and neglect.
  • Individual counseling to further focus the treatment on the patient.
  • Group therapy and multi-family groups
  • Required 12-step programs (e.g. Cocaine Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous)
Drug treatment centers usually address addiction problems such as the following:
  • heroin addiction
  • cocaine addiction
  • crack addiction
  • methane addiction
  • oxycontin addiction
  • hydrocodone addiction
  • lortab addiction
  • alcohol addiction
  • codeine addiction
  • demerol addiction
  • dilaudid addiction
  • opium addiction
  • opiate addiction
  • percocet addiction
  • ultram addiction
  • morphine addiction
  • and other prescription medication addiction
Drug treatment centers that use several forms of drug addiction programs either employed separately or combined. Others specialize on the use of a specific method. There are basically four major treatment methods.
  • Rehab programs that use the 12-step recovery model
  • Behavioral modification
  • Bio-physical method
  • Methadone clinics
  • Detox rehabilitation
Drug addiction is never permanent. It is curable and can be mastered out. Patient and their families only need to work towards that same common goal. Treatment centers are only instruments to achieving that.

Robert Thatcher is a freelance publisher based in Cupertino, California. He publishes articles and reports in various ezines and provides drug treatment resources on [http://www.best-drug-treatment-centers.info].

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Robert_Thatcher

Drug Treatment Centers As Paths To Correction

Detox Program
It's been estimated that more than 60 percent of adults and one in four children in most western countries are overweight or obese. Only diet is the preventable cause of death and disease. In today's fast and furious times, one is too bothered about work and other pressures. Thus, people are increasingly depending on fast food which can satiate their hunger only for a short time. However, from time to time, one needs to get their bodies cleansed and rinsed from germs and toxins. Therefore, people end up opting for detoxification.

The whole process of body detoxification is one that includes removal of body wastes, cleansing the body from germs and insuring that most of the health problems are overcome. Body detoxification requires some changes which most of it relates to the right diet, although many people think this involves going without food and just living on juices and water for days or weeks. So, let's have a look at a detox diet to get some ideas and basics without starvation.

It's all about the Benefits

Every detox diet requires ingredients that are important and therefore included for their benefits. The components are necessary in helping to cleanse and detox the body thoroughly from all aspects. Generally, a detox diet is one that also helps in achieving goals like weight loss or even helping your ruined digestion to recover naturally. Thus, you need to consider what ingredients are most suitable in a good diet for detoxification. Let's have a look at some of the best medicinal and natural substances that make a good detox diet. Some of the substances included in this type of regimen are substances that are naturally found in nature. For instance, the lemon detox diet plan includes things like lemonade, cayenne pepper, maple syrup and other such tasty things. These ingredients are substances used in cleansing and detoxifying the body.

Another detox plan includes things like juices, vegetables and at the same time avoiding most processed foods. When using any juices, these are better made from fresh fruits and vegetables avoiding any sugars and preservatives. The fresh fruits would help in cleansing the body from germs and other toxins. Some natural liquid supplements that include different fruits will also be of benefit for this detox.

Raw food diet plan

This is yet another plan about consuming raw foods like raw meat and fish. Raw meat is something that has all the essential vitamins and nutrients in good doses. The meat is best being cooked at a temperature of 118 degrees Celsius. The meat, if cooked raw, will be better than processing it chemically. Also, vegetables in this type of dietary plan can as well be taken raw and fresh. The vegetables and fruits, if raw, will contain a lot of nutritional and health value. Thus, this will be handy for detoxifying and cleansing the body. It is most essential to include vegetables in a detox diet because of the rich properties such as sulforaphane, vitamin E and C which been known for its antioxidant properties. Another reason to include lots of vegetables is to combat free radicals. This will help the body in getting rid of free radicals especially those produced in excess and in the long run the body is able to combat against them and illness.

How can you follow a diet plan?

The part about cutting out things such as processed foods, sodas or any type of soft drinks, sport drinks or even health drinks, as well fruit juices unless they are natural and contain no sugars or preservatives. Most people are not aware that the many artificial sweeteners trick your body into gaining weight and store fats. It is best to try to avoid them as much as possible and use instead the sugar alcohols or Stevia, which is a natural herbal extract and tastes just like natural sugar. By avoiding these types of foods you will avoid lots of sugar intake, which is a very important part in any diet plan.

