Brittle Nails Reveal You Have These Two Diseases

If your nails are dry and brittle there is a health problem and it is due to a lack of protein, it is due to a bad diet, let's see the diseases you could have, don't forget to consult your doctor.

Things Your Nails Reveal About Your Health

The state of your nails says a lot about your health right now, if they get dry, brittle is because you are missing some vitamins and you are not eating well.

The color of the nail is very important, when they become too yellow, or too white to the point of looking pale, they speak of some bad habits in your life both of eating badly and of treating your nails too roughly.

When your nails become brittle and scratchy, that you can see the layers of them, it is because you lack an indispensable protein called keratin. Keratin is in charge of keeping them healthy and strong.v

Keratin is what makes your nails grow and keep them beautiful. When this vitamin is missing, your nails break easily. There are some diseases you may have that give away your nails.

The Thyroid

If you notice that your nails break easily, they look dry and brittle, it's because they have hyper or hypothyroidism. Without the thyroid hormone, the body begins to send signals, and among them are brittle nails, since the vitamins they need to grow are not as far as they should go.

You should know that nails grow about 0.5 to 2 mm per week.


When you notice that your nails are too weak and break, it is likely that you are going through a process of anemia, which is why it is important to consult a doctor so that he or she can provide you with the right medication and some foods that fight anemia.

Among the most common symptoms of anemia are The headache, the skin turns pale and people experience headaches.

Another cause of brittle and dry nails is that your body lacks: iron, calcium, vitamin A or vitamin B.

Things Your Nails Reveal About Your Health

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