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Bitter Melon is called also Momordica, Goya, Bitter Gourd, Karela, or Balsam Pear. In particular, it is known to reduce blood sugar levels in diabetics. Though it is not a scrumptious vegetable to consume in any form for many people, it is very nutritious and beneficial for our well-being. It contains a broad spectrum of antibacterial properties, whereas it is also known as an antibacterial and antiviral herb.

10 Benefits of Bitter Melon (Bitter Gourd)

After several scientific research, bitter juicing releases a substance called Map 30, it is very effective for the treatment of various types of cancers and benign tumors, as well as AIDS and HIV.

Bitter Melon juice purifies blood naturally, cures acne and helps in weight loss. The juice contains beta-carotene twice as much as in broccoli, calcium, twice of that in spinach and potassium and twice of that in bananas. The juice is full of vitamins B1, B3, vitamin C and phosphorus. It is also rich in dietary fiber which is why it is suggested as a herbal supplement.

Health Benefits of Bitter Melon Juice

Bitter Melon juice is a natural cure for many health problems especially for diabetes. Below are some health benefits associated with Gourd juicing.

1. Diseases

Bitter Gourd juice is highly effective for patients of jaundice and cholera. Patients should drink two teaspoons of bitter melon juice every day. Day time is suggested as the best time to drink the juice. The juice also treats different fungal infections such as athlete's foot and ring worn infection.

2. Blood Purifier

Bitter gourd juice cures different blood disorders, and cures toxemia and blood boils. Besides curing blood disorders, it also diminishes all types of skin irritation. karela juice is not easy to drink because of its bitter taste, so you can add honey and lemon in the juicer along with karela for flavor.

3. Boost Your Immune System

Bitter melon juice kills various micro organisms present in the digestive system and blood and perks up stamina as well. Its juice is also known as the "powerhouse of energy". It can lower down the effects of alcohol as well. It also works as a detoxifier and cures all internal disorders.

10 Benefits of Bitter Melon (Bitter Gourd)

4. Control Diabetes 

Bitter melon has the ability to increase the insulin sensitivity in our body. This juice secretes natural insulin known as hypoglycemic compound that lowers the level of sugar in the blood. It also improves the presence of glucose in the blood.

But it is recommended that diabetic patient must consult their doctor before using bitter gourd to avoid any chances of hypoglycemic condition.

5. Keeps Your Liver Healthy

Bitter Gourd juice although do not heal liver problems but it improves its function by flushing out its toxins and in this way it regenerate liver cells.

Bitter gourd can be used as an antidote for alcohol intoxication.

6. Helps to Fight Against Cancer

Bitter Gourd also contains Vitamin C which plays important role in eliminating free radicals which are the main cause of malignant or cancerous cells formation.

7. Skin Care

Consuming Bitter Melon is also good for your skin.

  • It removes toxins and keeps your skin clean and healthy and make it glow.
  • It removes acne and blemishes and protect from deep skin infections.
  • It treats blood disorders like blood boils, scabies, itching, psoriasis, ring-worm and other fungal diseases.
  • By removing free radicals it helps to slow down skin aging process.
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8. Helps to Lose Weight

Bitter Melon helps in losing weight. Like other fat burning foods, all you have to do is incorporate it in your diet to reap all the benefits.

  • It gives more nutrients than calories.
  • Its antioxidants help to improve body metabolism specially digestive system.
  • Its pod contains 80-85% water, and water is hunger suppressor and act as filling component.
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Bitter Melon Helps to Lose Weight

9. Help Relieve Constipation

It works wonders on constipation without causing diarrhea.

Bitter melon's fiber content improves digestion and helps to get rid of constipation.

10. Gut Health

Bitter melon has such anti parasitic compounds which are very helpful in treating number of parasitic infections. It is also used for treatment of various stomach and intestinal disorders including gastrointestinal upset, ulcers, colitis, constipation, and intestinal worms.

10 Benefits of Bitter Melon (Bitter Gourd)

What is the DASH diet?. DASH stands for Dietary Approaches for Stopping Hypertension. It is a common term used by physicians all over the United States. Basically it involves a diet which consists of foods that have proven to lower high blood pressure, or hypertension. Of course, the DASH diet also calls for a minimization of foods that are well known to contribute to high blood pressure as well.

