Anti-Inflammatory Pineapple Juice For Joint Pain

Joint pain can be a real problem. Benefit from the properties of this anti-inflammatory pineapple juice.

Anti-Inflammatory Pineapple Juice For Joint Pain

The properties of this anti-inflammatory pineapple juice are ideal for fighting joint pain, so you should try it and you will see that the discomfort subsides, it works.

For the problems that plague us every day, there are very effective remedies for use at home. The best thing is that they are natural and do not harm our health, like this anti-inflammatory pineapple juice for joint pain.

This pineapple juice is an anti-inflammatory agent that can be consumed with the certainty of relieving joint pain, so you only need to obtain the ingredients necessary for its preparation.

Joint pain is no longer just a problem for the elderly, but also for young people who may suffer from nutritional deficiencies or wear and tear of joint cartilage.

There are anti-inflammatory drugs that are used precisely to relieve pain, but with this pineapple juice you can supplement this treatment in a natural way, you only need the following ingredients.

The pineapple, the main ingredient of this juice, contains an enzyme called bromelain, which is associated with the control of tissue inflammation as it helps to relieve the symptoms of pain.

Anti-inflammatory pineapple juice recipe


  • A pineapple
  • A tablespoon of ginger root
  • Two stalks of celery
  • Juice of half a lemon
  • Half a spoon of coconut oil
  • Two pears
  • Half a tablespoon of turmeric
  • Juice of an orange
  • Half a spoonful of black pepper


First, the pineapple is peeled and the core removed, then sliced and then cut into small cubes, the pears are also halved, the ginger root is grated and the lemon and orange juice is prepared.

As you have all the previous ingredients ready, you should put them in the blender with the other remaining ingredients like coconut oil, turmeric and spices and mix until they are perfectly dissolved.

Here is the anti-inflammatory pineapple juice for joint pain, you can take it half an hour before breakfast or in the middle of the day, but don't forget to consult a specialist.
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