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There are plenty of ways to lose 10 pounds in 10 days, or even quicker. Some of them are based on fasting, others focus on very low daily calorie intake. What I am about to share is an easy way to lose 10 pounds in 10 days, by following simple fat burning steps.

Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days - Proven Tips to Help You Lose 10 Pounds by the End of the Next Week

This is the list of the most important things you MUST do to lose 10 pounds fast:

1) Drink plenty of water. By saying plenty, I mean LOADS of water. 8 glasses a day is not enough, aim for at least 10 glasses of water a day. Water will make you feel full, will cleanse your body, make your digestive system function properly, and increase metabolism.

2) Stop eating after 7 PM. Have you heard of this before? I bet you have, but ARE you doing this? Let me guess, you`re not. You should, starting today afternoon, have your last meal of the day at 6 PM or 6.30 PM. This helps. Period.

3) Eat 6 smaller meals a day. Not 3 big meals, but 6 small meals. See, when you drink enough and eat frequently, you keep your metabolism "busy" all the time, hwich leads your body to burning more calories and fat.

4) Eat regularly. 2-3 hours between every small meal should be your goal. Just keep your metabolism working!

Proven Tips to Help You Lose 10 Pounds by the End of the Next Week

To lose 10 pounds in 10 days, you will have to follow each of the steps, do not skip any one.

When you do reach your weight loss goal, do not stop drinking water and doing all the rest mentioned here - this way you will maintain your new weight easily.

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Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days - Proven Tips to Help You Lose 10 Pounds by the End of the Next Week

Most obese people have fat accumulated near the stomach region. It can be quite difficult to get rid of this. If you want to lose belly fat fast then read on. Below are 7 tips that can help in getting that flat stomach!

Best Ways to Lose Belly Fat - 7 Tips to Get a Flat Stomach Fast

Best Ways to Lose Belly Fat Fast:

1) Exercise early in the morning: Exercising early in the morning can be very good. Jog or do brisk walking for 30 minutes to 1 hour everyday before breakfast.

If you cannot do this everyday, at least try to do it on most days of the week. However, note that exercising alone may not be completely effective in helping you lose belly fat.

2) Avoid drinking alcohol: Alcohol contains high amount of calories. There are 7 calories per gram of alcohol.

Another reason to stay far away from alcohol is that it has a huge impact on the body sugar levels. Studies also suggest that alcohol consumption is likely to increase your appetite leading to overeating and thus affecting your efforts to lose belly fat fast.

3) Avoid junk food: Junk food has become the bane of modern society. We have got so used to it so much that it is difficult to give it up.

But realize that eating too much junk food can be a primary cause for developing weight problems. Eating junk food can raise your appetite levels making you eat more and also eat unhealthy fattening foods resulting in gaining more fat around your stomach.

4) Drink lot of water: Guess what happens whenever you drink lot of water? If you haven't guessed it, here's the answer - you will feel the need to frequently rush to the washroom.

How does this help you to lose belly fat? Actually it is your body's way of releasing water that it has been retaining for long. You may be surprised to know that the more water you drink, the less of it is retained by the body.

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So you can lose some water weight and also lose belly fat by drinking more water. Along with this water, unwanted pounds are also shed off by the body.

5) Reducing stress: Just before you think that I have gone nuts, let me explain how stress can come in the way of losing belly fat fast.

Actually, high levels of stress can cause your body to produce a hormone called as 'cortisol'. This cortisol is released in your body during periods of stress and it has been linked to weight gain.

Research seems to point out that stress can hinder with your body's capacity to reduce belly fat. By incorporating stress relieving activities in your schedule and learning how to relax, you can do a world of good to your efforts to lose the belly fat.

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So the formula is to relax, avoid tension and thereby stand a much better chance to lose belly fat.

6) Eat balanced diet: A balanced diet is so important when you are trying to lose belly fat. Proper dieting can be one of the fastest way to lose a lot of weight quickly and permanently. It can be much more effective than exercise too!

Avoid unhealthy foods and those foods that have high levels of sugar or caffeine. Try going for foods which are rich in nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fibers. Examples of such healthy foods are vegetables, fruits, oatmeal, whole grain etc.

Such kind of healthy foods keep your insulin levels even and control blood sugar levels as well as your hunger. So you can develop a much better control over your hunger if you get into the habit of eating healthy nutrition rich foods and stop eating junk!

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Gaining control over hunger means you stand a much better chance of getting rid of belly fat quickly, easily and permanently without putting in too much effort. Avoid eating processed food as much as you can and try eating natural food as much as possible.

7) Get sufficient sleep: Peaceful, calm, relaxing and restful sleep at night is one of the keys to long lasting health and strong immune system.

If your immune system is strong, your body can fight off diseases and keep fit. Such fitness is necessary if you want to lose weight permanently and stay slim.

When you are tired, you may tend to feel hungry or feel like eating something. This can lead to unhealthy food choices or overeating ultimately leading to weight gain and a pot belly.

By getting proper sleep at night, you can ensure that you stay active during the day so that you burn more fat, lose belly fat and stay energetic and fit.

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Keep in mind that quality of sleep is more important than quantity. You may sleep for 7-8 hours but don't feel so rested and another person may sleep just 5 hours and be happy, healthy and active.

So try to improve sleep quality by cultivating proper sleep habits. Realize that proper sleep habits may indirectly have an impact on your weight and even assist you in your quest to lose belly fat quickly.

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Best Ways to Lose Belly Fat - 7 Tips to Get a Flat Stomach Fast

As the holidays are drawing closer and you may be traveling by air to visit friends and relatives, I'd like to talk to you about some of the health concerns associated with flying and what you can do to ensure that you can stay healthy and enjoy your trip.

Air Travel Health Issues

Airplane Cabins A Potential Breeding Ground for Illness

To begin with, air quality on most commercial air carriers is very dry, about 50% recirculated, and who knows how good, or how clean, the air filters are. You might wonder why not simply add a humidifier to the cabin air? Well, to do so would mean to increase the chances of bacteria, fungi and molds reproducing in that enclosed space that can lead to upper respiratory and other illnesses. When flights are at capacity for passengers, your chances of catching a cold or the flu from fellow passengers are much higher than traveling on a bus or a train because of the "canned" air.