Dash into the DASH Diet to Solve Hypertension

The DASH diet is not truly defined by any means, and therefore is broad in its various executions. However, the guidelines that the DASH diet gives to people with hypertension have shown to enable them to lower their blood pressure in a matter of weeks, with drastic improvements for periods over six months of DASH dieting. This drastic improvement has led to its increased and continued usage of the DASH diet by physicians across the country.

The components of the DASH diet are very simple, and are easy to follow. The major contributors to the lowering of participants' blood pressure are the fruits, vegetables, legumes, seeds, and nuts. The good cholesterol, fiber, and negative calories are all good components of a well balanced and healthy diet. Olive oil is also encouraged, and has shown to contribute lower blood pressures with studies throughout the Mediterranean countries and their inhabitants which use olive oil daily.

The components of the DASH diet are very simple, and are easy to follow.

Another healthy change that the DASH diet brings to the average American diet are the low-fat items. For instance, the DASH diet recommends low-fat dairy products and lean meats such as poultry and fish. Now, some fish contain more fats than others, so it is important for you to balance your intake between the two. Besides, the fattier fishes are actually more expensive on average! Finally, it is important for you to take in several whole grain products each day. Oatmeal for breakfast is a popular solution, as well as granola bars as between-meal snacks.

Another healthy change that the DASH diet brings to the average American diet are the low-fat items

The most important step in the DASH diet is to minimize foods and items which contribute to high blood pressure. The main contributors to hypertension are inactivity, excess sodium, excess alcohol, excess body weight, and inadequate magnesium, potassium, and calcium. If you also noticed, DASH diet foods are also foods that are recommended for weight loss diets. The reason that these foods are found in the DASH diet and in weight loss diets is due to the fact that most people with hypertension are usually overweight. The most effective treatment for hypertension, disclosed by most physicians, is weight loss.

One of the closest diets that you can compare to the DASH diet is the Vegan diet. I was able to write an article recently, "Make The Vegetarian Diet Work For You", which explains the benefits and uses of Vegan foods towards your health. A lot of the foods that you see recommended in the DASH diet are also foods that are a part of the Vegan diet, which would explain the fact that Vegan's are very rarely diagnosed with hypertension.

One of the closest diets that you can compare to the DASH diet is the Vegan diet

Proper documentation on the DASH diet is available from your physician, as well as at several online dietary sources. I would definitely recommend researching DASH diet foods and to start planning your daily diet around them immediately. The health benefits that you will see with the lowered blood pressure is important in the short term for better health and well-being, however it is critical in the long term.

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The DASH diet will help to extend your life due to your cardiovascular system's inability to operate for years under a higher pressure than what it is designed for. You also will be able to access dietary tips and extensive information at my website listed below. My free membership fitness tuning site focuses on dietary as well as fitness aspects in order to contribute towards a healthy lifestyle for people of all ages and body types.

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Dash into the DASH Diet to Solve Hypertension

The Amazing Apple

Back to the Beginning

The word "apple" is thought to have first appeared in Abela, a province in Italy.

The History and Health Benefits of the Amazing Apple

History tells us that apples came to Britain after the Roman conquest. Julius Caeser himself may have been the one to bring them! The first apple orchards were planted by Roman officers, in their gardens, guarded by high walls. Over time, orchards appeared in surrounding native villages.

The Apple Comes to America!

The only apples native to North America are the crab apples. The introduction and proliferation of other species came as seeds were bought and sold along the trade routes. William Blackstone, minister to the early settlers that came over from England, was the one to introduce the apple. Every farm in Plymouth, Massachusetts planted apple orchards. So vital they were to the colonies' livelihoods and food supply, that Massachusetts passed its first law in 1645, creating stiff penalties for anyone caught robbing an orchard.

Branching Out

John Chapman, from Leominster, Massachusetts, an itinerant preacher and farmer, would become known as Johnny Appleseed. He was regarded as both eccentric and charismatic. Often barefoot, sporting a mush pan hat, and wearing ragged trousers, Johnny carried a burlap bag full of apple seeds everywhere he preached.

He is credited for populating early America with many of its apple orchards.

By the time of his death in 1845, he had planted orchards as far west as Indiana.

Today, in the United States, we have over 75 varieties of apples and 7,500 known cultivars worldwide.

Washington State provides over one quarter of the apples grown today. Americans eat an average of just eighteen pounds of apples a year, while the Belgians and Italians put away 3 times that amount and the

French consume about five times as much.

