Different Types Of Coconut Oil

We use coconut oil almost daily in our homes for a variety of uses. It is edible, so it forms a staple part of cooking in many parts of the world. It is used in beauty treatments. It also helps immensely in hair growth and keeps the skin moisturised. Its anti-inflammatory properties prevent infection from wounds as well.

Different Types Of Coconut Oil

These are some points that we already know about coconut oil. How much do we know about the oil extraction process, methods involved, health benefits of each type of oil that is extracted along the way and the likes? Not much, isn't it? This article will throw some light on some of these areas, so that we get to know the extraction process of our healthy coconut oil, in a better way.

Basics of extraction process

It can be extracted in two ways - wet and dry. In the dry form, coconut meat is left to dry in the sun for long hours so that it becomes copra. When treated with other solvents, copra produces oil. In the wet form, coconut meat is used to create a mixture of oil and water. This is then treated with further chemicals, salts, enzymes and the likes so that the mixture is further broken down to give out oil.

RBD Coconut Oil

This is also known as refined, bleached and deodorized coconut oil. It has no taste and no odour. Before knowing what this is all about, you might have a question in your minds if it is healthy and can be used for cooking. While the RBD type scores lower marks than its virgin type in the health department, it is undoubtedly better than other vegetable oils that we consume every day. Refined oil is made from copra that is dark brownish in colour after hours of drying in the sun. Bleaching and deodorizing are required to remove the effects of copra's colour and the smoky odour of the wood-heating process of copra.

Crude Coconut Oil

Crude oil is the unrefined or the most natural oil that has been extracted from the coconuts fresh before they are subjected to any refinements and processing. It is considered to be the best for your health because it has a natural taste, aroma, and nutrients. This kind of oil is not easily available as the refined types, and the rarity of it makes it more special. Manufacturers get a lot of demand for this kind of oil.

Coconut Fatty Acid Distillate

When the crude oil is introduced to further refinements, some fatty acids are released as a by-product of this natural coconut oil. These are known as coconut fatty acid distillate (CAFD) and are used in animal feeds. Your coconut oil manufacturer will help you to understand the application of CAFD and its benefits further.

While crude coconut oil is one of the best and natural forms of oil, it is not very hygienic as it is raw. Therefore, you must indulge in a detailed research before you choose a healthy coconut oil so that it gives you the benefits that you expected.

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