There can also be a higher level of ozone in cabin air which can affect infants, those with asthma, and the elderly in how they exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide. Breathing is typically more shallow in these passengers and oxygen intake while flying might be decreased. This could result in asthma attacks or a condition like hypoxia, a condition caused by lack of oxygen.

Even though these potential health concerns exist, there are some important things you can do to help keep you bug-free and breathing easy on your flight:

- Immunity boosters like Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, will keep your immune response high to ward off any onboard infections.
- Hydrate: Pre/during flight, drink water. Most airport waiting areas have bottled water available at food kiosks and on board. Avoid excessive alcohol or caffeinated drinks as they can dehydrate you.
- Using a saline nasal spray during your flight will keep your nasal passages moist and less irritated. Makes it harder for bugs to gain entry.
- Get enough sleep before you fly. Adequate rest will also help boost your immune response. And you can take short naps during your flight as well.
- Wash your hands with hot water and soap before boarding and bring a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your carry on that you can easily access.
- If you are immunodeficient with a chronic illness and must fly, you might consider wearing a HEPA filter face mask specially formulated to keep out viruses and bacteria. It could prevent you from starting off your holiday visit in the local ER.
- Those with special oxygen needs should check with your airline carrier. Federal Aviation rules prohibit you carrying your own oxygen tank onboard. Airline carriers will provide passengers with oxygen for an extra fee.

Prolonged Sitting Poses Special Problems

For the past 10 years, medical research and the Federal Aviation Authority have been aware that air flight can contribute to the development of deep vein thrombosis, or blood clots, in passengers from prolonged sitting during longer flights. However, a few simple things can prevent you from getting a blood clot:

- Walk to the lavatory several times to get your circulation moving.
- Do calf muscle stretches. Flex your toes toward, then away from you.
- Drinking water also helps prevent blood clots.
- Avoid alcohol and sedatives which contribute to circulation slowing.
- Shift your position several times to prevent blood pooling in legs.
- Consider wearing support hose during your flight.

Avoid Airplane Ear

Another potential health concern that can affect you while flying is a condition called barotrauma, or airplane ear. This occurs when the air pressure in your middle ear and the air pressure in your environment are out of balance. You feel it by your ears popping at the start of your flight when your plane climbs and at the end of your flight when it descends. Some stuffiness may result in your ears with muffled hearing. Most people, however, experience only some momentary popping sensations which can alleviated by:

- Chewing gum, yawning, or even swallowing that will correct the air pressure difference your inner ear experiences.

Airplane ear, in some cases, can be more serious and require the attention of a physician. If you experience these symptoms, please see a doctor at your earliest convenience after flight:

- Severe pain and/or bleeding from the ear.
- Hearing loss and/or tinnitus, a ringing, in your ear.
- Vertigo, or a dizzy, spinning sensation.

While there are some real health concerns to be aware of associated with flying, for the most part it should be an enjoyable part of your travel that gives you a little extra time to read a book, talk to a fellow passenger, plan your destination activities, or even take a nap. Practicing the above flying health suggestions can help you have a comfortable and ailment free trip so you can arrive at your destination and back home again refreshed and healthy!

Your Flying Health And Fitness Guide
Your Flying Health And Fitness Guide [Infographic] by the team at NeoMam

Article Source: https://EzineArticles.com/expert/Mark_Rosenberg,_M.D./101276

Air Travel Health Issues

Losing weight for overweight people is one of the hardest things to do. Many people run in to problems deciding what diet they are going to try, how long they have to exercise to lose weight, and most importantly how they are going to change the way that they live their lives so that they can eventually lose the weight and keep it off. The goal of this article is to share my story and my approach with you, to hopefully give you some insight to get started with your body transformation. Now to give you a little background of myself, hands I've always loved to eat. I was somewhat active, but did not ever really take the time to focus my efforts on weight loss. I was always conscious about my weight, but it wasn't till I hit my high mark of 260lbs when I realized, "Wow I Really Look Big, what Happened?" From that moment on I made it my job to exercise, change my eating habits and change how I live my life.

Kick Start Your Diet: Learn The Secrets That I Did To Lose Over 50 Pounds

Weight loss is not a miracle drug, or a six second video, it takes hard work and persistence. I do have to say that there are products on the market that do help you cut your cravings to kick start your diet though. For instance, I used a product called the Apple Diet Patch, it was a patch that I wore all day that I did not have to monitor, and it helped me to cut my cravings. This helped a lot.

I'm sure you all have heard of a lot of these craving cutter products, some work some don't, this one just happened to work for me. Now that I wasn't hungry all the time I was able to concentrate on ways to transform my body into and I hate saying this, a "fat melting machine." Working out for those people who never really worked out is not as easy as people make it out to be. I used to hear from friends, family, etc, "Greg why don't you just go to the gym?"; Workout its fun and it feels great." Bottom line people for those first couple weeks, it wasn't fun it was painful.

One secret that I learned throughout my weight loss is that, you do not have to turn into a body builder or a marathon runner to lose weight, all you have to do is exercise more than you were doing before. Many people decide that they want to lose weight, so they spend so much money to join a gym, go for a week, hate it, and never or almost never go back. This is one of the stupidest mistakes I made. Joining a gym is a great start, but take it easy. You do not have to work out for 2 hours a day. You can work out for 45 minutes and achieve great results. When I realized this, it is when I began to see the most eye opening changes to my body. Some weight loss tips for the gym are as follows:

Learn The Secrets That I Did To Lose Over 50 Pounds

a) If you have never run on a treadmill before or hate doing it, walking can achieve the same great results. Set the treadmill to 3.5 miles per hour and for each 1 minute interval that you are on the treadmill increase the incline 1 point, so it is like you are walking up a hill. Continue to do this for 7 straight minutes and then begin to decline. Every minute interval decline 1 point. Believe me This is a great exercise that really works.

b) Every time you go to the gym do something different. Lets say you walk on the treadmill one day, the next time ride the bike or use the elliptical machine. This method will allow your body to recognize new forms of motion allowing it to work harder and eventually accommodate to each exercise. In fact, what I do sometimes is spend 10 minutes on each different machine, instead of doing thirty minutes on one. It is surprisingly more fun and it achieves great results.

c) The best advice I can give you is that when it comes to weight lifting for the time being until you are at a weight that you feel comfortable with don't over exceed yourself, you might begin to see results that you won't like. Instead, what you can do is do exercises that use your own body weight, ie, push-ups, whether on your knees or military style, sit-ups, chin ups and pull ups. I guarantee if you do these exercises you will begin to see great results.