Benefits of Eating Apples

Aside from being a wonderful snack, apples carry amazing health benefits!

Benefits of Eating Apples

Cellular Satiety

Apples have about an eighty percent water content. This helps satisfy thirst on 2 levels - not just the regular kind of thirst you have when you reach for a beverage. Your cells get "thirsty" and they know the difference between proper hydration, even when we don't. Snacking on fresh apples, therefore, is a great way to keep hydrated!

Promote Intestinal Health

The tartaric and malic acids contained in an apple help keep the intestinal tract healthy in 3 ways:

They help remove impurities in the liver

Stop the growth of bad bacteria in the digestive tract and reactivate the growth of good bacteria in the intestines.

The fiber an apple acts like a broom and "sweeps" the toxins and effects of some toxins from the body.

Promote Dental Health

The juicy flesh of a fresh apple cleans the teeth and exercises the gums when eaten raw.

Promote a Healthy pH Balance

Apples are an alkaline food, making them highly digestible. Research has shown the importance of the pH balance in the body. A hostile or acidic environment is a recipe chronic illness and inflammation. Alkaline foods are essential to overall health.

Apples are about 3.30-4.0 in alkalinity.

Blocks Excess Fat Absorption

Apple pectin builds a natural barrier around our cells that controls the accumulation of fat that can be absorbed. While apples don't contain much iron, the pectin an apple contains assists the body in digesting iron rich foods. The pectin in green apples, especially, has been shown to soften gallstones, cleanse the liver and the gallbladder. European research has shown that apple pectin binds itself to any radioactive substances or residue in the body and flushes those residues out. Pectin also aids the body in detoxifying itself of lead, mercury and other toxic heavy metals.

Perhaps this is why people who eat apples reduce the risk and find relief from many skin diseases, arthritic pain and various lung and asthma conditions.

Apples Are Versatile

Apples are most nutritious when raw, but they add a delicate sweetness to baked goods. They may be pressed and made into a tasty cider or fresh juice. Incidentally, back in colonial times, a guest of a home would be offered apple cider - not coffee or tea, as is customary today.

The History and Health Benefits of the Amazing Apple

Caution When Juicing

When using an apple in a juicer, blender or a smoothie, it's recommended that the seeds be removed as they contain levels of cyanide. The peels and flesh though are perfectly safe to blend into a nutritious smoothie.

The peels, in fact, contain ursolic acid, which helps promote muscular and skeletal health.

Allergy Sufferers

There have been some people who have found relief from their allergies by consuming raw honey regularly. If you are someone who would give anything to enjoy an apple without fearing an allergic reaction, try adding raw honey into your diet. You can learn more about the benefits of raw honey and decide for yourself. I hope

I've inspired you to start eating more apples! Why not change out some of those processed snacks for a fresh, crispy, juicy apple? Your body will thank you!

Download a free eBook to jumpstart your path to wellness. Includes recipes and many resources.

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The History and Health Benefits of the Amazing Apple

There are so many hair care products available at your store or online, in every conceivable price range and for every type of hair. We are bombarded by commercials every day, and most of those products are very good, and many of them boast of the natural ingredients they contain.

All-Natural Hair Care Recipes For Strong Beautiful Hair

Did you know that you can make many all-natural hair care products right in your own kitchen with just a few ingredients that are widely available. Well you can. Here are several hair care recipes that are easy and economical to make, and it's kind of cool to go green and look great at the same time!

Hair Spray for Fine Hair


  • 1 chopped up lemon or orange
  • 1 ½ cups of water
  • 1 oz. bay rum (this preserves the mixture)

On the stove, in a double boiler, boil chopped lemon and water. Simmer, add bay rum and reduce the liquid by about half, then strain through a cheesecloth and pour into a spritz bottle. Add extra water to thin if you wish.

This is great for fine hair and gentle enough for children's hair. Make it fresh and store in fridge.

Treatment for Chlorine Damaged


  • Egg
  • 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/4 of a peeled cucumber

Blend the egg, olive oil and cucumber into a spread and apply mixture thoroughly into your hair. Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse.

If you swim year round repeat applications monthly.

Rinse for Shiny glossy hair


  • 1 oz. wine vinegar
  • 6 oz. bottled water
  • 10 to 12 drops of essential oils (jasmine, lavender, rosemary)

Pour mixture over hair after shampooing and rinsing and massage into your scalp. Rinse with clean water (cool if possible). Repeat three times a week as needed to restore luster to dry hair.