The choice of a detox diet will depend on the type of problem you want to solve. You also can make your diet that will help your digestive health, immunity, stamina, strength, skin health etc. Your whole body will benefit when you add nutrient-rich food to your diet. At that moment you start replacing some of the wrong foods with good ones is the first step of systematically detoxifying your body. When the first signs of changes in your body become noticeable than you know you are on the way to better health.

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The Best Diet Option and Detoxification

Drug Rehabilitation Centers
When you're looking for drug rehabilitation centers, there are certain qualities that should never be compromised on. There are thousands of options out there, and though it may seem impossible to sort through them all to find the good ones, there are simple things to look for. The process of finding drug rehabilitation centers is often rushed and stressful, but this simple list should help you find the right center without any trouble.

1. Accredited Rehab Centers

Before you look at anything else, you should know if the center is accredited by the state. You want to be sure that your loved one is in trustworthy hands during this time, and the state has procedures of determining this. Drug rehabilitation centers that have not been accredited can not be trusted with the care of your loved one.

2. Effective Procedures

There should be a list of success rates somewhere. Make sure that the center has been green lighted as a success from an outside source. One of many effective procedures to look for is relapse prevention. If drug rehabilitation centers aren't teaching clients how to deal with relapses, their job isn't finished. A center that doesn't have a high success rate is likely not to give your loved one the care that they need.

3. Twenty-four Hour Care

The most important part of recovering from substance abuse is not falling back into it. If twenty-four hour care is not offered, there is no guarantee of full recovery. A center that is focused on recovery will offer full inpatient care twenty-four hours a day. Outpatient care is usually offered, but is less effective. Selecting a rehabilitation center with inpatient care is the best option for full recovery.

4. Medical/Inpatient Detox

Detox is one of the most intense parts of the rehabilitation. Even if your loved one doesn't require the full recovery to be inpatient, you should make sure that the detox can be done within the center. Depending on the substance abuse, detox symptoms can vary from intense outbursts of anger to depression, sweats, paranoia and sleep disorders. A good rehab center can deal with these withdrawal symptoms within the center. There are important medical treatments that can help your loved one recover quickly and fully. Make sure that the rehabilitation center you're looking at offers a good program for detoxing.

5. Mental Health Diagnosis and Treatment

The ramifications of substance abuse often overflow into physiological problems. From the smallest symptoms of withdrawal to severe mental disorders, the type of substance abused can result in disturbed mental health. The center should be able to diagnose the problems your loved one is experiencing and help them to recover from every symptom and mental challenge. After and during rehab, many find themselves facing severe depression and anger. Their actions are often out of their control and they find themselves disoriented. Substance abuse is a serious thing, the recovery procedure is incredibly important. If a center doesn't offer a good mental health program, you should look somewhere else.

6. Holistic Treatment Options

Holistic treatment focuses on the health and well being of the entire body. Substance abuse occurs for many reasons, and as a result there are multiple types of treatment. Focusing on the flow of the mind, body and spirit, holistic treatment offers a less traditional approach to rehabilitation. Because holistic treatments don't solely focus on the body, they are often more successful in preventing relapses. As clients recover fully, they are able to find a peace without having to get high or drunk.

7. Well Trained Staff

Regardless of the programs, buildings or procedures, no rehabilitation center is going to help anyone if they aren't properly staffed. When you're looking for the right rehab center, call the staff and ask difficult questions. The secret to success always lies in a team of well trained staff. This is no less true for a rehab center. If the staff isn't prepared to handle any kind of situation, they won't be able to guarantee recovery. If they lack experience, they could trigger your loved one into a relapse before the program is complete. Talk to people that have completed the rehab program at the center you are thinking about. The staff of the rehab center will be directly working with your loved one during their recovery. Make sure you can trust them.

While these are just a few qualities to look for, they should be your guide in choosing the right rehab center for your loved one. The purpose of rehab is to help them fully recover and get back on their feet, make sure that the drug rehabilitation center you are considering is capable of succeeding.

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