To conclude, there are many things you can do to lose weight. I have covered some of the steps that I have taken to change my body and hopefully this article will give you some hints to help you change yours. As I said when I opened up the article, losing weight is very hard, the most important thing is to find your motivation and follow it. I found mine when I looked in the mirror and realized it was time to change my life for good.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Greg_Nowick/76294

Kick Start Your Diet: Learn The Secrets That I Did To Lose Over 50 Pounds

Have you ever gone to bed, think you were tired enough to sleep, and you just lay there looking at the clock wondering why you can't sleep? We've all done it at some point or another in our lives. Most of the time it's because you aren't adequately relaxed enough to fall asleep and to sleep well. Here are 8 easy ways to relax before bed so that you can fall asleep quicker and sleep better.

8 Easy Ways to Relax Before Bed

Teas- One of the popular ways to relax before bed is to drink some relaxing herbal teas. There are many different types of herbal teas that you can drink to promote relaxation. The most common herbal tea for relaxing is chamomile tea. Chamomile has an apple-like flavor so it's very easy on the palate. You can also try valerian, which is used as a sleep aid, kava-kava, which is used to alleviate anxiety and even peppermint tea to ease tension and stress. There are many different blends of teas out there to help you relax before bed. Just try out a few of them and see which ones you like the best and which ones help to relax you the most.

Many people like to have a glass of wine to relax before bed

Wine- Many people like to have a glass of wine to relax before bed. A nice, sweet red wine is the most popular type of wine for relaxing before bed but only you can know which ones are best for you. If you don't like red wine then, obviously, you aren't going to want to drink a glass of red wine for bed. Also consider the alcohol content. Some people respond better to a lower alcohol content while others prefer a higher content in order to adequately relax. The choice is yours to make.

Books- Reading is another popular way to relax. I love to read before bed. Reading is very relaxing to me and can even induce some very interesting entertainment, through my dreams, for the night. Now if you are not a reader, reading to relax probably isn't going to work for you. Also reading topics that do not interest you will not be very relaxing either. Pick something that you enjoy reading, something with a nice pace and nothing too scary. Curl up in a comfy spot and read away. Before you know it, you will be ready for bed and relaxed enough to go right to sleep.

Music- Listening to music is another great way to relax before bed. You can combine a nice play list of relaxing music with you cup of tea or glass of wine. Sit back, relax, drink your tea and listen to your soft music. I wouldn't suggest anything loud or stimulating though. Pick something soothing and peaceful. You could even take you music into the bathroom to help you out with my next suggestion.

A bath. It's a simple and easy way to relax

Bath- A bath. It's a simple and easy way to relax. A nice, hot bubble bath is one of my most favorite ways to relax before bed, especially when my husband worked nights. The best time to take your relaxing bath would be after everyone else has gone to bed. Put the kids to bed, make sure they are asleep, and then head to the bathroom with your music and glass of wine. Throw in some bath salts, bath oils or just some essential oils and then dive right in. Sit back and soak in the hot, relaxing water until it starts to cool down. After you get out of the tub, slather on your favorite body lotion and you will be ready for bed.

Ways to Relax Before Bed - Massage

Massage- If your significant other is home with you in the evenings, you may consider asking them to give you a nice massage. It doesn't have to be a full body massage in order to relax you enough to sleep well. If your feet are aching then get a foot massage. If you back is hurting then get a back massage. Same goes for neck and shoulder aches and pains. You can set the mood with wine, music, dim lighting and something fragrant like candles and/or essential oils. Keep in mind that you may be expected to provide a massage in return.

Exercise- Some people say that you shouldn't exercise before bed. Exercise can keep some people awake but if you aren't one of those people then exercise could be a huge help in relaxing you before bed. I've always found that exercise relaxes me throughout the day. So if I exercise in the morning I will actually be very relaxed, and could even take a nap, for a couple of hours following my workout.

Sex- While sex could be considered in the exercise category, I wanted to give sex it's own section. We all know that sex releases hormones into your body. Those hormones are great for relaxing you before bed. There's nothing like that "high" you get after a dose of good sex. As a matter of fact, you could use all of the previous suggestions to lead up to sex. Boy, you would sleep good after all of that! So why not enjoy a little one-on-one time with your significant other?

All of these suggestions can be used alone or in combination to promote relaxation before you head to bed. It is up to you to choose which one, or more than one, of these will work best for your situation. It is so important to be relaxed in order to have a good night's sleep. Everyone needs to sleep so why not make the best of it and help your body to prepare for bedtime. Your body needs to recharge so help it by relaxing beforehand.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Christie_Silvers/114531

8 Easy Ways to Relax Before Bed

Even those aiming for weight loss can have a complete meal from appetizer to dessert. Appetizers are an important part of the meal as they help stimulate the appetite. No need to count calories, just make sure that you are eating healthy with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

4 Healthy Appetizer Recipes for the Figure-Conscious

Cheese and Spinach Bites

Cheese and Spinach Bites

What you need:

  • 3 eggs, beaten
  • 1/2 onion, chopped
  • 2 cups dry bread stuffing mix
  • 1 1/4 cups frozen chopped spinach
  • 1/4 cup shredded Cheddar cheese
  • 1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese
  • 2 tablespoons melted butter

Combine eggs, onion, bread stuffing mix, spinach, cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese and melted butter in a large bowl. When ingredients are well-mixed, cover and refrigerate for 30 minutes. When ready, drop by spoonfuls a large baking sheet and refrigerate again for 1 hour. Thaw for 30 minutes then bake in a pre-heated oven (350 degrees F) until lightly browned, about 20 to 25 minutes.

Savory Eggplant Appetizer

Savory Eggplant Appetizer

What you need:

  • 5 small eggplants, peeled and cubed
  • 5 tomatoes, chopped
  • 5 onions, chopped
  • 5 bell peppers, seeded and chopped
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 cup vegetable oil
  • 1/2 cup red wine vinegar
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 tablespoon salt

Place eggplant, tomato, onion and bell pepper in a pot. Combine water, oil, vinegar and salt in a bowl then pour over vegetables. Bring to a boil, stirring occasionally. Cook for 25 to 30 minutes over medium heat. Serve warm with bread.