All-Natural Hair Care Recipes For Strong Beautiful Hair

The vinegar helps restore the natural pH balance of your scalp to combat dry, dull hair.

Frizz Taming Conditioner


  • 4 tablespoons of plain yogurt
  • 1 egg

Mix egg and yogurt into a bowl and massage into your head after shampooing. Work it from root to tips and make sure you have everything coated. Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse out with lots of cool (if possible) water. This works well preventing fly-away and frizzy hair and softens dry hair.

All-Natural Hair Care Recipes - yogurt and eggs

Rejuvenating Hair Brush Treatment


  • 1 oz. oil of Rosemary
  • 1/8 oz. oil of Lavender

Just mix the two oils together and store in a small dark vial or bottle. Before brushing your hair, put a few drops on your palm and rub your clean hairbrush into it. Brush your hair 100 times (no it's not just an old wives tale) standing both upright and hanging your head upside down. After each brush follow through with your other hand, this will help eliminate static electricity.

Rejuvenating Hair Brush Treatment - oil of Lavender

This mixture should last about 6 months and is guaranteed to give you healthy, shiny hair.

Dry Hair Moisturizing Shampoo


  • ½ cup of Liquid Castile soap (or baby shampoo)
  • ½ cup of mashed avocado

Blend this mixture on medium until smooth, then apply to thoroughly wet hair as you would any other shampoo. Massage into the scalp and work to the ends of the hair. Add a little more water and work into a lather and rinse as usual.

All-Natural Hair Care Recipes - avocado

The avocado in this treatment helps to deliver to your hair, which you need to strengthen and moisturize. You can shampoo as often as you like with this mild shampoo mixture.

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If you enjoyed this article, and would like more info on Beauty and Skincare, please visit my website: Skincare Secrets Simplified [], while there you can sign up to receive our Skin Care Tips, Tricks and Secrets newsletter by email.

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All-Natural Hair Care Recipes For Strong Beautiful Hair

Dark knees can be embarrassing, especially during the summer when you want to wear short clothes. Kneeling down during prayers can cause dark knees. Exposure to too much sun and not exfoliating the skin can darken your skin further and you may end up with extra pigmentation. You can get rid of the dark knees using a variety of home remedies.

A Comprehensive Guide On How to Get Rid Of Dark Knees

Here are 14 tips on how to get rid of dark knees.
  1. Baking soda
When it comes to cleaning the skin, baking soda is has proven to be effective and also reduces dark skin. If dead skin is not removed they turn color and become dark. Baking soda is a good natural scrub. It has cleansing properties.
  • Get one tablespoon of baking soda mix with milk
  • Apply the paste on your knees and scrub in a circular motion
  • Do this once for every two days until you notice a change in your skin color
How to Get Rid Of Dark Knees - Baking soda

  1. Honey, milk and turmeric
Milk acts as bleach and turmeric has antiseptic properties. Honey has antiseptic properties and also moisturizes your dry skin. These natural properties of these ingredients will help to get rid of dark knees. You will need one tablespoonful of turmeric powder, lemon and two tablespoons of milk
  • Start by mixing milk with honey and some turmeric until it becomes a smooth paste
  • Apply the smooth paste on your dark knees and leave it there for about 20minutes
  • Wet your hands and then rub it for two minutes and after that wash it off with water
How to Get Rid Of Dark Knees - Honey, milk and turmeric

  1. Olive oil and sugar
Sugar that is present in this effective home remedy works as an exfoliant and the olive moisturizes your skin.
  • Mix equivalent quantities of sugar and olive oil to come up with a thick paste
  • Apply the paste on your black knees
  • Rub your skin using the mixture for at least 5 minutes
  • Wash the knees using water and mild soap.
  1. Honey and lemon
Lemon has bleaching properties. Honey plays a very important role in moisturizing the skin, preventing dark skin. On the other hand, lemon juice has the natural bleaching property. To get the best results, repeat this remedy at least three times a week.
  • Mix one tablespoon of honey with the juice extract from one lemon
  • Apply the mixture of honey and lemon on the affected knees and leave the mixture to work for at least twenty minutes
  • Wash off the mixture with water to get a lightened skin
How to Get Rid Of Dark Knees - Honey and lemon

