This is How You Should do Intestinal Cleansing Every Six Months

Expert mentions that if you smell your mouth, head, back pain, it is because your colon is inflamed and dirty.

This is How You Should do Intestinal Cleansing Every Six Months

Many times we complain of back pain, we believe that we sleep poorly or we are in the wrong posture, we never imagine that what we eat is what hurts us, this is how the expert says that when the intestines are damaged, inflamed, the colon is intoxicated by toxins, then tense nerves that lead to the aforementioned symptoms.

The doctor mentions that you stop using mints or pills to eliminate the bad smell, that it is better to do a deep cleaning of the intestines. He mentioned that the problem is that the importance has not been given to training.

Dr. Alonso Vega, a naturopath and surgeon says that one of the most obvious symptoms that the colon needs to be cleaned is fatigue: It is important that you consume natural fruit juices, not powdered, "cleanliness is the art of healing," he says.

"When you're tired, you start taking vitamins, taking energy-boosting medications, taking thiamines, or worst of all, taking energy drinks, you're on the wrong track."

"There is no use giving food to a body that is already saturated, where the speeds of the small intestine are covered by a transparent mucus that completely covers it, so the micropores do not absorb the nutrients."

He mentions that every six months a deep colon cleaning should be done.

What he recommends doing is taking papaya with oatmeal, this is very easy to do, you just have to take a piece of papaya, wash it, put it in the blender into pieces and add a little water and oatmeal to it, try to put half a cup on it.

This smoothie (without milk), works as a toxin scrubber, deeply cleanses the colon. We share other ways to prepare it, and the complete explanation that the doctor provided.

There are many people who have benefited from these indications that the doctor provided for the care and deep cleaning of the colon.

Remember that when the colon is dirty, it manifests itself in different ways, with diseases such as allergies, headaches, an inflamed stomach, constipation, back pain, among others.

It is recommended that you drink the papaya smoothie with oatmeal every day, and you will see the change it causes in your health.

This is How You Should do Intestinal Cleansing Every Six Months

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