Beer-Battered Vegetable Fritters

Beer-Battered Vegetable Fritters

What you need:

  • 6 mushrooms, stems removed
  • 1 carrot, slice into thick strips
  • 1 onion, sliced into rings
  • 1 bell pepper, sliced into rings
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 cups vegetable oil
  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 1/2 cups beer
  • 1 cup milk
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Combine 1 1/2 cups flour and beer in a large bowl. Stir until well-mixed then let stand at room temperature for 30 minutes. Mix together eggs and milk in a bowl. Combine remaining flour, salt and pepper in a separate bowl. Dip each vegetable in the egg mixture, then in the flour mixture then finally in the beer mixture. Heat oil over high heat and deep fry vegetables until golden brown.

Beet Your Hunger

Healthy Appetizer Recipes - Beet

What you need:

  • 2 large beets, cooked, peeled and sliced into 1/3-inch pieces
  • 1/2 cup tarragon vinegar
  • 1/2 cup feta cheese
  • 1/2 cup chopped walnuts or cashew
  • 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice

Marinate beets in tarragon vinegar for 15 to 20 minutes. Reserve vinegar. When ready, place some beet slices in a microwave-safe dish. Sprinkle with feta cheese and walnuts then drizzle with reserved vinegar and lemon juice. Top with beet slices and repeat process until all beet slices are stacked. Cook on medium high in a microwave for 1 minute.

Snack on these nutritious yet delicious appetizer recipes while waiting for the main course to be cooked!

Adrian T. Cheng is a food blogger who promotes healthy eating. He has written numerous posts and articles about natural herbs and spices, shared countless of delicious and healthy recipes and reviewed kitchen accessories that are affordable yet of quality. You can view Adrian's posts about going green and other kitchen tools he recommends on his page.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Adrian_T._Cheng/2109020

4 Healthy Appetizer Recipes for the Figure-Conscious

Congratulations on your pregnancy. You are eagerly waiting for your unborn child to come out into the world in a few months time. How about considering doing some yoga? Medical research has shown that working pregnant women, tend to find the birth pangs bearable and can give birth without much pain and hassle.

Yoga Exercise for Pregnant Women

It is a proven method. Yoga is an ancient exercise form which originated in India and is now popular worldwide. Several men and women have experienced immense benefits from doing it. That is because it is easy to do, you do not need too many accessories, and you can practice it anywhere.

In this article, we will read some yoga exercise for pregnant women.

Vakrasana (Twisted pose)

Vakrasana (Twisted pose)

The yoga pose is simple. You need to sit down in a straight pose and then stretch your feet in the front. Then raise both your arms with palms facing down and inhale deeply. Now, exhaling, you will want to twist your body and then move your hands and head simultaneously. Avoid bending the knees and wrap your arms as much as you can.

Utkatasana (Chair pose)

The chair pose is considered difficult but is extremely beneficial to keep fit during pregnancy. For this yoga pose, you will want to stand straight with your feet little apart from each other. Then you will want to inhale for few seconds and then lift your arms. Then slowly exhale and sit in a squatting position using your toes if possible or use your feet flat.

Konasana (Angle pose)

Konasana (Angle pose)

The angle post is helpful to improve the waist and reduce the fat. You should stand in a straight position and keep your feet wide apart from each other. Then lift one hand up and stretch upwards. Then inhale and bend sidewards on the other side. Exhale and repeat the same using the other hand.

You can take the help of somebody when doing these yoga poses.

Pointers to consider for pregnant women

When you are reaching your eighth or ninth month of pregnancy, some yoga exercises for pregnant women are not the type of activities to be during this time. These are crucial times for both mother and the baby inside. You will want to consult with your doctor and take his/her advice before adventuring into yoga asana.

You never know what might happen. Here you are trying to do something good and certainly don't want anything untoward happening. However, it is advisable that you join yoga classes with other pregnant women. There are classes held in several cities, and you can surely find one in your location.

When doing yoga exercises, you will want to make sure that you never over stretch your abdomen area. Similarly, when you are twisting your body, you should avoid using your stomach area and instead use your upper back and your shoulders.

Never be too bothered when you are unable to perform some asana, unlike other pregnant women. When there is pain or discomfort, you will want to take rest or stop exercising immediately. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Yoga exercises must be performed such that you enjoy doing them and they help you during your childbirth.

Find the Best Weight loss strategy, eBooks, Diet eBooks and great Health & Fitness Articles about exercises, strategies, guides, plans & tips on Weight Loss.

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Yoga Exercise for Pregnant Women

Millions of people who are overweight are trying to regain the youthful, slim bodies that they once had. They want to lose pounds of fat that they have accumulated over their years of marriage or of just getting older. If you have a few pounds to lose then some weight lose programs can work for you. However, if you have quite a few pounds to lose, than you need to practice eating habits that go against common sense.

Want Nutritional Help to Lose Pounds

When your body is out of balance, your organs, hormones, and cells are not functioning normal. If you eat processed foods, your pancreas is overworked. If you eat salty food, your body is flooded with excess water. If you eat excess meat and fatty foods, your cardiovascular system malfunctions. Being fat is a sign that you need to learn how to lose pounds so that you body can rebalance.

1. Changing Your Diet - Studies have shown that eating fewer calories is not the best way to lose fat. If you back off on eating fewer carbohydrates, your thyroid tells your body to burn less fat. Therefore, back off on eating fewer carbohydrates really slow. But you can back off on eating meat. Meat is filled with an excess of saturated fat, and you don't need it, if you want to lose weight.

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2. Eating patterns - If you are greatly overweight and you need to lose pounds, then don't eat fruits and juices in the morning. Eat a big breakfast so that later in the day you will not be as hungry. But if you just need to lose a few pounds, eat fruits in the morning to help cleanse your body out and normalize your weight.

3. Anxiety and Anger - If you're prone to getting upset, easily angered, and have excess anxiety, then you will have a problem losing weight and keeping it off. Anxiety creates issues similar to eating excess salt. Salt attracts water and causes excess water weight. Anxiety allows blood plasma protein to escape through the artery walls and into the lymph liquid. There it attracts excess water causing you weight gain. Study relaxation techniques to help you lose weight and to keep blood plasma protein where it belongs, in the blood vessels.