  1. Lemon and gram flour
Gram flour provides mild exfoliation and can also cleanse the area. Lemon is natural bleach and helps to get rid of dark knees.
  • Add a quantity of lime juice to 1g of flour to make it damp
  • Apply this mixture and rub in a circular motion.
  1. Olive oil works well
Olive oil is a natural bleacher and it as well softens the rough skin on the knees giving it glow and smoothness..
  • Rub warm olive oil to your knees every day for ten minutes
  • Do this every day before going to bed for three weeks
  1. The Exfoliating brush works well
Use an exfoliating loofah or brush.
  • You can use an exfoliating loofah or brush while taking your bath when your skin is still moist. Scrub the skin in a circular motion
How to Get Rid Of Dark Knees - The Exfoliating brush

  1. Shea butter and cocoa butter are effective
These two natural fats act as excellent moisturizers and help a lot in making the skin soft.
  • Apply shea butter or cocoa butter on your dark skin knee every night before you go to bed
How to Get Rid Of Dark Knees - Shea butter

  1. Aloe Vera gel
Aloe Vera reduces the damage caused by rays from the sun due to overexposure of your knees to the sun. It also moisturizes your skin and prevents dryness.
  • Take fresh Aloe Vera leaves and extract the gel by breaking the leaf
  • Apply the gel to your knees and leave it for 30 minutes to get rid of the dark knees
How to Make Aloe Vera Gel
How to Get Rid Of Dark Knees - Aloe Vera gel

  1. Vaseline
Use water and chicken powder to clean your knees. Apply the paste on the affected area and give it some time to dry. Once it has dried, use cold water to remove it and dry your knees with a towel. While it is still damp, take some Vaseline and rub it on the affected area and wrap your knees in a bandage. Repeat this every night.
  1.   Yogurt and vinegar
When this two home remedies are used together to get rid of dark knees, they moisturize and cleanse your skin
Apply a mixture of yoghurt and vinegar on the affected area.
When this mixture dries up, rub the affected area in a circular motion for 2 minutes and then wash

How to Get Rid Of Dark Knees - Yogurt and vinegar

  1. Bleaching fruits
Fruits such as grapes, tomato and lemon have bleaching properties.
  • Apply the juice of any this bleaching fruits regularly to your knee
  • You can use different juices from different fruits on different days
How to Get Rid Of Dark Knees - Bleaching fruits

  1. Use of moisturizers
Moisturizers play the role of hydrating your skin. This prevents the darkening of the skin. Moisturizers also help reduce the friction of the skin
  • After having a shower, apply a good quality moisturizer to your knee to keep the skin supple and fresh
  1. Natural oils
The natural oils help to get rid of dark knees and also retain the moisture of the skin
  • Apply any natural oil like coconut oil, sesame seed oil, olive oil on the skin to reduce the darkening and dryness of your skin
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A Comprehensive Guide On How to Get Rid Of Dark Knees

Try These 5 Fabulous Hair Styles for The Summer Season

1. The Bob Cut

The Bob Cut Hair Style

This is one of the popular choices when it comes to the best hairstyles for summer. It's perfect for the warm weather because of its length. The bob is usually cut around your jaw line but the hair is longer in front than in the back. You can wear it straight, curled, colored, or messy, it's up to you which style you feel comfortable the most. Get ready for the compliments because you will surely have that most fabulous hair in this season.

2. Short bangs

Short bangs Hair Style

Short bangs or more commonly known as baby bangs is the newest addition to the list of hairstyles for summer. This is for those who want to wear bangs but hesitate to do so because of the hot weather. Baby bangs are cut almost an inch above your eyebrows. If you are tired of the full or side-swept bangs, this is a fresh option for you to try this summer. Follow people on social media to know more about baby bangs in their hair styles and care guide videos.

Short bangs Hair Style

3. Long and short layers

Long layers Hair Style

When you hear the word summer, you would definitely imagine yourself on the beach with your hair, cut in layers, being blown by the wind. Definitely, layers are the ultimate hairstyle for summer! It makes you look fun and sexy all at the same time. Chopping your hair in layers gives the effect of a smaller and longer face. Celebrities who rock this fabulous hair in this season are the model, Kendall Jenner and RnB singer, Ciara.

4. Volume up with curls

Volume up with curls Hair Style

Sometimes you just got to love the curls! Mimicking the flow of the ocean waves, curls are one hairstyle for summer that you should absolutely try. If you are natural, then better! Feel in love with the frizz after air-drying your curly hair and putting some leave-on to lock in volume and moisture. Don't worry if you have straight hair but would like to curl up, the curling iron wand should do wonders for your hair. Don't forget to follow hair style and care guide so you won't end up drying your hair under the sun!

