How to Lose 10 Pounds in a Month Naturally

The experts advise not to lose more than one 2 pounds per week, so that the weight reduction is healthier and our body has time to adapt. Let's not fool ourselves, this is not easy, but with certain dietary and exercise guidelines is possible. Losing pounds is possible.

To lose 10 pounds in a month we will need to reduce about 500 kcal daily in our diet and burn as many based on exercise, preferably aerobic. The first thing is to be aware that you have to comply with diet and exercise, if we do everything right the results will come.

How to Lose 10 Pounds in a Month Naturally

Dietary tips for losing weight

Out soft drinks and sugary drinks, which provide a lot of calories in a couple of drinks. Go to the water. Same with salty snacks. One bag can reach 200-300 kcal. If we can save it, better than better. Of course, we are not talking about banning food, but about restricting it as much as we can.

We are going to have five meals a day, well distributed and with a variety of foods, thus avoiding low blood sugar peaks that cause the terrible feeling of hunger and excess calories in the main meals. When we talk about five meals a day, people get scared because they look like five main meals, but if at mid-morning we have a yogurt and an apple that is one of the meals we talk about, it will make us not get so hungry to the main meal.

Going to the green side, since so many fruits, vegetables and vegetables provide us with many nutrients but few calories. Eating a salad can give us about 200 kcal in 15 minutes, but in the same time we can be eating more caloric foods (fried for example), which reach 600 kcal, as you see, the difference is quite large.

The same happens with cooking techniques, frying a food is not the same as steaming it, the calories are multiplied by two or three. Or dress a salad with a lot of oil and cheese, if we think about the caloric density of food and how to cook them we will be gaining a lot.

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Tips for exercising and losing weight

Exercise is the great dietary supplement for weight loss. This is pure mathematics, if we burn more than we ingest, we will end up losing weight. And it should be borne in mind that the body not only burns calories while we are exercising, the time it takes later to recover when we are resting also involves a significant burning of fat.

The aerobic exercise sessions to lose weight should not be less than 3-4 a week. At least one day yes another no, about 30-50 minutes per session and at a medium intensity, which allows us to spend that time working hard but with good sensations.

People associate running with the main exercise to lose weight, but if we are not used to it we will only get injured, because running is a very traumatic sport. Sports like swimming or cycling are softer alternatives and I would also say more fun.

Let's not forget disciplines like aerobics, spinning, cardio box, aquafitness. There is a lot of variety to choose from and all of them are valid to help burn calories. Without a doubt the best thing is to alternate daily between them, so we make sure to work all the muscles of the body and that monotony and boredom does not make us abandon the routine.

As always, genetics is a factor to consider. There will be people who with these tips in a month lose 10 pounds without any problem and others who barely manage to reduce one. Even so, we should always think that time plays in our favor and sooner or later the excess pounds will fall.
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