4. Thyroid - This is the first organ you should test when you start a program to lose pounds. If your thyroid is not putting out enough thyroxine hormones you will have a hard time losing weight. So test it using a basal thermometer. This check is done when you first wake up. You check the temperature in your underarm. Low temperature indicates low thyroid function. You can find out how to do this thyroid test on the Internet.

5. Aerobics - You cannot lose pounds without exercising. You have to exercise in a specific and consistent way. You don't need to get on the treadmill or the stair stepper and pound away for 30 or 40 minutes. Do quick fast exercises for a few minutes to get your heart rate up, then stop and rest a minute and do it again. You burn fat this way not the other tedious pounding way. This is the Pace Method, and you should check it out.

6. Excess Blood Sugar - Many studies have shown that insulin play a critical role in controlling your weight. If you eat a lot of processed and sugary foods, your blood sugar elevates causing your pancreas to release insulin. If your cells close off to high blood sugar, then your blood insulin will remain high. This high insulin moves fat into your cells and blocks it from coming out when it is needed. Try to maintain an even blood sugar level by eating healthier.

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So there you have it, some information and tips to lose pounds. Look at each item above and search for more information on the topic to expand your knowledge. Use this information so that you begin to know how to lose pounds.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Mike_Waller/234985

Want Nutritional Help to Lose Pounds?

A good night's rest, in the form of a deep relaxing sleep, is essential to helping the body to recover from the stresses of the day and to prepare you for the rigors of tomorrow. If you engage in regular strenuous exercise, this sleep time is even more important, both to help your body recover and to help you perform at optimal levels during the exercise.

Rest and Nutrition Help Fight Stress

The physical stresses experienced during exercise deplete the body of protein, water and other essential nutrients. These can be recovered somewhat by consuming protein and ensuring proper hydration after each exercise routine. Exercise stress and emotional stress also increase the demand for certain hormones in the body. Chief among these is cortisol, which is released by the adrenal glands in response to stress.

Elevated cortisol levels are needed for immediate 'flight-or-fight' situations that can be resolved quickly, thereby allowing the body to relax and return to normal. Regular strenuous exercise, combined with modern stressful lifestyles, can keep cortisol levels raised far beyond what is required for an immediate threat. Cortisol pumps glucose into the body to help prepare the muscles to respond to stress situations. A consistently elevated level of cortisol raises blood sugar levels and can interfere with the immune system.

Managing and reducing stress is important to repairing the damage and resetting the balance of hormones in the body. A deep relaxing sleep helps the body to restore its hormonal balance, which allows the process of recovery to occur. In fact, the building of muscle, tissue and stamina that you hope to gain from exercise all takes place while you are asleep. The exercise depletes resources and the body restores them when we are at rest.

Depriving yourself of sleep also deprives your body of the vital time to repair and rebuild. The result can be lower performance. Repeated stressful exercise without recovery weakens the body over time. Studies show that sleep-deprived athletes have measurably lower muscle power. This effect is apparently increased for individuals who rose early, compared to those who went to bed late. Getting up at 4:30 AM might seem a fine time for training, but it may come at the expense of your performance and development.

Of course, good nutrition is also essential to good physical performance. Choose foods high in nutrient value and proteins that will supply the essential elements the body needs to repair and rebuild muscle and tissue. Good nutrition also helps to rebalance cortisol and other hormones. The combination of good nutrition and good sleep is the key to optimal performance, in exercise and in daily life.

Finally, drink plenty of water. If you exercise regularly, you need to stay hydrated and not only when you exercise. Caffeine is a natural diuretic, so drinking two large mugs of Seattle's finest in the morning will set you up for dehydration at the time you need to exercise. Drinking water then won't help to replenish the water you have already lost. The specific amount of water you need to drink each day depends on many variables, including your size and activity levels. Not drinking water regularly will increase the stress on your body.

Patrick is a coach, speaker, and trainer to individuals and business leaders. He helps leaders to achieve success by clarifying their vision, strategic plans, leadership, change management, brand and marketing strategy. He helps individuals to remove self-limiting beliefs and fears that prevent them from acting on their goals and dreams. 615-261-8585 http://www.patrickgsmyth.com

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Rest and Nutrition Help Fight Stress

We use coconut oil almost daily in our homes for a variety of uses. It is edible, so it forms a staple part of cooking in many parts of the world. It is used in beauty treatments. It also helps immensely in hair growth and keeps the skin moisturised. Its anti-inflammatory properties prevent infection from wounds as well.

Types Of Coconut Oil

These are some points that we already know about coconut oil. How much do we know about the oil extraction process, methods involved, health benefits of each type of oil that is extracted along the way and the likes? Not much, isn't it? This article will throw some light on some of these areas, so that we get to know the extraction process of our healthy coconut oil, in a better way.

Basics of extraction process

It can be extracted in two ways - wet and dry. In the dry form, coconut meat is left to dry in the sun for long hours so that it becomes copra. When treated with other solvents, copra produces oil. In the wet form, coconut meat is used to create a mixture of oil and water. This is then treated with further chemicals, salts, enzymes and the likes so that the mixture is further broken down to give out oil.

RBD Coconut Oil

This is also known as refined, bleached and deodorized coconut oil. It has no taste and no odour. Before knowing what this is all about, you might have a question in your minds if it is healthy and can be used for cooking. While the RBD type scores lower marks than its virgin type in the health department, it is undoubtedly better than other vegetable oils that we consume every day. Refined oil is made from copra that is dark brownish in colour after hours of drying in the sun. Bleaching and deodorizing are required to remove the effects of copra's colour and the smoky odour of the wood-heating process of copra.

Crude Coconut Oil

Crude oil is the unrefined or the most natural oil that has been extracted from the coconuts fresh before they are subjected to any refinements and processing. It is considered to be the best for your health because it has a natural taste, aroma, and nutrients. This kind of oil is not easily available as the refined types, and the rarity of it makes it more special. Manufacturers get a lot of demand for this kind of oil.

Coconut Fatty Acid Distillate

When the crude oil is introduced to further refinements, some fatty acids are released as a by-product of this natural coconut oil. These are known as coconut fatty acid distillate (CAFD) and are used in animal feeds. Your coconut oil manufacturer will help you to understand the application of CAFD and its benefits further.