5. Short and sunny

Short and sunny Hair Styles

Short hair is well-loved in all kinds of the season but it can also be your hairstyle for summer if you prefer to experiment and explore another hairstyle. This is the best pick if you want a change of image and character as well as a fabulous hair in this season.

Short and sunny Hair Styles

Your summer will be more exciting if your feel great about yourself and that's why you must have your preferred hairstyle for summer. You can choose to have your fabulous hair in this season long, short, straight, or kinky. It will work on you as long as you wear it with confidence and protect it from the heat of the sun by following different hair style and care guide.

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Try These 5 Fabulous Hair Styles for The Summer Season

"Erectile dysfunction is defined as inability to maintain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. This is a disorder that affects millions of men around the world in different ways and with varying causes."

Erectile Dysfunction: Causes and Treatment

What is it?

Erectile dysfunction is a medical term used to define the inability to get an erection with sufficient rigidity for penetration and / or keep it for a period of time adequate to the satisfaction of both partners during sex. It is important to understand that it can occur even with desire and orgasm (ejaculation) present.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects about two thirds of men over 50 years of age, representing 10 to 20 million Brazilians.

Most men, at some point in their lives, have experienced episodes of erectile dysfunction, usually due to tiredness, stress or alcohol abuse. Occasional failures should not be overrated. However, if the problem persists, a urologist should be sought.


The capacity of erection is just one of several aspects of male sexual function. The sexual response cycle has four stages of man main desire, erection, orgasm and relaxation. Each can change different.

The causes of ED are divided into organic, psychogenic and mixed, can be found with combined factors.

Organic problems such as diabetes, cancer, arteriosclerosis and neurological injuries can often lead to psychological complications, for example. It can also be secondary, and appear as the first manifestation of various disorders such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and renal failure.

ED of psychological origin can be manifested in various ways, or delayed ejaculation, painful ejaculation and even impotence. There may also be loss of libido (sexual desire), lack of orgasm and phobias (fears) sex, all for anxiety, depression or guilt. An individual who has an unpleasant experience, such as loss of erection to have sex or ejaculate very early, tends to the next relationship, remember these "failures" and become anxious. This provides a new fault, creating a vicious circle.

Organic causes are subdivided according to the etiology. The vasculogĂȘnicas are more prevalent, particularly the flow changes, arteriosclerosis and trauma (resulting in injury to blood vessels).Venous flow abnormalities are less common. The neurogenic causes are diabetic neuropathy, multiple sclerosis, alcohol abuse, trauma, spinal cord and nerve damage by radical prostatectomy (surgery to remove the prostate). Since the causes are hormonal hipoandrogenismo primary or secondary (disorders of male hormones).

The ED may also occur, for use and abuse of drugs like marijuana, alcohol, heroin, cocaine, barbiturates, antidepressants.

Disorders associated

The DE has several risk factors as advanced age, diabetes, hypertension, peripheral vascular diseases; neurological diseases, endocrine disorders, spinal cord injuries, radical pelvic surgery, radiation therapy, alcoholism, smoking, marijuana use and / or cocaine; use of antihypertensives, tranquilizers and psychotropic substances; relationship problems with partner, stress, anxiety and fear of failure, depression, obsessive-compulsive personality, sexual deviation.


The objectives of the initial evaluation of the patient are to determine the probable cause of ED and identify organic or psychological factors that may influence the associated therapeutic.

A detailed medical interview is the most important factor in evaluating patients with this problem. The history should identify the duration, progression and severity of ED and associated factors.

Once you have identified a problem in the patient's sexual performance, the next step is to differentiate it from other sexual problems such as loss of libido and ejaculatory disorders.

Physical examination is to assess the patient's health, with particular attention to the cardiovascular, neurological and genitourinary, due to its contribution to the erection. The neurological evaluation should include a perception of their patient's anxiety or depression. Since the assessment of genital herpes is directed to detection of local abnormalities.

Some are basic laboratory tests to identify disorders that can result in ED.


In cases of psychogenic DE, psychotherapy is indicated. Several factors should be evaluated by the urologist and if possible, by an expert in psychology or psychiatry. Factors such as physical, psychiatric, psychological, conflicted relationship with the partner and sexual inadequacy should be addressed to the couple.

