Mayonnaise Hair Mask For Shiny, Strong, Frizz-Free Hair

We share with you the right way to use mayonnaise on your hair for a shiny and frizz-free result.

It is possible to maintain healthy hair by using inexpensive ingredients such as mayonnaise. By using mayonnaise responsibly, you can achieve shiny, strong, frizz-free hair.

Mayonnaise is great for your hair, especially if you have dry, unruly and brittle hair. The ingredients that make up mayonnaise are oil and egg, both of which strengthen hair.

Mayonnaise Hair Mask For Shiny, Strong, Frizz-Free Hair

When used, mayonnaise is also an excellent conditioner. It will keep your hair shiny, silky and incredibly soft for days.

Mayonnaise has become an inexpensive and highly effective treatment for truly amazing results on your hair. However, it is very important that you choose a normal mayonnaise, i.e. no diet or extra ingredients, just a normal mayonnaise.

Now that you can get organic mayonnaise, you can also use it. If you don't want to know about mayonnaise with flavors or herbs, you should choose the normal one.

How to prepare mayonnaise for hair

Take half a cup of mayonnaise, put it little by little in your hair, try to take small clumps until you are finished with all your hair, massage gently.

You have to cover your hair well, from the roots to the ends of the massage, you have to cover it very well. The mayonnaise must be at normal temperature, don't keep it in the refrigerator, it must be at room temperature.

Part of the tips, is that your hair should be moistened with warm water, it is not recommended that you use shampoo or conditioner, just moisten your hair. What happens is that since the water is warm, it opens the follicles and the mayonnaise will enter very well.

Now cover your hair with a plastic bag and leave it in place for one hour. Then remove everything with warm water and wash with shampoo until you have removed all the mayonnaise.

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