While crude coconut oil is one of the best and natural forms of oil, it is not very hygienic as it is raw. Therefore, you must indulge in a detailed research before you choose a healthy coconut oil so that it gives you the benefits that you expected.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Satvik_Mittal/1728302

Types Of Coconut Oil

There was a time when everyone thought that fats were the enemy. Back then, we all focussed on the simple fact that fats contained more calories as well as some evidence suggesting that they might be linked to heart disease and other problems.

Should You Get Rid Of Carbs

Indeed, this is the premise that diet plans like Weight Watchers were founded on!

But over time, fat has had an image change. For starters, it turned out that those studies linking fat with heart disease were unfounded. What was more though, it was also found that fat was better for keeping us feeling fuller for longer, at least partly because it takes longer to be absorbed.

Suddenly, everyone was raving about fat and it was carbs that had the bad reputation. Carbs spike the blood with sugar, resulting in an insulin response. Sugar causes inflammation. Simple carbs tend to be low in nutrients and make you hungry. The list goes on...

So are carbs really the enemy? Should you make like Atkins and ditch them entirely?

The Problem With Going No-Carb

The answer to that question is well and truly 'no'. While it's true that we get a lot of glucose from cars, what's also true is that this is actually necessary. If you live only on fats for fuel, then you'll be on what's known as a 'ketogenic' diet and this can leave you low on energy over time.

Likewise, completely avoiding all fruits and vegetables (most of these are carbs) will almost certainly lead to nutrient deficiencies as well as a very low fibre intake.

Low Carb, Not No Carb

Of course though, most diets don't recommend completely cutting carbs and are instead more likely to advise just reducing them or eating only 'complex' carbs. This option is a lot better and it certainly can provide a good way to prevent hunger pangs and to discourage lipogenesis.

Even if that's true, it's key to ensure that you are still getting enough. Not only is avoiding carbs a little soul crushing and somewhat difficult - it's also still a sure-fire way to end up low on energy. If you can reduce the number of chips you have with your next meal then great but don't feel too guilty over having some potatoes.

As is so often the case, the reality is a little more complex than 'this one food group makes you fat'. Make sure you continue to eat a healthy and balanced diet and just apply a little common sense!

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Keye_Wu/2314157

Should You Get Rid Of Carbs?

No matter where you are located and what your climate conditions are, keeping your body in a shape is not an easy task. This is the reason why I have prepared a draft of some of the best weight loss tips so you can understand the art of getting a slim and smart body without doing any hard exercises or going for a crazy workout. So let's get started.

5 Simple and Best Weight Loss Tips for Getting a Perfect Figure

1. Using Metabolism Boosters

Metabolism boosters can be very effective in losing weight. Eating a good and healthy breakfast assists us to prevent from overeating because it is actually the peak time when your body burns calories.

One good suggestion for a metabolism booster is to eat according to your blood type. For example, if you have type B blood, your body will thrive more on meat, although foods such as tomatoes,lentils, buckwheat, and peanuts, etc. will amazingly decrease your metabolism.

Drinking a particular amount of water throughout a day and taking good enough (8 hours) sleep are the other great ways that can boost your metabolism.

2. Metabolism Boosting Drinks

Another simple and good weight loss method is to use metabolism boosting drinks. You can decrease a few pounds conveniently by making green tea and adding some berries into this tea.Other great metabolism boosting drinks are lemon water and coconut water. The best thing about these drinks is that they are widely available. In addition, ready-made metabolism drinks are also available, which can be purchased at the cheap prices with the utilisation of shopping comparison sources online.

Metabolism Boosting Drinks

3. How many Carbs you should Eat

One useful tip for fat burning is to estimate how many carbs you should take in a day so your body will burn your fat more quickly. This method is working well for many women throughout the world when losing weight fast. Remember, don't use a regular scale while measuring carbs.

4. Skip Lunch

If you want to avoid strict diet plans and hard workouts, then you skip your lunch on the regular basis. This is one simple yet effective weight loss tip that will cut down your calories and you will gain less weight in future.

5. Include Walk in your Daily Routine

One of the easiest ways to lose weight is by just walking. Walking is not hard, and it's not frightened like interval training. But Remember, walking is not just about walking without making any schedule. You must know how much you walk according to your body type and what is the right time to walk. Similarly, intervals between walk are also important as they play an important role in fat burning.

Include Walk in your Daily Routine


Whether you are losing weight to make yourself like a teen or you just want to lose a few kilograms, there are numerous ways to do it. While having the above listed best weight loss tips in mind, you can achieve your health goals fast and without any extra training. And interestingly, you don't need to go the gym for crazy workouts or making yourself restricted on boring and tasteless diets. Make sure to choose supplements according to your body type, so you could see immediate results.

paylessdeal Wills Terrace, Burnside Heights VIC 3023

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5 Simple and Best Weight Loss Tips for Getting a Perfect Figure

Conventional dieting wisdom used to dictate that there were certain foodstuffs you should never eat under any circumstances when you were trying to lose weight.

What Foods Should You Never Eat on a Diet

That list will be familiar to just about everybody above a certain age - chocolate, ice cream, bread, cheese, sweeties, and potatoes etc. In some respects, intuitively, some of those things make some sort of sense but the problem is that different diets had very different lists of banned foodstuffs.

For example, some fruit-based diets majored on the benefits of eating bananas whereas low-carbohydrate diets listed them as something that should never be consumed.

Then there were the low-fat diets that banned most forms of fats, to an extent that was subsequently discovered to be potentially harmful to health.

So, what's the reality?

In modern weight loss programs, there is much more emphasis on designing a diet to suit the individual and their particular body chemistry rather than the construction of extensive lists of totally banned foodstuffs. In practice, different people need different forms of diet to optimise their weight loss performance. Simply handing out a list of what can and cannot be eaten to everybody on the same basis is an approach that is unlikely to work.

There is, of course, some disagreement on the specifics of this philosophy but many dieting experts now believe in a varied but nevertheless managed diet that can potentially include almost anything providing everything that is consumed is taken into account in the global dietary design.

Of course, weight loss programs will still stress the benefits of healthy balanced eating and the elimination of or very significant reduction in, the consumption of certain products. Broadly speaking, it's likely to be the case that strong advice will be given to eliminate entirely or to eat only very occasionally and then sparingly, those foodstuffs containing what are sometimes called 'empty calories' with little direct nutritional benefit.