Penile injections have been the first efficient and objective, with little or no side effects, with significant improvement of erection, even in severe OF and organic. They were the main complication, painful erections. Also had the disadvantage of limiting the time limitation of erections and frequency of application (3 times per week). This method tends to be abandoned with the advancement of technology.

With the advance of treatment, some oral medications are available in the market. They are:

- Viagra (Sildenafil) of Pfizer: acts on the penis by relaxing muscles and increasing blood flow to the region. Effective in cases of partial impotence, erection of providing 40 to 60 minutes after ingestion of the medication, with stimulation of the penis. Its effect can last up to six horas.Tem side reactions such as headaches, nasal congestion, facial flushing and dyspepsia. Heart patients, especially in drug treatment of nitrate (Sustrate, Monocordil, Isordil, Nitradisc, Nitroderm TTS, Isocord, Isosorbide, nitroglycerin) can not take this medicine.

- Uprima (apomorphine), from Abbott Laboratories, acts on the central nervous system, facilitating the conduct of sexual stimulation of the brain to the penis. Generates erection 10-20 minutes after oral administration sublingually. May cause headache, nausea, dizziness, fainting and flushing, but can be used by heart patients.

- Cialis (Tadalafil), manufactured by Eli Lilly, acts directly on the penis by inhibiting the enzyme phosphodiesterase. Leads to an erection in 30 minutes, and sustained for up to 36 hours. Can cause headache, gastric intolerance, nasal congestion, back pain, muscle pain, dizziness and flushing. As Viagra, can not be used for heart disease in the use of nitrates.

- Levitra (Vardenafil) of Bayer and Glaxo, also acts directly and selectively on the penis by inhibiting the enzyme phosphodiesterase, with fewer side effects (headache, flushing and runny nose). Leads to an erection in 15 minutes, and keeps up to 8 hours. As Viagra and Cialis, can not be used for heart disease in the use of nitrates. One of the main advantages is the most affordable price and being sold in single packs.

Although drug treatments mentioned, some patients may not fit and require treatment with mechanical devices such as vacuum erection devices or penile implants inflatable or malleable. Others may need surgery to repair vascular arteries that supply the penis with blood, in specific cases.

Because erectile dysfunction can have many causes, there are several treatments that act by different mechanisms, with specific contraindications, a urologist should be consulted.

See our online drugs dictionary for more information about the causes and treatment of erectile dysfunction and drugs for treat it.

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Erectile Dysfunction: Causes and Treatment

The Grapefruit (Mayo) Diet helps to lose weight using grapefruit as the focus food. The diet consists of eating grapefruit, salads and lean protein, but severely restricting carbohydrate intake.

How to Lose Weight Eating Grapefruit

The idea is to follow this diet for twelve days and then have a couple of days break before repeating.
  • Breakfast is two eggs, a couple of bacon rashers, a cup of black coffee, and half a grapefruit.
  • Lunch consists of salad with dressing, and any lean meat, plus half of a grapefruit.
  • Dinner can be fish, any kind of non-starchy vegetable, and half a grapefruit.
  • For supper, a cup of milk or tomato juice will suffice.

How to Lose Weight Eating Grapefruit

Grapefruit is the key. It has the botanical name Citrus paradisi and is easy to peel. It has a flavour between an orange and a lemon, with a little sweetness.

Grapefruit flesh can be blonde, pink, or red in colour. Some varieties are very bitter while others are quite sweet.

The riper grapefruits are, the more antioxidants they contain. They are sources of dietary fiber and vitamins A and C. Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, and Potassium are the main minerals.

A cup of blonde grapefruit has only 76 calories; a cup of pink grapefruit has 97 calories. Red grapefruit contains more flavonoids and anthocyanins.

Red grapefruit contains lycopene, a carotenoid that fights free radical damage and protects against ultraviolet light.

Eating fresh grapefruit assists weight loss because it makes the body lose 'water' weight. But failing go back on the diet after the two-day break will cause the water weight to return!

With the Grapefruit Diet you basically eat until you feel almost full. You can have all the lean protein and fish you want, but never become bloated.

Never skip meals or eliminate any of the foods on the diet. Bacon and the salads are crucial because the exact combination of foods is what helps the body to burn fat.

Caffeine is limited to one cup of coffee in the morning because too much hinders the fat burning process.

