3 Diets To Lose 22 Pounds

Losing weight is a constant desire of many, so diets are a way to achieve it, here are 3 effective options that combined with exercise, will make you lose up to 22 pounds.

Losing weight and getting rid of those small bulges is the great challenge for many, so one option to achieve it is to modify your diet and lead a healthier life, that's why we share with you these 3 diets to lose 22 pounds if you are constant, disciplined and take seriously the change you want in your body, only then you can achieve your goal.

Miracles to have a waist and without a single chubby do not exist, everything is commitment, willingness and willpower, start applying these three diets to lose 22 pounds and combine them with an exercise routine, you can even visit a nutritionist to tell you how to manage your diet and your dishes.

Losing 22 pounds or more, is not synonymous to stop eating, it is consuming the right foods, in the necessary portions and the established times, so decide to lead a much healthier life, with exercise being part of your daily routine, forgetting about junk food, fats and sodas, start now.

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Diet 1: Less carbohydrates is one of the effective things to lose weight, so you will have to eliminate from your daily diet white flour such as bread, dough or pasta, but you can consume cereals, rice, oatmeal, quinoa, amaranth, although in small portions, much better at breakfast and avoid completely at dinner.

Add protein such as white meat, fish and cheeses. Also in this diet with less carbohydrates, are allowed the consumption of eggs, legumes, nuts, seeds, as for fats, you can opt for vegetable oils such as olive oil, flax, coconut, wheat germ or sesame, do not forget the avocado in your food.

Diet 2: The secret is to take care of dinner, because at meals you should eat well and in a balanced way, but dinner is where weight gain can occur, that's why you have to be attentive to what you eat at this time, you should sit down to dinner before 8:00 pm, eating an apple before bedtime.

At dinner you should eat salad, vegetables, cream or puree, as well as a portion of protein such as eggs or fish, if you want you can try a dessert, but make it a fruit, so your body will not have to force itself too much to eliminate toxins and what is not good for you, you will see that you will gradually lose weight if you also exercise.

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Diet 3: Eat with control, when you are consuming your food, do not do it under pressure, try to eat calmly, without rushing. You can eat 5 meals a day, without exaggerating in the portions and do not serve yourself more after finishing the first one, you do not have to fill yourself up either, you should only eat what is necessary.

When you eat you should chew well and calmly, so your organism will work better and will not have any conflict in digesting, nor will it inflame you and will give you that feeling of satiety. Don't forget to eat a balanced diet that allows you to consume the appropriate amounts and to exercise at least 30 minutes a day.
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