Such products are likely to include at least some of those old conventional favourites from the past such as:

  • Sweets
  • Full sugar fizzy drinks
  • Cakes, pastries and biscuits
  • Fried fast-snack type food
  • Mass-produced take away meals
  • Alcohol
  • Puddings other than those based around the use of fresh fruit and yoghurt etc.

Undoubtedly that looks rather tediously like all those old lists mentioned above but it is significantly different in several respects.

In most modern diets, gone is the absolute blanket ban on things such as bread, potatoes, eggs, cheese and so on. That's because although certain products of that type can be something of a challenge for the body to efficiently process without putting on weight, they also bring with them health benefits in areas such as fibre and good cholesterol etc.

So, some modern diets may well include an allowance of certain traditionally banned foodstuffs but will stress the need for them to be consumed in moderation and as part of a tightly managed overall regime.

It's worth noting that this is talking purely about the 'diet' as in the losing weight aspects of the equation. Many diets today though focus not simply on losing weight but also on improving your overall health and vitality. As such, they may well suggest that certain foodstuffs are included or excluded based upon your overall state of health rather than necessarily exclusively upon the fastest path to weight loss.

Do remember that it's always advisable to base a diet upon professional and medical advice rather than simply constructing your own list of things that you have decided to either include or exclude from your daily food intake!

Ratna Rashid is an author and business manager in Adventures in Weightloss team. Adventures in Weightloss is a medically designed, personalised weight loss program resulting in rapid and permanent weight loss. Take a look at some common FAQ on weight loss.

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What Foods Should You Never Eat on a Diet?

There is an increasing number of people going on the vegan diet for weight loss purposes. With so many people thriving on this lifestyle, they are setting an example for others and inspiring them to likewise discover this amazing lifestyle for themselves. It is undisputed that tens of thousands of persons who have adopted veganism have experienced weight loss. Why is this the case? Lets' look at 3 factors below:

The Facts Behind Vegan Weight Loss - Why Are So Many People Losing Weight On The Vegan Diet?

The calories are low 

Vegan foods, or plant-based foods are naturally low in fat and calories, whereas meat at dairy products are notoriously high in fat and calorie content. Therefore, with the complete elimination of all meat and dairy products from ones diet - weight loss ensues. It is inevitable you could conclude.

One study examined the calorie content of 5 chosen non-vegan foods and 5 vegan foods. On average, the meat and dairy foods contained 315 calories per 100g, whilst the plant-based foods contained 170 calories per 100g. This substantial calorie difference can be attributed to plant-based foods generally being low in fat content. If you were to examine the fat content of plant-based foods, you will likewise conclude that the vegan diet is undoubtedly low-fat.


Studies indicate that fatty foods, creamy foods and oily foods have an addictive nature. This explains why many persons on a standard diet overeat until they feel sick. They will often have three servings of roast lamb, a large milkshake, or an extra helping of the macaroni cheese. On the other hand, food on the vegan diet has a more balanced taste and therefore, you will not be so ravenous when you are consuming your meals. With the elimination of fatty meats and oily dairy products, you can be confident that your voracious, uncontrolled eating behaviors will be a thing of the past! Yes, many people have been able to lose weight on the vegan diet because of the complete elimination of all addictive fatty and oily animal-based foods!

Vegan weight Loss fajitas

The 'I feel healthier' Positive effect 

When a person adopts veganism, they often marvel at how great they feel. Time and time again, persons on the vegan diet report having more energy, clearer skin, a happier disposition and a zest for life. This positive affect of vegan foods often makes a person want to stay on this diet. They simply do not want to go back to feeling terrible again! Therefore, with the extra motivation to remain on the vegan diet for a longer period of time, they are allowing their body to get healthy again and to shed all excess body fat. Indeed, weight loss on the vegan diet is inevitable!

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Loren_Antonios/1755192

The Facts Behind Vegan Weight Loss - Why Are So Many People Losing Weight On The Vegan Diet?

Ashwagandha is an adaptogen, which is a medicinal herb that helps the body adapt to stress and exerts a normalizing effect upon bodily functions.

9 Health Benefits of Ashwagandha the Super Adaptogen

Ashwagandha means horse's smell in Sanskrit; the reference meaning, horse like attributes of physical strength and endurance.

Ashwagandha has a surprising number of health promoting benefits and there have been over 200 studies documenting these numerous benefits.

1 Energy and Stamina

Ashwagandha provides a steady level of healthy energy and endurance, eliminating fatigue.

2 Adrenal System

Chronic stress seems to be a constant in a lot of people's lives. When you are stressed, your body produces higher levels of cortisol which can fatigue your adrenal glands, which also tends to disrupt hormone balances. This leads to symptoms of fatigue, irritability, weight gain and sweet or salty food cravings. Ashwagandha helps to balance cortisol production supporting health adrenal function.

3 Thyroid Hormones

Whether you are suffering from hypothyroidism (under active thyroid or elevated TSH and decreased T4) or hyperthyroidism (thyroid over produces T4, T3, or both), Ashwagandha regulates and balances healthy thyroid hormone production.

4 Anti-Aging

Ashwagandha destroys free radicals which cause damage to your skin. It also increases DHEA and Estrogen levels which helps to increase collagen production that maintains your skins youthful appearance.

5 Mood stabilizer

Ashwagandha also has the amazing ability to decrease anxiety and reduce symptoms of depression. In fact Ashwagandha generally has a calming effect and elevates your mood.

6 Brain Health

Ashwagandha greatly improves brain health by reducing the build-up of amyloid plaques in the brain that cause degenerative diseases such as Dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Huntington's Disease. It also stimulates the re-growth of damaged brain cells helping to reduce the symptoms of these degenerative diseases. Ashwagandha also improves the production of acetylcholine which improves cognitive abilities such as memory and learning.

Health Benefits of Ashwagandha the Super Adaptogen

7 Diabetes

Ashwagandha helps improve the symptoms of diabetes by lowering after meal and fasting blood sugar levels and improving insulin sensitivity.

8 Cancer Prevention

Ashwagandha helps to block the growth of cancer cells (breast, lung, central nervous system and colon) due to immune boosting and antioxidant properties. It increases the production of white blood cells which makes the body better able to fight cancer and also the effects of chemotherapy.

9 Reduces Pain and Stiffness in the Joints

As Ashwagandha is a powerful antioxidant, it greatly reduces inflammation in the body, thereby reducing joint pain and stiffness.