Avoid snacking between meals. You should not feel hungry anyway because the diet plan prevents hunger.

Sugars and starch are absent in this diet. Harmful fructose is completely avoided as that quickly becomes stored as fat.

Fat does not form fat. Sugars turn to fat. You can fry food in butter or coconut oil, and use butter generously on vegetables, yet still lose weight with this diet.

Never eat desserts, bread, or potatoes when on the Grapefruit Diet.

You can eat two or three helpings of meat, salad, or vegetables, but no carbohydrates are allowed. Simply eat until sated.

Up to ten pounds can be lost in twelve days on the first round of the Grapefruit Diet because of the water loss. On subsequent rounds, less weight will be lost.

Always talk to your doctor before starting any diet if you have medical conditions.

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How to Lose Weight Eating Grapefruit

It's that time of year again... summer travel! The thing I hear over and over again is this. "Well, I'm ready to start eating healthy, but first I've got this vacation." There are so many things wrong with this statement, and let me tell you why.

Eating Healthy on Vacation: Can It Be Done?

First of all, getting a healthy diet in place, even right before a big vacation, is super important. It is never too early or too late to start implementing those diet tweaks that are going to work towards improving your health. Now is the time to start. The sooner the better.

Secondly, these changes are meant to be permanent lifestyle changes, not a temporary fix. I see people time and time again work so hard at improving lab numbers on a sheet of paper, only to let their gains slip back once they hit the mark their doctor was looking for. Don't let that be you! Take steps, even if small, tiny ones, to improve your diet for the long haul.

So all that being said, you don't check your diet at the hotel front door! Your "new" diet and lifestyle goes WITH you on vacation.

Now, I realize this is easier said than done, especially when a new way of eating is not yet an ingrained habit. Here are a few tips you can use on your next vacation to make eating healthy a whole lot easier.
  1. If at all possible, stay at a place with a full kitchen. That way you can prepare most of your foods at "home." Plus, you save a whole lot of money (and time) on eating out. That makes more time for fun outdoors!
  1. Ditch the fast food. If traveling by road, stop at grocery stores instead of fast food. For the same price as a fast food meal for 4, you can easily buy a loaf of bread, deli meat, condiments, etc and make your own sandwiches. Or you can buy them at the store's deli. Whatever you do, say no to fast food.
  1. Pack snacks! As much as possible, bring your own healthy snacks on trips. Personally I like to pack baggies with dried fruit and nuts. That keeps me away from sugary things you find in convenient stores and again, saves time. In my opinion that means more time at the beach and less time searching for food.
  1. When you do eat out, plan it out. Research restaurants carefully so that they are not only enjoyable places but also have healthy options. Going in with a game plan by reviewing menus online can really help keep you on track.
  1. Hit the gym! Or at the very least, plan in some exercise during your trip. Again, this is not a vacation from healthy habits. If you are a runner, plan a morning run through the city or along the beach. If you like the gym, maybe there is a workout room in the hotel. Or if walking is your thing, get out there and spend the day sight seeing. Keeping up the movement will help when those little splurges do come along.
  1. Speaking of splurges, think 80/20 rule. Basically, eat healthy 80% of the time and allow for some fun foods 20% of the time. This gives you some freedom for, say, an ice cream on the boardwalk, or a dessert after dinner, but still reminds you to stick to healthy eating most of the time. Along with continuing the exercise, you will be far less likely to gain weight while out having fun.
  1. Lastly, try not to plan all the fun around food. A vacation is a chance to see a new place or visit with old friends. Don't make food the focus. Plan adventurous outings, meet ups with friends, or even spa days to relax and rejuvenate. Food is important, of course, but as I've said all along, keep to your goals. Enjoy the place and the people and come back with amazing memories and experiences.

Eating Healthy on Vacation

Hope that gives you a few ideas to stay on track this summer, even with all those fun summer plans. Just remember, a vacation is a great time to get away and relax, but it is not a break from your health! Eat well, stay well, and continue to enjoy those fun getaways!

Danielle VenHuizen, MS, RD, CLT is a Registered Dietitian who helps her clients achieve health and vitality through food, not pharmaceuticals. She specializes in working with food sensitivities, Diabetes, Cardiovascular health, Digestive Disorders, and healthy pregnancies. This article was originally published at has been syndicated with permission. For more expert health advice visit her blog at
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Eating Healthy on Vacation: Can It Be Done?