Recommended Dosage: 500-1000 mgs twice daily

Petrea Dishman at http://www.affordable-health.com Our mission is to provide significant value in healthcare benefits and equip you with an abundance and balance of health, fitness, healthy recipes, personal development and spiritual information and resources for Inspiration and wellness of the Whole person.

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9 Health Benefits of Ashwagandha the Super Adaptogen

A low-carb diet can have many health benefits. It can help keep weight down and lowers the chance of developing illnesses such as diabetes. However, it can be easier said than done. Try following our 7 easy ways to keep carbohydrates in your diet to a minimum.

7 Ways to Lower Your Carbohydrate Intake

1 Skip the Fruit Juice

Fruit juice contains little fiber and is full of sugar and carbohydrates, much like any other sugar-filled beverage. The best thing is to stick to water, but if you want to add a little extra flavor, try adding a slice of lemon or lime to spice things up a little.

Take home message: Just because it says 'fruit juice' doesn't mean it is better for you than any other sugary drink; it's best to stick to water.

2 Have Eggs for Breakfast

Ways to Lower Your Carbohydrate Intake - Eggs for Breakfast

Many breakfast foods such as breads and cereals are high in carbohydrates. Eggs can provide a tasty breakfast meal without loading you up on carbs. They are also full of protein, just be sure to skip the toast.

Take home message: Eggs are a high protein, low carb, breakfast alternative if you are trying to control your carbohydrate intake.

3 Eat low Carbohydrate Snacks

low Carbohydrate Snacks

You may be doing a great job keeping carbohydrates to a minimum when it comes to your main meals, but those snacks can add up. Treats like pretzels and chips are loaded with unwanted carbs. Instead, opt for cheese, almonds or walnuts.

Take home message: Keeping your carbohydrate intake in check when it comes to snacks is just as important as managing it during main meals.

4 Make Sure Your Dairy Intake is Low Carbohydrate

Dairy products are very tasty and very healthy, but some are loaded with carbohydrates. Fruit flavoured yoghurt and frozen yoghurt are often high in sugar and carbohydrates. Stick with Greek yoghurt and cheese for a low carb alternative. Take home message - remember to choose dairy that is low carb to get the full benefits of dairy products without any unwanted carbohydrates.

Take home message: Remember to choose dairy that is low in carbohydrates to get the full benefits of dairy products without any unwanted carbohydrates.

Low Carbohydrate Dairy and Vegetables

5 Switch Potatoes and Bread for Vegetables

When given the choice between potatoes and bread or vegetables, particularly when eating out, always opt for vegetables. Where possible, make sure the vegetables are non-starchy such as carrots, peas or corn.

Take home message: Eating out can be a challenge, so always ask for vegetables instead of a carb-loaded side.

6 Eat Plenty of Protein

Lower Your Carbohydrate Intake - Eat Plenty of Protein

Eating a healthy, high protein source at each meal can make it easier to reduce those carbs. Protein such as meat, poultry, eggs and nuts not only add flavor and variety to meals, but they also make you feel fuller for longer, therefore you will be less likely to reach for an extra piece of bread

or high-carb dessert.

Take home message: Eating a healthy protein at each meal is an easy way to lower your carbohydrate intake.

7 Cut out Bread

Whilst bread might be a staple in many diets, it is often low in fiber and high in carbohydrates, this is particularly true of white bread. If you are trying to decrease your carbohydrate intake, the simplest and most effective way is to eliminate bread.

Take home message: Whole grain bread contains nutrients, but is also incredibly high in carbohydrates and you can ingest these nutrients through other foods.

Reducing your carbohydrate intake can be difficult, but hopefully, these steps will help you to form healthy habits when it comes to implementing a low-carb diet.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Jenny_Michelle/2321890

7 Ways to Lower Your Carbohydrate Intake

I can still remember that my grandmother used to apply turmeric whenever we had cuts or wounds in our childhood. She insisted that no medicine is as effective as turmeric. It is used for generations as an anti-bacterial agent. Not only for medicine, turmeric is an inseparable part of Indian cuisine and an Indian kitchen never falls short of it. The golden-colored ancient spice is used as both food and medicine. Its vibrant color is due to curcumin, which has healing qualities. Curcumin has significant anti-inflammatory qualities.

5 Benefits of Turmeric for Your Skin

The best thing about turmeric is that it has no toxic effects on our bodies. The antioxidants in curcumin protect healthy cells. These antioxidants also protect cells in the colon from cancer. They help in destroying mutated cancer cells and prevent them from spreading to other areas. Turmeric is also effective in lowering the cholesterol level and preventing heart diseases.

However, above everything turmeric is an essential beauty product in India from many centuries. It is the most inexpensive and natural way to get beautiful, glowing skin. It can be immensely helpful in treating different skin problems and getting a flawless skin.

Treatment of oily skin with Turmeric

Those who have oily skin can mix 1 ½ of sandalwood powder with a pinch of turmeric powder and three tablespoons of orange juice. Mix these ingredients well and apply this paste on your face. Leave it for 15 minutes and rinse well with lukewarm water.

Turmeric for Dry Skin Treatment

Take one egg white, two drops of olive oil, rose water, fresh lemon juice and a pinch of turmeric powder. Mix everything well and apply on dry areas like face, neck, knees and elbows. Leave the mask for 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm water.

Reduction of Facial Hair

If turmeric paste is applied daily, it slows down the growth of facial hair. Many Indian mothers apply turmeric paste on their baby girls to make them get rid of unwanted hair.

Turmeric for Treatment of Aging

Turmeric soothes the aging skin. Since ancient times, turmeric paste and powder were used for beauty treatment. Even today would-be brides and grooms have to apply turmeric paste before their wedding. Mix turmeric powder with an equal amount of gram flour and raw milk. Use this pack before bathing and leave till it completely dries off. Rinse it off but do not use any soap or chemicals. This mask is going to exfoliate your skin and you will have an instant glow.

Turmeric Cures Cracked Heels

Mix a pinch of turmeric with castor oil or coconut oil. Apply the mixture on your cracked heels. Do it before going to bed and do not forget to clean your feet before applying the paste. Leave it for overnight. Repeat this for a week and see the difference.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Jyotirupa_Sarma/2187860

5 Benefits of Turmeric for Your Skin